ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue72


Mistah Wilson is Publisher of ThaWilsonBlock Magazine and Host of WilsonBlock100 Radio. Through these platforms, we provide artists with formal introductions to the local music scene, exclusive interviews, and opportunities for promotion and exposure.

We Are Now Booking Exclusive Interviews!!!

We are looking for new artists who are interested in joining new networks to introduce their art to new audiences. If you want to be recognized & acknowledged, gain quality exposure, and meet new people, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

Who We Interview: artists, musicians, rappers, chefs, models, foster kids, clinicians, activists, entrepreneurs, illustrators, business people, and anyone with an interesting story to tell. The premise of our interviews are geared to help YOU tell your story from YOUR point of view. There is no pressure, just pure dialogue.

Article Interviews ($25) CLICK TO ORDER!
are published on a beautifully designed custom spread inside ThaWilsonBlock Magazine with a professional finish. Article Interviews contain links to corresponding content that makes it quick and easy for our readers to access your content. Article Interviews are also published on a network of blogs (including this one) and our social media channels on all major platforms. Artists who book an Article Interview will get their Name & Link posted as a Certified Artist on our website forever + a PDF copy of sole interview for your promotional purposes.

Audio Interviews ($30) CLICK TO ORDER!
are hosted by Mistah Wilson for WilsonBlock100 Radio. Audio Interviews are syndicated to Spreaker, iTunes, YouTube, and direct digital download on our website & social media channels. Audio Interviews include a photo and are IDEAL FOR ARTISTS LOCAL TO Seattle, Washington. Audio Interviews are included in ThaWilsonBlock Magazine with links to Listen & Download. Artists who book an Audio Interview will get their Name & Link posted as a Certified Artist on our website forever.