Anuahyahu – “Still I Rise” (Album Review)

Anuahyahu is a rising rapper from Minneapolis, Minnesota. With the success of his 2017 LP” Chosen” and his 2018 release” New Golden Era”, the young Mc has built up a formidable fanbase in the underground scene. He has just put out his first album in nearly two years titled “Still I Rise“. With all that has happened in our world, will Anu be able to deliver an impactful piece of art?

Anuahyahu’s performance is pretty mixed throughout the record’s duration. Cuts like “Drip” and “Pullup Slide” try to be energetic trap bangers, but Anu’s delivery feels off-kilter and lifeless, making both songs bland and dull. “Minnesota Trill” and “Keep That Same Energy” were standouts in the messy first half as they felt more focused due to seasoned MCs lyrics about the pain and darkness he endured growing up on the cold streets of his hometown. Deep cuts like “Pharmacyit” and “Still I Rise” display Anu’s more introspective side as he reflects on his own and the world’s demons. Finishing the record, the trifecta of “Favorite Psalm”, “No Filter”, and “Special Outro” all prove why Anuahyahu has such high potential. While there was a fair share of bad tracks and filler, Anu shows flashes of greatness, which I wish we saw more of.
Sonically, the production on “Still I Rise” manages to stay consistent even when Anahyahu falls flat. We see an array of styles, such as the trap oriented “Drip” and “Pullup Slide” to the abrasive “Halal Yah”. “Northside” was a definite standout as its upbeat soul sample instrumental is super refreshing compared to the rest of the album’s tone. “Favorite Psalm” was my favorite beat on the entire record as its smooth instrumental gives Anuahyahu the perfect sonic backdrop to rap over. Overall, a diverse and intricate soundtrack helps pull the album out of the ground for me.
In conclusion, “Still I Rise” felt like a significant step back compared to Anuahyahu’s last releases. While there are some fantastic moments, a lot of the record felt lazy, cheap, and rushed. If there was more care into a project like this, themes such as religion, pain, and spirituality would have felt more powerful. Going forward, I’m excited to see how Anuahyahu embraces this feedback and how he will channel it into his next album, which will hopefully be his best to date! Be sure to follow @Anuahyahu on Instagram to stay posted on his future accomplishments!
Rating: 6/10
Highlights: Production, Subject Matter, Versatility


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