Rudy Williams – “Welcome to Snow Beach” (EP Review)

With a stage name that originates from his childhood, Michigan’s Rudy Williams is known for an undeniable rugged-styled style topped with humorous punch-lines. And with so many hot new artists coming out of Detroit right now, it’s the perfect time for Williams to follow suit and receive his sit at the top among the rest. Following recent album drops from fellow statesmen Kash Doll, Royce Da 5’9” and Eminem, Rudy Williams drops a prelude from something bigger to come in new EP, Welcome to Snow Beach.

Featuring Tha God Fahim, Nowaah The Flood, and DJ Illogik, the four-track project takes fans inside the emerging artist’s underworld adventures. Arising from the bottom, the project is a short but sweet effort that brings the artist on the rise sound to the masses. This collective will decide if he will be the next big thing or back to the drawing board.

Stream Rudy Williams’ Welcome to Snow Beach below, courtesy Spotify.

Lyrically, Williams is, if anything else, cunning and chameleon. Surprising, aggressive and street smart, he rhymes in code, integrates trending terms and tells a cliche story that fans love with a fresh take. It’s almost effortless how impressive the rapper’s street-driven abilities throughout the bite-size project. Like the snow, one listen of Williams and you’re addicted.

The EP’s production is simplistic. Being so short, the album’s sound is difficult to attract to as it changes very drastically from track-to-track. This is a similar trait that many legends have been known to follow when it comes to beat selection. With the short EP, Williams should have simply relied on a single beatsmith to graph the project’s sound. It builds trust and genuine chemistry that reflects in astonishing work that will go unforgotten.

A real student of the game, the new EP showcases an ever-evolving Williams. His gritty rhymes perfectly reflect the late 90s Hip Hop that propelled today’s superstars (Jay Z, Eminem). Understanding what works, how to execute and how to intrigue, Williams converts newfound fans easily and will have them eager to check out previous releases. A pivotal moment in his career, Williams is only one song away from becoming a trailblazer. Overall, if you enjoy or miss that old school street knowledge than Welcome to Snow Beach is just for you.

Ratings: 8/10

Highlights: Lyricism