ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue80

Snoop Dogg - 220 ft. Goldie Loc (Official Music Video)

Super Tuesdays! Haircuts @ Nu Wave Barbershop (1547 N. Lake Ave. Pasadena, CA)

Hip Hop: Bridging the Gap between the West Coast & Pacific Northwest

Joyner Lucas - Visions (2018) Mixtape

Rahn Anthoni - "Highway" (Official Music Video)

Listen to "If God Doesn't Want It" by Christa Deana (((Lyric Video)))

Snak The Ripper "I‘m Good" (Official Video) + European Tour Spring 2018

Vegan Rapper Drops Diss Track Against SeaWorld, The Circus, and The Zoo "If I had My Way, I'd Free Alla Da Animals"


"Round 3" song by 2-Hye (Love, Death, & Revolution)

Listen to "Spread the Word" by 2-Hye (The Conference of the Council)

"Mr. Fly Guy" by The Chillionaires (Official Music Video)

Listen to "Honey In The Comb" by Oshinn (((AUDIO)))

"Old Twisted Cassette Tape" #STREETART