Friday, March 30, 2018

Nas - The Recovered Tapes (2018) Mixtape

1. Blaze A 50 Original Rare Version (00:00) 2. Tales Of The Hood (02:16) 3. A Few Good N***** Ft Made Men (06:21) 4. White Label Freestyle (10:51) 5. You Don't Know (13:25) 6. Who I Rep With Ft 50 Cent & The Bravehearts (17:13) 7. Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle Ft Grand Wizard & Six Nine (21:27) 8. Take It In Blood Pt. 2 (31:21) 9. Daydreamin, Stay Schemin (34:32) 10. Summer Cookout Ft Nature (37:02) 11. The Rise & Fall (41:04) 12. Time Ft AZ & Nature (45:04) 13. My Worst Enemy (49:10) 14. The Scientist (53:18) 15. Capital Radio Freestyle (54:20) 16. Bonnie & Shyne Freestyle (58:15) 17. Last Real N**** Alive Pt. 2 (59:02) 18. Who Are You (1:00:20) 19. Foul Breeze (1:03:56) 20. Anybody Test (1:09:19) 21. Freestyle At 17 (1:12:57)

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Listen to "I Am Stronger" by K Gizzle

K GIZZLE aka GIZZLE Artist Musician Producer Performer a uniquE sounD and stylE with musiC Featured in the Horror movie COLLEGE TOWN MASSACRE. Performed at the Hosea Helps 2018... 

Bing Bing Announces Release Date of his First Formal Original Song Release

Bing Bing on    Instagram   ///   Facebook   ///   Soundcloud
Pasadena, CA rapper Bing Bing has just put tha word out that he is releasing the 2nd single for his upcoming project "Beautiful Struggle" 2.0 OPEN WOUNDS on April 17th, 2018. He's calling it "Humble & Strong".

"This new song I'm about to release is everything I expect from me as an artist at this point in my creative development," explains Bing Bing. "The title is inspired by a motto given to me by one of my mentors."

Bing Bing spent the last 9 months in Seattle, Washington where he collaborated with local Hip Hop Legend Suntonio Bandanaz on the first single for the Beautiful Struggle 2.0 OPEN WOUNDS project. "To feature someone like Suntonio Bandanaz on my first single promoting for a whole new project gave me a sense of direction and where I'm at. The idea of a local legend like himself on one of my songs was a good sign for me." "REGARDLESS" by Bing Bing featuring Suntonio Bandanaz is currently available for free Listen & Download.

Bing Bing has set out to fulfill another mixtape series with the Beautiful Struggle title. In August 2016, he released "Welcome to the Beautiful Struggle", a nine-cut, 30 minute listen that took nearly 3 years to complete. And if you ask Bing, it still wasn't completely finished. "The message behind this project was mainly directed toward the youth as you can hear in the first song off the mixtape," says Bing Bing. "It took me a longer time to write because I've been working as Mistah Wilson on ThaWilsonBlock Magazine, WilsonBlock100 Radio, and Pasadena Music Scene during that time."

Bing Bing is looking to follow up with Beautiful Struggle 2.0 OPEN WOUNDS this Fall / Winter 2018. The meaning behind "OPEN WOUNDS" has a lot to do with heart break, lies, and incomplete truths about his childhood. A lot of which he's been exposed to later in an adult. Bing Bing feels like he has to talk about these issues and tell his truths in order to rise above the pain that has hindered his growth. The struggle with loving himself and focusing on the unique gifts he's been blessed with. 

The plan is to reach people. To impact their lives in a positive, life-changing way. And hopefully, inspire them to express themselves and live up to their full potential. "Where I grew up, many of my peers don't relate to my story," says Bing Bing. "But, what one person doesn't like, a million others will."

Bing Bing's 2nd single "Humble & Strong" off of Beautiful
Struggle 2.0 OPEN WOUNDS will be released on April 17th, 2018, the day he was released from juvenile hall and terminated from probation as a youth. April 17th marks the 10th year since Bing Bing's plan to pursue a career in arts. And this upcoming song is everything that he expects from himself as an artist at this stage in his development. 

"The song is dedicated to Bernice Taylor, everybody that knows me in Pasadena, and anyone that I've ever had a falling out with," explains Bing Bing. 

The good thing about this is that Bing Bing's new song "Humble & Strong" will be his first ever release on all major digital outlets. Production on this song was done by Magestick Records.

