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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Official Music Video for "Maybe" by Aron Fletcher

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Blank Face feat. Ya Highne$$ "Best Of Me" (Freestyle)

Blank Face returns with a new freestyle featuring Brooklyn's Own, Ya Highne$$. Rapping over the classic DJ Clue & Mya track "Best Of Me" Featuring Jay-Z. Both display two different styles that showcase bars, originality and dope rhyme schemes. Blank Face starts it off, and passes it to Ya Highne$$ to end the track. Blank Face has a project titled "Black Out" dropping the end of May, and Ya Highne$$ got a few joints up his sleeve as well.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Chris Rivers feat. Surace "Broken Promises" (((Audio)))

Week to week Chris has delivered dope freestyles with promise of new music to come. Today he delivers that promise with Broken Promises featuring the soulful voice of newcomer Surace complimented by production from Attic Stein. Listen share and enjoy there is more to come.

Manz Rivalz feat. Solheir "Rise and Fall" {Produced By Beatscraze} (((Audio)))

New Music By Manz Rivalz Produced By Beatscraze, New Age Hip-Hop with a trendy sound blending all elements of music together. Now Available on all music platforms!

Jean D’eau – By The Code (Exclusive Interview w/ Krystal Luster of Twenty4Seven Magazine)

Rapper and man of faith Jean D’eau could be used as an example of why we shouldn’t let our present circumstances lay the foundation of our future. Jean may be from the streets but he was blessed to have been able to “GET OUT” and live by his own code. Although Jean D’eau has found success in music, he would also like to take a shot at acting and modeling. Be sure to stay updated with him via social media and also by exploring his website!

Words + Interview By: Krystal Luster

Tell us about the name “Jean D’eau”. 
I came up with the name on lockdown. I’m usually real low key so nobody really knows except for the people closest to me. I’m unknown, like a John Doe. My birth name is John and D’eau is French for water. My flow is like water so I just kind of used it as a double entendre. John Doe=Jean D’eau.
You caught a case at 16 years old. What happened? I was being young and stupid.
Prison is prison and everyone has different experiences. How was it for you, personally? I went through different stages. I had good years and bad years. For example, I was just wilding, trying to adapt to my environment the first half of my bid. I went back and forth to lockdown for fights, riots and other altercations. Then later on as I learned the system, I started getting money. I started selling contraband (drugs, cigarettes, phones, etc.) so I was making a lot of money. Those were my best years. Then, I got sent to lockdown and did my last 3 years in isolation. Those were the worst years.
Were there enough activities available for inmates to keep themselves productive? NOPE! There’s no such thing as rehabilitation in Georgia prisons anymore. There used to be all sorts of trades and educational programs available but now, majority of the level 5 prisons are locked down most of the day.
Did you pick up the Islamic faith while in prison or before? What is the biggest misconception about Islam? I embraced Islam in prison. I was familiar with it because my mom grew up Muslim but I wasn’t religious or spiritual or anything before I went to prison. I’d say the biggest misconception about Islam is that we worship something other than The Creator. Most people don’t understand that Allah is Arabic for “The God”, meaning the One and Only God. Contrary to popular belief, Islam is a religion of peace. Terrorism and other things going on in the Middle East are not a part of Islamic beliefs. They are radicals who misconstrue verses in the Qur’an to suit their own agenda. Islam changed my life and my perspective. I had to go through what I went through to become the person I am today. I don’t think I would’ve had the same mind frame as I do now if I hadn’t served time.
What bit of advice can you give to those living the street life? “GET OUT!” like the movie, lol.
Do people often think being a rapper and practicing the Islamic faith is a contradiction? Absolutely. I’m not going to sugar coat anything. We’re not supposed to listen to or make the type of music we listen to and make. It’s haram (forbidden). Technically, only certain instruments are forbidden like string instruments, for example. But, some of us make it worse because of the content of our music. For instance, if my lyrics were cleaner, the subject matter was more positive and I rapped over pretty much only drums and permissible instruments, then that would be halal (permissible) because poetry is halal.
How do you make the two work? I just stay true to myself and I don’t worry about what everybody else is doing or have to say about what I’m doing. Allah knows my heart and intentions and only he is the judge. Only I will have to answer for my actions on the day of judgement. I can’t change overnight. The Qur’an was revealed over a period of 22 years and the wisdom behind that is that it takes time to change. If the Qur’an had come down all at once, no one would have embraced Islam.
Has music always been a passion of yours? How did your career start? I’ve always been passionate about music. I didn’t really start taking it seriously until I got locked up and started to watch people come up over the years. I got my start rapping at one of my childhood friend’s studio at his house the day I came home from prison. I haven’t looked back since.
How would you describe your sound? I’d say I’m like a mix between 90’s-00’s Hip-Hop with a little bit of today’s style over 808’s.
What is your relationship with Ralo and how did you meet him? I met Ralo through a mutual friend. I did time with another Muslim from the Bluff and when he came home I use to pull up on him and show love and that’s pretty much how me and Ralo crossed paths. After that, I would pull up on anything he had going on in Atlanta to show support because I was proud to see another Muslim progressing in the rap game.
Tell us about your latest project, “ Who is Jean D’eau?”. I spent four years putting this project together. I didn’t want to release it until I had all the right pieces together to make it successful. I had to make sure I had a budget to push it and I had to make sure that all of my paperwork was straight so that I own the rights to it in case it became successful.
What is the overall message in your music? I want to show people that there is always a way to turn a negative into a positive and overcome adversity. There are not many people who have done as much time as I have that are able to come back to society, adapt and have a positive impact. Majority of the people that have done large amounts of time come home institutionalized and end up going back to prison for whatever reason. I want to show the world that is not about where you start, it’s about where you finish.
What does it mean to live “By The Code”? I live by Islam. I’m from the streets so I live by the street code. I live by the code of silence: Omertà. Those are my codes. I can’t speak for anyone else.

