ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue72


Who We Are
ThaWilsonBlock Magazine is a monthly digital publication by Mistah Wilson commissioned for tha revival & preservation of local arts. Our mission is to celebrate and highlight diverse cultures by providing opportunities of exposure, inspiration, and helpful information.

What We Do
We specialize in content creation for local artists through exclusive article/audio interviews, blog write ups, social media marketing, and more. Rooted in Pasadena, California, we have grown to arguably boast the largest archive of local, native, independent artist content in our entire region. Here are a list of our platforms:

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine - Book An Article Interview - Submit an Article - Buy a Page - Promote My Music - Showcase My Art - Post My Event - Submit an Open Letter

WilsonBlock100 Radio - Book an Audio Interview - Air My Music - Host my Mixtape - Give Me a Shout Out - Promote / Share my Music - Review my Music

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