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ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue66 (August 2018)

Locust Street & Mentor Avenue, Pasadena, California by Mistah Wilson Photography

Meet R&B Beat Boxer "RhynoTunez" from Pasadena, California

Pasadena, CA R&B singer who writes all of his own music. Grew up listening to various R&B artists from Musiq Soulchild to D'Angelo and Lauryn Hill. My nationality is Moorish-American, and I am Muslim born in America.

Meet Hip Hop Musicians "Jamo Gang" from California & New York

Jamo Gang started out as Ras Kass & El Gant writing and recording songs on the spot to new J57 beats at his Brooklyn studio in October of 2015. Their incredible chemistry quickly turned into a side-group for fun, which then turned into a serious group that lead to the three teaming up to create more than an album's worth of music by early 2016, with a push from DJ Premier to do so.

Jamo Gang spent majority of 2016 & 2017 fine-combing their songs with J57 adding post production; as the three brought in a few hand-selected guest appearances for their debut, self-titled EP which is due out on January 30th.

Jamo Gang’s sound is of a signature New York knit, but they’re far from a boxed-in throwback. There’s a 90s sound at work here, but they’re not chained to it; J57’s soundscapes are anything but antiquated. His drums crush souls while Ras and Gant’s raw lullabies send them careening into the concrete.

Jamo Gang EP by Jamo Gang

Lyssa True Poet talks New Music, Being a Writer, and Shares Poetry in an Exclusive Interview w/ Mistah Wilson on WilsonBlock100 Radio ..

Lyssa True Poet talks New Music, Being a Writer, and Shares Poetry in an Exclusive Interview w/ Mistah Wilson on WilsonBlock100 Radio ..

Nipsey Hussle "Grinding All My Life / Stucc In The Grind" (Official Music Video)

Watch the official music video for "Grinding All My Life / Stucc In The Grind" by Nipsey Hussle. 
Pre-order VICTORY LAP out 2/16:
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Meet Hip Hop Artist & Producer "5VE" from Denver, Colorado

Detroit born and Atlanta raised, Quinn '5Ve' Lynch' comes from a rich upbringing of composing & producing all original and organically made beats, singing, songwriting, rapping, recording engineering and performing hip hop since around 1997. He formed his first group, Audible Audities, in Boulder, CO at the turn of the century, and released his first studio record in 2007, Audible Audities-Last Call Poets. 5Ve later created his second group, Glitta Kings, in 2010, and have since released 2 studio albums with this project.

In 2014,, he made his first efforts at creating his still all original music outside of his comfort zone, pushing the envelope exploring the whole new genre of throwback soul and r&b, and released 5iVe-Radioland feat. Jessica Jones in 2015, showcasing his self taught singing and ability to adapt to any given environment.

5Ve signed to local label/movement Universal Language Entertainment in 2017, where he now lends his production, singing, songw…

Meet Hip Hop & Graphic Artist "Buddhakai" from Denver, Colorado

Here's Buddhakai in a nutshell! Started making music in 1996 and put together an amazingly talented group called, Allied Forces, AF Entertainment. With money raised from selling cocaine, weed, and ecstasy, I built an awesome recording studio in my mom's basement. This became everybody's GO-TO spot. By the year 2000, we independently launched an album called, Trinity, tha second coming, which gave us a ton of street red and heavy local celeb status. 
Unfortunately, the drug dealing and the music business opened the doors to the dark side for me. I became a cocaine / meth addict and ended up using my music as a draw for fans and artists to fund my addiction instead of focusing on all of the amazing opportunities that came my way. 
We had amazing people like Steven Oaklander, from Priority Records, who invested a lot into me and my music... Karim, who worked alongside Russel Simmons at DefJam, who used to send me a ton of Phat Farm gear for shows and promos (that I ended up …

700 Lakewood Place, Pasadena, California by Mistah Wilson Photography

Southern rapper Jav DaHart talks Life in Louisiana, New Music, and the Open Mic Circuit

Southern rapper Jav DaHart talks Life in Louisiana, New Music, and the Open Mic Circuit

