Labal-S – “The Last Upper” (Album)

Hailing from Burlington County, NJ, rising underground Hip Hop artist Labal-S drops his new album titled “The Last Upper” produced by LugerLex. Featuring heavyweight emcee Hus Kingpin, Jakprogresso, Leeroy Destroy, Boxguts & LoDeck.  Follow him on Instagram @labal_s.  Album also available on Bandcamp!

LABAL-S (L.A.B.A.L-S.) is an acronym with many, many meanings but was originally conceived as “Live And Be A Live Survivor”. Its ultimately about being “label-less” in a world full of judgment & ‘labels’ and not letting the opinions of others change who you truly want to be… Its not only about surviving but being “live” about how you survive and live your life. It’s much, much more than a rap name or stage name. Its truly a way of life with deep rooted meanings. A lot of which comes out in the music.

LAB is also a member of the international hardcore Hip-Hop group BLOODY MONK CONSORTIUM on Johnny 23 Records. The group consists of 2 primary mc’s LABAL-S (NJ) and Leeroy Destroy (CA) along with (CA) prod Luger Lex.


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