Meet Poet / Rapper C.O Chosen One from Los Angeles, California

C.O Chosen One was born in Detroit Michigan. Shortly thereafter, his mother relocated them to Los Angeles California without his father and together they bounced around, living in multiple locations throughout Los Angeles county, while being introduced to the different cultures Los Angeles has to offer. When he was 12 years old, he and his mother were once again on the move when they relocated to Ft. Lauderdale FL. It was here, that his life took another turn. At age 13, he began attending Smith community mental health due to poor performance, and frequent run ins with school authority. Not having his father hindered his ability to respect certain authority figures. Predominantly men. While attending Smith community mental health, early in 9th grade, he began writing poetry, and then began rapping his poems. Once he left SCMH, and enrolled into Plantation High School, it was on from there! He began both writing, and freestyle battle competitions during lunch with many of the other students that shared the same talent. He developed very well as he began the journey to finding himself and who he truly was as an artist. He relocated back to Los Angeles California at age 16, where once again he got involved in the battle scene, and flourished. C.O Chosen One did not graduate high school, but in fact found himself turning to the streets, which in turn lead to multiple issues with the law. C.O Chosen One continued to write, but allowed things to prevent him from truly pursuing his career in Rap. Until now. He believes he has "found" himself, and knows what he stands for as an individual, and artist, and is ready to pursue his career. Introducing, C.O Chosen One!


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