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ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue66 (August 2018)

The Names of 60 DENA Artists Summoned for Participation in #BringingItTogether Movement

In order to achieve a unified local music scene, it is imperative that local artists and musicians do their part. And tha hope is that most will be honored to do so.

In 2013, ThaWilsonBlock started it's magazine and tha launch of tha ever-so-formal 'Pasadena Music Scene' in a sincere effort to help recognize local, native, independent artists. The reason a formal music scene has been created in Pasadena, CA is because tha prime news outlets and sources rarely scout for local native talent. So, while tha whole World watches Pasadena on New Years Day or when high profile acts like Jay Z and Eminem hit tha Rose Bowl, it is tha local native artists and musicians who kinda have to bite tha bullet.

This call for unity is to help foster a sense of purpose in tha greater community. Mistah Wilson is acting as tha cornerstone having taken a very special interest in Pasadena music. Today, ThaWilsonBlock has created one of tha essential sources for DENA artists and their respective content. We want our local artists to be formally recognized and acknowledged for who they are and encourage them to be proactive members of tha arts community and society abroad. 

How to Participate:
  • Take pictures demonstrating values of love, peace, and unity with 1 or more people. The more diverse tha better.
  • Share your story and art through exclusive interviews. Book today!
  • Send Shout Outs via Photo or Video
We are conducting exclusive interviews with Pasadena/Altadena artists FREE OF CHARGE. Just one of many ways we are paying it forward.

Below is a list of:
  • All artists currently in our network
  • Pasadena/Altadena artists in our network
  • Pasadena/Altadena artists NOT in our network

All Artists in Our Network (as of 11/5/17) *alphabetical order

    1. 210West
    2. 2-Hye
    3. A-Clasik
    4. AJ tha DJ
    5. Alivya
    6. Andre Hardin
    7. Andrew (TLH)
    8. Anthony Stone
    9. Armen
    10. Aron Fletcher
    11. Art from El Sereno
    12. (Asun) Suntonio Bandanaz
    13. Asya
    14. Azo
    15. Bando Kev
    16. Big Montana
    17. Bill Bogaard
    18. Billy Coats
    19. Bing Bing
    20. Blak Axx
    21. Brandin Bruce
    22. Calvin Banks & The Tellers
    23. C. Carter
    24. Chris Jaiden
    25. Chuck Dollaz
    26. Cracka Smile
    27. Crooked Noize
    28. CrystalTears
    29. Deblin
    30. D. Haile
    31. Disco Ministries
    32. DJ Chuck Daggers
    34. DPone
    35. Eddie G
    36. Eden Allegra Young
    37. Emani
    38. Epidemic
    39. Eric Williams (EDuB)
    40. Gabriel Teodros
    41. Gabrielle Ayers
    42. Gangsta Ric
    43. GL Moody
    44. Hax
    45. Heartless
    46. IMAGINE (SGV)
    47. Imani Akil
    48. iMu
    49. Infant Head
    50. IWIL ONE
    51. J. Byrd
    52. J. Real
    53. J. Rell
    54. Jangles (Jay Blue)
    55. Jason Hardin
    56. Jay Mays
    57. Jazzzone Network
    58. Jennifer Thompson
    59. Joey Tripp
    60. John Eklof
    61. Jon2
    62. J. Reese
    63. Justin Miller
    64. Key Lewis
    65. Khriz-Z
    66. King Duey
    67. KStone
    68. K-Syran
    69. Larry McZeal
    70. Latoya Rhodes
    71. L3 Gamble
    72. L Boogie
    73. LEJ (LeMatiq)
    74. Loretta Glickman
    75. Lovey Elise
    76. Luke Friday
    77. Lyndrum
    78. MACA
    79. Magic Mike Z
    80. Mak Boss
    81. Matt Lewis
    82. Matt & Megan (Bagpipes)
    83. Maya Huyana
    84. McSteezy
    85. Meddie Lanes
    86. Michael Jones
    87. Mina Wildcard
    88. Minal Zaman
    89. Moe Grams
    90. Moses
    91. Mr. Frantastic
    92. Mr. McStrange
    93. Ms. Jeanine
    94. Mya Vat
    95. Mystah GT
    96. Neffy
    97. Nicky BeacHouses
    98. Nino Rose
    99. NON-DUO
    100. Noy
    101. Ol Sol
    102. Otto Evans
    103. Paco Swartz
    104. Phil Phree
    105. PokeyLo
    106. Qaadir Naqib
    107. Ramon Barajas
    108. RD Peace
    109. Reina Mora
    110. Relly 2euce
    111. Rey Avalon
    112. Riya A. Piper
    113. Rollie Robles
    114. Ron & Greg
    115. Roscoe Lee Owens
    116. Rose Robinson
    117. Rough City
    118. Royal Mitchell
    119. Ryan Aderréy
    120. Samantha Church
    121. SB (Kevin Duncan)
    122. Sea One
    123. Scribes One
    124. Shamir
    125. Sparkydog & Friends
    126. Sobukwe Toure
    127. Starchild
    128. Stephen Baldry
    129. Sweet Tee
    130. Taffey Champion
    131. Tammy Goolsbey
    132. Tee Ran
    133. The Letters Home
    134. Tone Grizzard
    135. Usolosopher
    136. Victor Gordo
    137. Wadada
    138. Warrior Richardson
    139. Watchyatone
    140. XL Middleton
    141. YG Chief
    142. YG Lil Ive
    143. Young PAYSO
    144. Zarkhi Palmer
    145. Zoneiak McGee
    146. Zyto Crowns

