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Watch "Mannas" music video by Marz Money & Teddy Da Don

Marz Money & Teddy Da Don makes a song using slang thats spoken in their heavily populated West Indian community of Flatbush, Brooklyn. This is one of many collaberations to come from the duo, including the highly anticipated project from Marz since his return to the streets called "Marzy Home" EP.

Listen Song MP3: https://soundcloud.com/marzmoney/mannas
Song Review: https://pitchfork.com/levels/the-ones-5-best-new-rap-songs-from-lucki-hoodrich-pablo-juan-swarvy-and-armand-hammer/

Follow Marz Money & Teddy Da Don:
IG: @marzmoneync | @teddydadon1 / Twitter: @marzmoney | @teddydadon
Shop @ https://marzmoney.com for all your "Mannas" T-Shirts, Hats & more.


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