Q&A With Rising Atlanta Based Hip Hop Artist Chad P

For all the readers who don’t know, is Chad P your real name or your artist name?
ChadP is my real name. Short for Chad Pierce. Real name Stage Name = Same Thing! I had a stage name (Track Star) when I first started music but ChadP just stuck to people. Many now call me King Peezy due to the album however, my stage name is ChadP.

How long have you been making music? Any specific influences?
I started engineering in 2007. Mainly, watching others mix and master music. I didn’t write and record my first song until 2008. My influences back then were Juvenile, Trick Daddy, Eminem, & Snopp Dogg.

What city you from? How is the Hip Hop scene there?
I’m from Waycross, Ga. I currently live in Atlanta. You gotta love Waycross! The music scene there is incredible. It’s mostly underground but those artists there have amazing talents. I came up listening to the SEGA Boys! They are very popular in the area.

Congrats on your latest project “King Peezy” which we just got done conducting a review on and its dropping soon. Break down the project in a few words.for us. Also, who designed the cover art?
King Peezy was basically me attacking the fear of what I rap about not being accepted. I know my sound is not mainstream but who cares! Kings don’t worry about being accepted. I wanted to do something that would motivate. The cover was designed by KidKreativeGFX (Instagram)!

How are fans and supporters reacting to your project?
This project is hands down my most successful one based on how it is being embraced. There are crowd favorite songs deep into the album! That tells me that people listened passed the first 3 tracks! I get constant shares and post on social media about the album and demands for certain music videos! It’s exciting!

What are a few different moves your making for 2020 when it comes to your music career?
Booking myself is the play I’m making in 2020. Creative venue with live music. Performing at show cases is good practice but I believe it you want to really build a name for yourself you have to bring yourself to people. Of course, I’m looking forward to joining events like A3C!

Any future collabs or projects you working on for 2020?
There are a few collabs I’m working to land. J Jig Cicero gave me a couple slots on her mixtape. I’m excited to work more with her. Crazy talented artist! I’m interested in working with Scotty ATL, Asia Graves, and of course my peeps; 1080 Peso, Neaux Plex, Duece Dee, Tommy Gunnz and many more! Be on the lookout for Luxury Package, Just Practice, and King Peezy 2!!!

Our highlight question, what your definition of underground hip hop?
Underground hip hop is where it starts! It’s a test of how bad you want it. It’s the process that sharpen your steel. It’s like the university you go to before you graduate into a bigger league! The music industry is like Walmart.. underground hip hop is like the farmer market! Raw and Organic! I Love It!

Where can people find more of your music other than Spotify?
My music is on every streaming platform. However, if you have trouble finding it go to ChadPMusic.com.

Lastly, any shout outs you have?
I want to give a special thanks to team Peezy! The countless conferences and meetings to make projects successful! The planning and the frustration is going to pay off! Thank you! Special thanks to UGHH for hosting this interview as well!


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