Chris Rivers "I Like It Like Rap" (((Audio)))

Chris Rivers blesses us again on his Wednesday vendetta with a new freestyle over Cardi B’s “I like it” instrumental. Naming it “I Like It Like Rap” Chris clearly shows his love for the art and having fun over any beat as he talks about a variety of things he likes over even more varieties of flows. Like share and support!

Rome Streetz - "The Policy" (Music Video)

(Shot and edited by: Trizzy | Directed by: Rome Streetz)

New York City’s Rome Streetz releases visuals for his banger "The Policy" Produced by Sadhugold. From his album "Streetz Keep Calling Me", Which also features production from Camoflauge Monk, The Artivist , duo macswell , yung Neil and DJ Dna and guest appearances from Rigz, Ox don , Teflon and Niquill.

Philadelphia, PA Fashion Designer Devon Hamwright talks Illustration, Education, & Cosmetics in an Exclusive Interview w/ Mistah Wilson

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"I did not grow up rich and getting through college was a huge financial struggle. It truly is a miracle that I finished college because the numbers said otherwise." @DevonHamwright

Mistah Wilson: Hello, Devon Hamwright! Thank you for coming through for this exclusive interview with ThaWilsonBlock Magazine. How is everything coming along?
Devon Hamwright: Everything is coming along well. Spring got hectic for me as a ton of projects came together at the exact same time. I am currently working towards getting a collection together
that will debut at the Secret Garden Fashion Show on July 21st. I’m just really focused on putting my 
energy into that for right now. The show will take place in Egg Harbor Township, NJ. I’m starting to do shows outside my hometown area. I think the event will be well attended since it was promoted since early this winter. I like to give myself time in between fashion shows so that I am not burned out and walking in with the exact same pieces.

Mistah Wilson: Before we go any further, would you mind giving the audience a quick background on yourself?
Devon HamwrightSure! I started my pre-college training at the University of the Arts. I received my associates degree in 2013 for Art & Design from Community College of Philadelphia. I received my Bachelors of Science from Philadelphia University in Fashion Design. I’ve been working ever since!

Mistah Wilson: How was life growing up for you in Philadelphia, PA?
Devon HamwrightI grew up near Mt. Airy and Chestnut Hill area. The area looks extremely suburban and a lot of families are here. I went to a private school in the suburbs so I didn’t spend the majority of my time in actual Philadelphia. It was an amazing resource to have the Philadelphia Art Museum, Barnes Collection, Franklin Institute as college student. Philadelphia may have its problems but is a great place for a young professional to try to get established.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Big Flip Papi- Meet Me On Top (Audio)

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Fresh home off a 6 1/2 year bid & back to finish what he started. This Big Flip Papi aka RNR 1st single off his upcoming mixtape "Big Flip Papi" (self titled), dropping this June. Featuring Nipsey Hussle, French Montana, Cory Gunz, Kool G Rap, Uncle Murda & more...

