Listen to "The Drug" by Grand Opus (Joc Scholar & Centric) Feauting BuckShot

The opioid crisis has reached an all-time high in the US peaking at 1 in 3 of the population dependent on some type of synthetic pill, as a result at least 90 people are dying every day. No matter the drug, this anthem for any artist and music lover is letting you know that the truest drug and addiction for this group has always been 'MUSIC!' a substance that can take you high that won't neutralize brain cells and it makes the world go round. Westcoast group Grand Opus consisting of Fresno lyricist, Joc Scholar and Oakland producer, Centric connect with Boot Camp Clik legend, Buckshot for the second single "The Drug" from their upcoming LP "High Power" out December 7th, 2018.



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