Meet Hip Hop Songwriter "Jav DaHart" from Patterson, Louisiana

Jav DaHart is a rock/hip hop singer and songwriter who is a vital new force in music. Influenced by his love and experience making hip hop, rock, and other styles, his main focus is crafting great songs with conscious ideas, where the message is key. A native of Patterson, Louisiana, he is now a Seattle artist, having journeyed physically and musically by way of Houston and other points. His tracks can be deceptively laid back and chill, but contain serious messages about life. He wants to use his music to break the ever-present cycle of violence and reckless pursuit of material gain that affects us all Jav loves songwriting and telling a story. His live shows are a cool chill vibe, with the audience enjoying the sounds yet also having their thoughts provoked. Among other philosophies, he believes in avoiding profanity as much as possible in his work. catch his As Above, So Below, on Spotify. You will not be disappointed.

Seattle Rapper Haj Exclusive Interview & Freestyle on WilsonBlock100 Radio

Seattle rapper Haj sits down w/ Mistah Wilson as they discuss Life in Seattle, Dedication to Music, and Current & Upcoming Projects on WilsonBlock100 Radio 

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"Invest In Yourself" - @210West Exclusive Interview w/ Mistah Wilson

Polygraph Symptom aka 210West Exclusive Interview on WilsonBlock100 Radio Hosted by Mistah Wilson

Lake Avenue & 800 Oakwood Place, Pasadena, California by Mistah Wilson Photography

Meet Jazz / Pop Music Producer "Leigh Dickey" from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

A veteran of more than 20 years as a performer, who also has a decade plus worth of experience in radio, television, and media, there is no audience Leigh won’t perform for and nothing that he can’t handle! Leigh was bitten by the entertainment bug at a young age and he no plans to stop or slow down! He has several albums and singles commercially, all available worldwide wherever digital music is sold and can be streamed. Leigh is a man who lives for and loves to entertain! It’s in his blood, it’s in his veins, Leigh Dickey, that’s his name!

Meet Jazz Fusion Musician & Producer "Bambo Kino" from Youngstown, Ohio

Bassist/Composer.....released 3 CDs since 11/1/2012....all tracks are composed around the bass line.....influences Weather Report/Jaco Return To Forever/Stanley....began playing music at 6....played accordion, guitar, piano, organ before choosing the electric bass at age 17......gave up all sports/ school activities in 10th grade to concentrate on music.....I practice everyday for at least 1/2 hours...I try to compose everyday.....I may find a phrase/pattern that works and hang on to it for years before I fit it into a motto is that playing and creating is most important....if something happens with my music that's great if nothing happens that's fine the most important aspect of my efforts is to just do it....

Meet Hip Hop Musician "SiWel" from Lynchburg, Virginia

SiWel is an inspiring rapper out of Lynchburg, VA. He gained attention from many hip hop fans by freestyling throughout the city and winning numerous freestyle competitions locally. In 2018, he plans on building steam for his highly anticipated mixtape entitled "Turnt At Times" set to be released early this summer, sources report.

Meet R&B / Soul Singer Songwriter "Kallion" from Los Angeles, California

My name is Kallion. I'm a singer, songwriter, and producer from Los Angeles, California. Growing up, I was surrounded by rappers. I couldn't rap, but I could hold a note and write a good song. Now I'm just chasing a dream I've been dreaming...

Meet Hip Hop Songwriter & Engineer "Mac Judah" from Tacoma, Washington

I am a Young Upcoming Artist From Tacoma, Wa. I'm 23Yrs old Raised with my brother by My Mom. I Played Basketball Most of My Time growing up and I also grew up in the church where I first got my inspiration for music. I didn't sing in The Choir But I always wanted to play the drums. Then I Begin to Like rap Music when I heard it and could remember all the lyrics to the song as a lil kid. I never Really Started writing my own music until I was about 18 and I only did because My Homeboy had started rapping who I did my first song with Nicko aka John Dough. Besides living the life I started rapping about I always had big dreams of owning my own business or doing something different than working for somebody. Thats when I about a year and a half ago Me and My Bro Hendo started taking this music serious and seeing where it could take us. Thats when I came up With "L.o.L" (LoyaltyoverLoot) Something I have always lived by and turned it into a Movement and While In the Proc…

Lake Avenue & 600 Lakewood Place, Pasadena, California by Mistah Wilson Photography

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue59 (Berry Edition / January 2018)

A Conceptual Street Sign Photography Tour thru Pioneer Square, Seattle's Original Neighborhood + Belltown + Waterfront + Downtown ...

