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ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue66 (August 2018)

Supporting Local Artists EPISODE7 by Mistah Wilson featuring Cody Prez + Production Music Conference + PR DEAN + more on WilsonBlock100 Radio

Contents: EPISODE7 (Download This Podcast:
Artist Cody Prez unveils his Wu-Tang Clan inspired mural titled "Climate Change Ain't Nothing To Mess With" of tha Week of July 18th, 2018 "100 West Ivy Avenue, Inglewood, California by Mistah Wilson Photography Gaming now the Most Popular Form of Entertainment in the World? 9/26/18-9/28/18 Production Music Conference 2018 (Discount for ASCAP members) Rivers "What's It Worth" (((AUDIO))) Dean ft. Dax Mpire, Shaz Illyork, Blank Face, Chris Rivers, Babalu Machete & Nems "Wild Germanz" (((AUDIO))) Angelenos Want LeBron James OUT Of Los Angeles Story behind Mistah Wilson's "Central District via 23rd Avenue" Collection of Conceptual Street Sign Photography (GALLERY)…

Stream & Purchase "I Ain't wit the Evil Empire" by Therman Munsin (feat. Big Twins)

Stream & Purchase "High, Fly & Broke" album by Shaz Illyork featuring Action Bronson, Meyhem Lauren, & more...

Stream & Purchase "Turn It Up" REMIX by Co Defendants featuring Rigz on Apple Music

EVENT: 8/23/18 Art On The Plaza @ Seattle Central Library featuring Nathan Breedlove and The nu Trio (Kids & Families, Teens, Adults)

Get ready! In August, the Central Library’s 4th Avenue plaza will have great music, dance performances, drop-in art making, and of course awesome books. For all ages.

Nathan Breedlove and The nu Trio perform from noon to 2pm at ART ON THE PLAZA. The trumpeter, composer, and philosopher-in-training spreads life and love through music. The cultural storyteller and seasoned seeker is joined by Seattle jazz legends, Brian Kirk on drums and Phil Sparks on bass. Co-presented Earshot Jazz.

This program is made possible with support from the Seattle Public Library Foundation.

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Listen & Purchase "Pour My Heart Out" by Big Flip Papi feat. Kool G Rap (Prod. By: Ayden)

This Big Flip Papi aka RNR graps the legend Kool G Rap for his first Single "Pour My Heart Out" off his upcoming street album TBA. BFP already got his 2nd single ready to go already featuring Brooklyn hardest artist Uncle Murda. Shout out to Ayden on the dope beat who also produced Melissa J Latin Pop single "Negrita". #HardtimesRecords

Big Flip Papi feat. Kool G Rap "Pour My Heart Out" (Prod. By: Ayden) by HARDTIMES RECORDS

Recording Artist Manny P's New Single "Manny's Phone" w/ Music Video

Manny P is a rapper and singer-songwriter best known for his catchy hooks and versatile style. That versatility allows him to create music many people can relate to. From conscious rap and club/upbeat tunes to island tracks and love songs, he’s got something just about everyone can vibe to. He has worked with major artists and production powerhouses such as Plies, T-Pain, Grammy award-winning producer Zaytoven, and Cassius Jay, while remaining humble and hungry for his opportunity to rise to the top.

Manny P has recently appeared on Fly 98.5fm, 105.5 The Beat, Xclusive Jamz and The Connect Radio just to name a few. He has also been featured in a multitude of magazines, music blogs and websites. He just released his debut single, “Manny’s Phone" off his self-titled album to be released independently through his own label, On The Map Music, later this year. Other singles from the album include “Where He At" and "You Are”. Both singles will be available on all digital pla…

Mistah Wilson's Q&A w/ recording artist Annie-O on Childhood, Music, & Growth

"Always go with what makes you happy, don’t fall victim to someone else’s idea of beauty." @Annie-O
Mistah Wilson: Hey, Annie-O! Thank you for coming through for this exclusive interview with ThaWilsonBlock Magazine! For your audience reading this, could you give us a quick background on yourself?
Annie-O: I'm a recording artist , and engineer .. originally from Detroit Michigan but I got a lot of my game from Clayton County GA.
Mistah Wilson: How was life growing up in Detroit, Michigan for you?
Annie-O: I had a pretty good childhood , my mother hustled for everything and by dad got high on his own supply, typical Detroit stuff I guess.