Listen to "Anthem For Animals" by Gaia's Eye featuring Azucena Azul

The 19 song CD also features songs by some current Sunset Recording artists like Richtaste, Han Drabur, Respect, Joe Atman with the Riohc Choir, Federal Moguls (DJ Q Ball’s (Bloodhound Gang) side project) and Mister Sir while it licensed in tracks by established and legendary acts that are notably against animal cruelty by artists such as Vegan Boss, Gina Thompson and Bob Marley. The album is rounded off by some remixes by the likes of Boy George, Amos, Gavin Friday and DJ X vs. Sonic Solution which contributes a remix of the classic Supertramp hit song ‘The Logical Song [DJ Self Remix]’.

Listen to "Untitled" by Walt Gully (prod by. 3D of BeatBoxerz)

An artist who speaks for those without a voice. Listen to "Untitled" by Walt Gully (prod by. 3D of BeatBoxerz)

Stream & Download "Still Pretending" Original Song by About-Face

We've released several original singles but this is by far our best performing single that has reached a collective stream count of over 15,000.

Monday, March 26, 2018

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Hip Hop Artist Immij Nos Delivers Stunning New Visual for his Song "Happy Place" featuring European Pop Songstress Shauna Cardwell

Happy Place is simply a song about unexpected love and not knowing how to accept it. Immij Nos and Shauna Cardwell blend their voices together in sweet bliss for this delightfully catchy tune which is sure to get stuck in your head immediately.

"Swimming Out of tha Streets" #STREETART

Street Art & Photography of tha Week of March 26th, 2018

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Super Tuesdays! Haircuts @ Nu Wave Barbershop (1547 N. Lake Ave. Pasadena, CA)

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Hip Hop: Bridging the Gap between the West Coast & Pacific Northwest

Song: "Regardless"
Release: 8/20/17
Artists: Bing Bing featuring Suntonio Bandanaz
Album: Beautiful Struggle 2.0 OPEN WOUNDS (FALL/WINTER 2018)

When one thinks of West Coast Hip Hop, let's be honest, okay, cities like Portland and Seattle don't really come to mind. The Bay Area is so much in a lane of their own that folks don't really think of San Francisco or Oakland when referring to West Coast Hip Hop...or even Gangsta Rap for that matter. And if you're a Born & Raised Angeleno, even people from surrounding counties like San Bernardino and Riverside are seen as excluded from the origins of West Coast rap.

Now, with all due respect to the Pacific Northwest, they've had their own scene for decades! But, who considers the Pacific Northwest apart of urban "West Coast" culture? Sir-Mix-A-Lot wasn't Eazy E. So, while the World turned their ears to Los Angeles, Compton, and Long Beach over the past 20-30 years, cities like Seattle & Portland developed their own local music scenes and today boasts some of the richest local music heritage in the country.

With 2019 approaching, we have a new breed of Hip Hop artists that are not only looking to make good music, but nurture a sense of community across local music scenes all over. Pasadena, CA rapper Bing Bing is a standalone artist who's taken personal interest and initiative in helping unite the local music scene in his town. After spending years networking, participating in community outreach, and interviewing hundreds of artists, Bing Bing branched out to Seattle, WA to connect dots and build relationships.

Through his network, Bing Bing was introduced to Legendary Seattle Hip Hop artist Suntonio Bandanaz through Los Angeles/Pasadena based rapper Mr. McStrange. Since meeting, Bing Bing invited Suntonio Bandanaz to feature on his latest single in an effort to begin uniting the West Coast with the Pacific Northwest.

The song is about showcasing the anger, frustrations, and failure one endures when striving to become a better individual. Bing Bing lets the passion flow as he spits lyrics that have weighed his heart. Suntonio Bandanaz follows up on the 2nd verse with a lyrical tale about striving to make change.

Listen & Download "REGARDLESS" by @thabingbing feat. @suntonio_bandanaz
Sponsored by @wilsonblock100radio for FREE!!!