NEW ARTISTS & EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS featuring Sheldon Botler + Ieesha Naeema + Lymin Lime + Tony Valor + Verse B. + FASS BLACC + Michelle Miller Bell + K. James + Park Hill Short Bus + Charlin Janene + & more…

Snowgoons - Killaz Supreme featuring Ghostface Killah, Ill Bill, Aspects & Sick Jacken (Official Music Video)

One year ago the Snowgoons brought back the classic boom bap vibe with their latest album entitled «Goon Bap». We already released a dozen of visuals from that album but saved the best for last. "Killaz Supreme" featuring Ghostface Killah, Ill Bill, Aspects and Sick Jacken.

Mance Makall releases Music Video for "Blessed" ft. Lady K

New Song by Mance Makall feat Lady K "Blessed" from the new Album "Diamond in the Mud". Video produced and directed by Oneway Road Productions. 2017

Meet Hip Hop Musician "Young Dellz" from Syracuse, New York

“Young Dellz” (Or Simply “Dellz”) Is An American Rapper, Songwriter, From The South Side Of Syracuse, NY. Young Dellz started taking his Music Career Seriously At The Age Of 15. Young Dellz Released His First Hit Single “True Bitch” Off Of His Debut Mixtape “No Company”, Which Was Released On in 2012. Since then Young Dellz Has Been On A Mission Dropping Mixtape After Another. Hit After Hit.

Meet Hip Hop Musician "Klee Magor" from Toronto/Ontario, Canada (+Tour Schedule)

Hip Hop artist Klee Magor has released his new video for the single "Hardcore Rap" featuring legendary rap group ONYX. 
Klee Magor met up with Sticky Fingaz & Fredro Starr during an overseas tour and collaborated in the studio with them recording the song “Hardcore Rap”. The video was later produced by Galactic Visuals and was shot in Toronto during a recent tour.

Meet Hip Hop Musicians "Supreme Cerebral & Pete Twist" from California & Virginia (NEW MUSIC)

Cali spitter Gold Chain Militant affiliate Bugzy Nino (Supreme Cerebral) connects with Veteran DMV producer Pete Twist on this street banger WAR READY! With the assist from DMC Finalist DJ Ragz on the cuts... Rumors of a collabo E.P. coming soon...start your new year off right!

Meet Hip Hop Musician "MoeBetta ThaGoddess" from Syracuse, New York

MoeBetta is a hip hop goddess from Syracuse,NY. She was born on December 6, 1985 on the Southside and attended middle and high school in the inner city . She began using poetry to express her inner desires and emotions . She started to rap when a friend suggested that her poems would sound nice to music. From there she began to evolve. Since releasing her mixtape, Reflections of an Inner Goddess on she has been touring New York and has even been interviewed by WVOA FM radio station. Her future goals are to branch off into visual and graphic arts, production,and songwriting. She is influenced by the works of Lauryn Hill, Nas, Mobb Deep,Lil Kim and Tupac Shakur. It was the content of their lyrics , their motivational drive , and controversial image that caught her attention. 
Using her talents she intends to make an impact on the minds and hearts of her listeners by encouraging them to look within themselves to become everything they were born to be.

Meet Local Painter "Konfrontational Art K.Coleman" from Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Meet Rapper / Producer "Cali Jackson" from Blytheville, Arkansas

25 year old rapper that come from nothing..I represent the struggle because I been there. I started rapping recording and making beats at 16 in a stash/trap house. I use to do it for fun but now I think that's what I'm suppose to do.

Meet Metal / Rock Songwriter "Jonathan Nesbitt II" from Lebanon, Kentucky

Jonathan Nesbitt II is the founder of the one man band Crucible Steel, from central Kentucky. He plays all the instruments and has just released his second album "Forge the Blade. Jonathan also writes intrumental music under "Nesbitt Instrumentals.

