Q&A Interview With Texas Based Hip Hop Artist G Phatz

For all the readers who don’t know, is G Phatz your real name or your artist name?

It is my artist Name / hood name what most people know me by.

How long have you been making music? Any specific influences?

Started rocking parties free styling in the late 90s and drop my first album with a group early 2000’s.

Being from the south we have so many different influences on our music . Of course Houston artist such as the SPC ( point Blank , K-Rino , Klondike Kat , ) , SUC and the Getto Boys had a huge impact on me . But I also lived in New Orleans coming up so Soulja slim , Tre 8 , Fiend and The Cash Money movement was also there.

What city you from? How is the Hip Hop scene there?

I am from Corpus Christi , the scene is real mixed you have all forms of Hip Hop represented , a lot of talent in the city for real . It has it own sound . I currently live in Houston and have since 2012 and I don’t even have to tell you about the H.

Congrats on your latest project “Walking Threat” which we just did a review dropping soon. Break down the project in a few words.for us. Also, who designed the cover art?

Real street music , just straight to the point.

My wife actual took the pic , but fire Images did the artwork . Great team over there the really got the vision for the cover.

How are fans and supporters reacting to your project?

Good so far I mean we get a lot of love from all over . The fans are great.

What are a few different moves your making for 2020 when it comes to your music career?

Grinding harder you know , more shows ,Working to better myself on my social media platforms and hopefully get more exposure through outlets like the this one . I was going to hit SXSW real hard but it got canceled due to the coronavirus . I will be making a trip out to LA this year for sure. Connect with some people and grind out.

Any future collabs or projects you working on for 2020?

About to shoot and release a video for “money maker “ the third single off the EP Soon after dropping a single and video with BeatKing called “ Bust it back “ super dope track , I am on some other shit with this one.  Doing a project with DJ Fire called “Souther State of mind “ We already dropped a mixtape together last year called “Industry Hack “ it’s available on SoundCloud and DatPiff.  I Will be dropping the “neighborhood Hustler” Album later this year.   I plan on doing as many features with other artist as possible this year so if you a artist and want to work get at me we can make that happen.

Our highlight question, what your definition of underground hip hop?

Any artist that is not main stream hip-hop or that is struggling to get their music heard by the masses . I mean hip-hop is such a broad Genre of music I think anybody who does what they have to do to make it and still takes time to speak their truth is real underground hip-hop.

Where can people find more of your music other than Spotify?

I’m available on all streaming platforms . iTunes , Amazon music, Tidal , youtube , SoundCloud, Datpiff , Google Play. Pandora. iHeartRadio Mixclouds. Grooveshark. Deezer. LAST.FM. Slacker Radio.Xbox Music all that.

Lastly, any shout outs you have?

Shout to everyone trying to make it , and to y’all for have a platform for us to work on.