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ThaWilsonBlock Magazine turns Green & White to Highlight Upcoming Wintergreen Edition / March 2018 Issue

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine's plan for 2018 is to render each month's issue in a different color that represents an idea pertaining to that particular month. For example, Issue59 was Berry Edition, which was a plain blue. It was a color that we felt represents January. Issue60, our 5yr Anniversary Issue, was rendered as our Cherry Edition that represents something close to Valentine's Day. We definitely didn't add any pink & white combinations. And we actually decided to take 'Happy Valentine's Day' off of the cover at the last moment because we didn't want our memorable issue to be themed behind a romantic holiday. 

Each month, ThaWilsonBlock renders it's new issue in one specific color and/or combination of colors. Before this happens, our entire brand turns the corresponding month's color across our website, social media channels, blog, & more. 

For our March 2018 Issue of ThaWilsonBlock Magazine, we are turning Forest Green & White as our Wintergreen Edition is due out on the 10th of the month. 

Be sure to download ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue61 on March 10th!


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