Artists, Musicians, & Entrepreneurs! Your Story Can Inspire The World!

Artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs who are interested in being featured and formally recognized for who you are and/or what you do can fill out a Formal Artist Introduction form. By filling out this form, you are giving us everything we need to make a quality post on our blog. This is how local artists can introduce themselves and gain proper recognition for who they are.

Submitting a Formal Artist Introduction is free and includes a permanent link on our websiteBlog featureSocial Media featureMagazine feature (You Will Get Your Own Full Page!)Eligibility for WilsonBlock100 Charts If you would like to share your art/story further, you can book an exclusive article interview with Mistah Wilson. Exclusive Interviews are $15 for 10 questions and $25 for 20 questions. Exclusive interviews include Professional and relevant Questions about your career, goals, and experiences. Yes, we check out your work and generate questions that help you explain it in your words.Published on our Blog an…

Meet Male Songwriter "Bigg Dutta" from Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis Indiana born and raised been doing music since 1999 I'm A hip-hop\ soul singer entrepreneur CEO artist I got songs with E40, Lil Wyte, Jelly Roll ,8Ball MJG. I've done shows with any hiphop artist you can imagine... also go by duttasaiddat (DSD) .....

Meet Contemporary Photographer/Painter "Charlin Janene" from Akron, Ohio

Meet Hip Hop Musician "Realio Sparkzwell" from Syracuse, New York

Known for his hard-bodied raps and collaborations with his Iron Galaxy Clik cohort, Cannibal Ox, New York’s Realio Sparkzwell showcases his producer chops and penchant for slick wordplay on his brand-new EP, «The Main Ingredient». 

2nd Avenue, Seattle, Washington by Mistah Wilson Photography

Meet Singer/Songwriter "Tony Valor" from Palm Beach, Florida

Tony is a native New Yorker now living in Palm Beach, Florida. Being of Sicilian, Chinese and Hispanic descent he has a unique multicultural background. He is bilingual and has spent much of his life in his hometown of Guangzhou, China, which he visits on a regular basis.
His love for singing began at the age of 3, and his interest in music grew while sitting under the console in his father’s studio, as he worked on his music productions.
With three consecutive releases charting on the Billboard Dance Charts, Tony is carving out a successful career, and is looking forward to producing and performing many more hits.

2nd Avenue & 1900 Virginia Street, Seattle, Washington by Mistah Wilson Photography

Lake Avenue & Green Street, Pasadena, California by Mistah Wilson Photography

1st Avenue & Madison Street, Seattle, Washington by Mistah Wilson Photography

Meet Local Painter "Phy" from Winthrop, Massachusetts

I spent my whole life looking into the world from the outside fascinated by the many people that crossed my path. I thought to myself " there is a story to be told" , when I take yo the first brush and look inside the " wells of their eyes" . Little did I know that the story I really seek was the one inside of me. So much to tell , the personalities that come alive on my canvas are parts of myself. Come join me and let me start with "'once upon a time , there was the sweet little girl who spent her summers vacation breaks at the beach sketching the many that passed by her life, never noticing her until they saw her bring them to life on canvas. 

Meet Alternative Rock Band "Triggered Heart" from Vallejo, California

Bay Area Alternative Rock; Saving the world from watered down music with Passion, Freedom & Expression. I am the lead singer/writer/composer of Triggered Heart. Like most Artists, I have a vision and a destination. I create and my art is music. I express what I feel and say what I know is real. You must prepare yourself mentally, emotionally & spiritually if you want to pursue a career in music-where you can inspire a group or individuals of how they perceive the world through your art. Passion is a must because without it, its lifeless. Dedication & commitment go hand in hand. You must be willing to sacrifice your time and replace being complacent with extreme effort. It will be hard, it will get even harder. You may progress but it takes time, take no short cuts. Use the hard times as a challenge and bash through it with selfless Expression and discover the undiscovered. Take charge with Freedom and don't limit yourself to anyone thing, adapt and make it your own. Be…

1st Avenue & 2300 Bell Street, Seattle, Washington by Mistah Wilson Photography

1st Avenue & 800 Columbia Street, Seattle, Washington by Mistah Wilson Photography