#HipHop #local #culture #Seattle #Pasadena #rappers #DENA

Bing Bing
Instagram @thabingbing
Twitter @bingbingmusic
Facebook @thabingbing
Soundcloud @thabingbing
Pinterest @thawilsonblock 
Suntonio Bandanaz
Instagram suntonio_bandanaz

Joyner Lucas - Visions (2018) Mixtape

1. Listen To Me Intro (00:00) 2. D.N.A. Remix (02:02) 3. Snapple Freestyle (16:10) 4. Nightmares (08:56) 5. Backwords (12:13) 6. Mask Off Remix (16:16) 7. What Do They Know (20:32) 8. Jumanji Ft Busta Rhymes (24:34) 9. 2morrow Night (27:45) 10. Mean 16 (30:34) 11. Panda Remix (31:36) 12. One (34:37) 13. Synthetic Substitution (37:23) 14. Inject (40:45) 15. I'm Not Sorry (44:37) 16. Gucci Gang Remix (47:06) 17. Black Magic (50:17) 18. About Me (54:21)

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Rahn Anthoni - "Highway" (Official Music Video)

Rahn Anthoni, a soulful singer who's taken a road to The Country Music industry. This is what we call Country Soul. Country music is a way of reaching people where they are, and highway is a song that will take you on the road of success. When you are on the Highway it gives you a way to think and make the right decision when you reach the cross roads of life.

Listen to "If God Doesn't Want It" by Christa Deana (((Lyric Video)))

New single from Philly-based Christian R&B singer, Christa Deana featuring Young One.

Snak The Ripper "I‘m Good" (Official Video) + European Tour Spring 2018

Adding to his recent momentum, Snak The Ripper returns with another new banger titled "I'm Good". The song has a nostalgic vibe that perfectly compliments Ripper's most intricate flows yet. The lyrics are real to his life and the music video just adds to the beauty of the music itself. Be sure to watch out for more new music from Snak The Ripper in the coming weeks.

Snak The Ripper is touring Europe in April/May 2018.
April 26 - Thu - Lausanne, Switzerland - Le Romandie Rock Club
April 27 - Fri - Lyss, Switzerland - Kufa Lyss
April 28 - Sat - Lucerne, Switzerland - Bar 59
April 29 - Sun - Hamburg, Germany - Stellwerk
April 30 - Mon - Trondheim, Norway - Skuret
May 02 - Wed - Hannover, Germany - Faust
May 03 - Thu - Kassel, Germany - K19
May 04 - Fri - Leipzig, Germany - Halle Saale
May 05 - Sat - Athens, Greece - Gagarin 205
May 06 - Sun - London, UK - Archspace

We are looking forward to your coverage. For further infos, interview requests etc. feel free to hit me back anytime.


Andreas (Goon Musick PR)

Vegan Rapper Drops Diss Track Against SeaWorld, The Circus, and The Zoo "If I had My Way, I'd Free Alla Da Animals"

The 19 song CD also features songs by some current Sunset Recording artists like Richtaste, Han Drabur, Respect, Joe Atman with the Riohc Choir, Federal Moguls (DJ Q Ball’s (Bloodhound Gang) side project) and Mister Sir while it licensed in tracks by established and legendary acts that are notably against animal cruelty by artists such as Vegan Boss, Gina Thompson and Bob Marley. The album is rounded off by some remixes by the likes of Boy George, Amos, Gavin Friday and DJ X vs. Sonic Solution which contributes a remix of the classic Supertramp hit song ‘The Logical Song [DJ Self Remix]’.


Tuesday, March 20, 2018

"Mr. Fly Guy" by The Chillionaires (Official Music Video)

Brooklyn Based Hip-Hop Artists $ky $craper, Gucci Gray, And Ruciano Also Known As "The Chillionaires," perform and star in their video for their track titled "Mr. Fly Guy"

Listen to "Honey In The Comb" by Oshinn (((AUDIO)))

This is an old Shaker song originally titled "Come, Pretty Love" by Patsy Williamson.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Freddie Gibbs - Gangsta (2018) Mixtape

1. I'm That N**** (00:00) 2. The Ghetto (02:55) 3. Live From Gary, Indiana (06:25) 4. The Diet (09:58) 5. Queen (13:28) 6. New Day Ft Raekwon (16:36) 7. Things You Do Today (19:44) 8. Woo (23:05) 9. Dollar$ 4 Dope (26:12) 10. God Damn Ft Reks (28:35) 11. Close Your Eyes (31:09) 12. Westwood Freestyle (35:25) 13. Fallin Ft Termanology (37:32) 14. Never Can Say Goodbye (40:28) 15. Games You Playin (44:53)

Thursday, March 15, 2018

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ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue65 (July 2018)