"If You Want to Achieve Greatness, Stop Asking for Permission" #STREETART

Street Art & Photography of tha Week of May 7th, 2018

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Bing Bing to Donate All Proceeds from His New Song to Local Artists & Musicians

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Bing Bing is an artist who clearly makes music because he loves to. Never conforming to any particular method of releasing music, Bing Bing releases tracks when he feels the time is right. And even though he may be "just another artist" to some, he makes an impact in others lives through his craft. 

His latest song release is his first original song, and he is donating every penny to the marketing, promotion, and discovery of up-and-coming local talent. For every sale of "Humble & Strong" by Bing Bing covers a new local artist feature in ThaWilsonBlock Magazine. 

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Chris Rivers "Bruce Lee" (Freestyle)

Chris Rivers comes back this week over Nicki Minaj’s “Chun Li” with his own rendition paying homage to and naming the freestyle “ Bruce Lee". Encompassing his famous “Be Water” quote, Chris flows over this track mixing in kung fu references, bars and philosophy all while painting the picture of him adapting to all circumstances while maintaining himself. Like share and support!

Chris Rivers "Atrium" (Freestyle)

Chris Rivers blesses us with a freestyle over J. Cole's ATM, telling a story about the influence of money on someone’s decisions in life. The journey is filled with the word play and flows we know and love with the Title “Atrium” playing off of ATM and money’s weight on the heart. Like share and support!

38 Spesh & Kool G Rap "Upstate 2 Queens"

This is the first single off of 38 Spesh & Kool G rap album Titled "Son Of G Rap". "Son Of G Rap" has Production from Dj Premier, Alchemist, Pete Rock, Showbiz, & Daringer with features from Cormega, Ransom, Vado, N.O.R.E,, Benny the Butcher, AZ & Anthony Hamilton. "Son Of G Rap" is scheduled to be released 6/8/2018

Friday, May 4, 2018

Viro The Virus - Sharpest Blade Remixed (Album + Video)

The Original "THE SHARPEST BLADE" is the last full-length studio album from VIRO THE VIRUS. With an eager focus on producing "hits" that would appeal to a wider audience and get some radio play, VIRO & Caliph-NOWwrote songs and collected production that had a more relatable sound to what was playing at the time. No one would disagree that VIRO THE VIRUS is and will always be "THE SHARPEST BLADE".

"THE SHARPEST BLADE REMIXED" is the fifth of five Remix Projects from the original work of VIRO THE VIRUS. Caliph-NOW reached out to close friends, former producers of VIRO, and some new producers to re-release the original "THE SHARPEST BLADE" album with all new production.

Snowgoons - Black Snow 2.0 ft Sicknature (OFFICIAL VIDEO) 2018

New video for the Black Snow 2.0 Re-release 5th of May 2018:




Video Edit by Gigo:

Filmed by DJ Illegal:

N.B.S. feat. Tragedy Khadafi "Violent Wisdom" (Music Video)

“Hip-Hop is still alive” proclaims legendary emcee Tragedy Khadafi in “Violent Wisdom”, the latest release from N.B.S. album SwissVets 2.

Iman Magnetic "Back To Square One" (Album)

There are only a few stories of legends that came back to life. One of them is producer Iman Magnetic from the legendary 90's Hip Hop group Square One, taking us on a time warp into the History of Rap. 

Fredro Starr of Onyx "South America" (Official Video)

Onyx member Fredro Starr aka Firestarr travels to Colombia, in the beautiful city of Medellin to visit a business associate, but little does he know, he's being closely watched by the feds.

Snowgoons ft. Masta Ace & Stricklin "Benz Bema Dreamz" (Music Video)

Here comes the second video to support the Snowgoons' 'Black Snow 2.0' re-release. "Benz Bema Dreamz", featuring Masta Ace & Stricklin of eMC, didn`t make it on the original 'Black Snow 2' CD.

New video for the Black Snow 2.0 Re-release 5th of May 2018:

"Didn't God Do it For You" Music Video by Michelle Miller Bell

This is a Belltime Productions / Bell Time Records presentation of a Hilarious music video. Bell Time Records is the record label, Belltime Productions is the production company.

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