      DENA Artists in Our Network (as of 11/5/17) *no particular order
      1. 210West
      2. 2-Hye
      3. AJ tha DJ
      4. Andre Hardin
      5. Armen
      6. Aron Fletcher
      7. Asya
      8. Azo
      9. Bill Bogaard
      10. Bing Bing
      11. Blak Axx
      12. Brandin Bruce
      13. Chuck Dollaz
      14. Crooked Noize
      15. D. Haile
      16. Disco Ministries
      17. DJ Chuck Daggers
      18. DOMINANCE
      19. DPone
      20. Emani
      21. Eric Williams (EDuB)
      22. Gangsta Ric
      23. GL Moody
      24. Hax
      25. Imani Akil
      26. iMu
      27. Infant Head
      28. IWIL ONE
      29. J. Byrd
      30. J. Real
      31. J. Rell
      32. Jason Hardin
      33. Jay Mays
      34. Jazzzone Network
      35. Joey Tripp
      36. Jon2
      37. J. Reese
      38. Justin Miller
      39. KStone
      40. Larry McZeal
      41. Latoya Rhodes
      42. L3 Gamble
      43. L Boogie
      44. LEJ (LeMatiq)
      45. Loretta Glickman
      46. Lovey Elise
      47. Lyndrum
      48. MACA
      49. Magic Mike Z
      50. Mak Boss
      51. Matt & Megan (Bagpipes)
      52. McSteezy
      53. Meddie Lanes
      54. Michael Jones
      55. Moe Grams
      56. Mr. Frantastic
      57. Mr. McStrange
      58. Ms. Jeanine
      59. Mystah GT
      60. Nicky BeacHouses
      61. Nino Rose
      62. Noy
      63. Ol Sol
      64. Otto Evans
      65. Paco Swartz
      66. Phil Phree
      67. PokeyLo
      68. Qaadir Naqib
      69. Ramon Barajas
      70. RD Peace
      71. Relly 2euce
      72. Rollie Robles
      73. Ron & Greg
      74. Roscoe Lee Owens
      75. Rose Robinson
      76. Rough City
      77. SB (Kevin Duncan)
      78. Shamir
      79. Sobukwe Toure
      80. Stephen Baldry
      81. Tee Ran
      82. Tone Grizzard
      83. Victor Gordo
      84. Warrior Richardson
      85. XL Middleton
      86. YG Chief
      87. YG Lil Ive
      88. Zarkhi Palmer
      89. Zoneiak McGee
      90. Zyto Crowns

      DENA Artists NOT in Our Network (as of 11/5/17) *no particular order
      1. V8
      2. Young Fidge
      3. rESidue Riggins
      4. Moniquea
      5. Noy
      6. Nico Coli
      7. Major James
      8. Phit Cat
      9. Denaboy Juce
      10. G Laf
      11. Dre Harv
      12. Ryane Mooves
      13. REBORN
      14. Michael Towns
      15. Marvin Towns
      16. Kali Slim
      17. Harold Blu
      18. James Broadway
      19. K-Rahn
      20. Craig Gillespie
      21. Hit Boy
      22. PokeyLo
      23. Joey Brown
      24. Grynch
      25. Reality Jonez
      26. Allisonne Crawford
      27. Doc Mob
      28. S CLAZ
      29. Ethan Avery
      30. Evri
      31. Michael Mullins
      32. Rough City
      33. Spacepimpin
      34. Blax O'neil
      35. Ew Speak
      36. Philthy Phactor
      37. FatherMaeEye
      38. C.O.N.S the Villain
      39. YB
      40. DJ Highlight
      41. Westorious
      42. D. Molly
      43. Yancy Deron
      44. Tommy Bunnz
      45. Zook
      46. Ewil
      47. Azo
      48. JDM
      49. Marcus Cash
      50. Mz. Kizzy
      51. Lil' S
      52. Ethan Avery
      53. Jon B.
      54. Scipio
      55. Marlo Henderson
      56. DJ Beez
      57. Train of Thought 
      58. Bigg Bump
      59. Flawcee B
      60. Blak Axx
      This list is meant to show and prove what it takes to truly move as a united local music scene. This is an effort to put a little more pressure back on our local artists as we move towards a formal united music scene. For years, and in countless interviews with native DENA artists, most have said the same things in their own words regarding Pasadena, CA's Hip Hop heritage; where it's been, where it is now, and where it's going. It is now time to take action. If your name is listed below under the Pasadena/Altadena artists who are NOT in our network, we strongly encourage you to reach out to us so that we may formally recognize you as the artist you are. Because we cannot truly have a unified scene unless we are all acknowledged by each other.

      For tha record, tha artists from Pasadena/Altadena listed here only reflects a significant portion.  There are tons more artists from tha region that we are yet to meet and greet. If you are an artist or musician from Pasadena / Altadena and would like to be recognized by your local music scene, reach out to us via Email or Call (626)817-6978. We look forward to hearing from you!


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