thawilsonMAG issue102


In the last part of my series, Part 7 we saw the split between Israel and Judah. Because of King Solomon’s sins, Elohim split up the kingdom of Israel. The northern ten tribes split up from Judah & Benjamin and there was now a divided Kingdom. As you will see from this part the United Kingdom of Israel was never seen again. The children of Israel did not obey the covenant they had with Elohim, and what we are witnessing at this point of the story is what happens at the point of disobedience and rebellion against Elohim. There are many different points to take into consideration from understanding this part. What I want to be emphasized above all is the consequences of our sins. When you review the information from all these series that one the one thing that should be abundantly clear is that Elohim loves us. He continues to give us chance after chance. The ending of this chapter in Israel’s story is not a good one.

The point that needs to be clear is that He never just moved against His people without warning. Throughout this history of Israel there were many different prophets that Elohim spoke through, and they spoke very intensely against sin. They spoke in urgency for Israel & Judah to come back to the covenant their fathers made with Elohim. But they ignored it and later paid the price for it. As you understand this history please make sure you examine this within your own life. Has Elohim been trying to connect with you? Are you rejecting parts of His Word? Are you lukewarm? I’m not a prophet, but I do know the urgency of today, and I ask that you parallel the lessons that you learn from this part in the series with your own life. Making sure you do not repeat the mistakes of Israel and mocking the many warnings Elohim has been giving you.