Mistah Wilson: First off, we have to mention your music video for "By Myself". Tia Culver sent it to us and we truly enjoyed the song from start to finish! What inspired the song and how was the experience shooting the video?
Annie-O: I used to be apart of a group, never could meet eye to eye with the members , always have felt like…

Stream & Purchase "West Till My Death" album by Gangsta Ric feat. Midget Loco + J. Rell + Ese Saint + Kozme + Jasper Loco + & more...

***New Album Alert*** Steel Banging artist Gangsta Ric Ricardo Renfroe just dropped his album "WEST TILL MY DEATH"

Two Japanese-American nonprofits are partnering on Affordable Housing project in Little Tokyo/Arts District (Los Angeles)

The partnership between Go For Broke and LTSC emerges as Metro is preparing to search for a partner to develop a property above the new Little Tokyo/Arts District subway station at 1st Street and Central Avenue - one block south of the 200 Central site.
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Watch "Yeah Yeah" music video by Don Q & A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie feat. 50 Cent & Murda Beatz

Don Q & A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie - Yeah Yeah (feat. 50 Cent & Murda Beatz) 

Stephen A. Smith encourages Athletes to March on Washington instead of Protesting in the Arena/Stadium

Stephen A. Smith says that he thinks NFL players should stop protesting on the field and instead march on Washington, D.C. to protest racial injustice and more. The NFL owners are trying have it both ways with regards to this issue for so long and are still uncertain about what to do.

Watch "On That P Shit" music video by GANGSTA RIC feat. Midget Loco & MerC

"On That P Shit" (official music video) 1080HD

Artist: Gangsta Ric featuring Midget Loco & Mer-C
Album: West Till My Death
Label: Steel Banging Musick
Beat produced by: Lyrik Cruz of Steel Banging Musick
Video produced by: EG Photography
Car clubs: Pasadena Hightimes & Casuals (Pasadena)
Polocker: Poplockin Kreeper

download music by Gangsta Ric at:

Order this album when it releases at:

Black Woman Walks Into Asian Nail Salon Promoting Her Black Owned Nail Salon!

"Support black nail technicians."

Georgia Teacher Grabs Student By The Throat And Slams Him and Now Faces Felony Charges

ATLANTA, Ga. (CNN) - Prosecutors say the video shows the shocking moment a former Lumpkin County teacher crossed the line. Grabbing a student by his throat while dragging him down a table in the school cafeteria. The 2017 incident, caught on surveillance video inside Lumpkin Mountain Education Charger High School, which is an alternative school for students who have gotten in trouble at other schools in the district, resulted in felony charges against the teacher, Tim Garner....

Snoop Dogg on Contemporary Rap "All Them N***** Sound The Same"

Snoop Dogg's impression of "new rappers" is truly hilarious! Those sound effects... 😂😂😂

Man Gets Rid of Pesky Moles in his Yard using Celine Dion's Greatest Hits

I tried every suggestion on the internet to get the better of my little mole friends but nothing worked. Until now.

Article: Embers Still Burning by Jhantu Randall

August 11th marks the one year anniversary of the Alt-Right’s “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia that took the life of activist Heather Heyer by a man who hit her intentionally with his car. The images of that day are forever engrained in the psyche of the American public. From images of Khaki clad college students holding tiki torches as they marched through the center of town screaming about Jewish people replacing them, to chanting the words “Blood and Soil,” which was a direct throwback to a past era that we all naively thought never would return.

As much as I wish I could offer some concrete answers, I can’t. I could never comprehend how that in 2018, we have a political party who openly gives a platform to this kind of rhetoric and another party who willingly jumps at the trap and plays directly into the narrative.

The idea of identity goes far beyond political affiliation at this point. People see their ethnic makeups as the binding factor in who they are, if an…

Grind Mode Cypher Part 1 featuring Lingo + Trip B + Louis Cheese + T. Rads + Chris Webby + more... (prod. by LX)

10 Online Resources for Female Musicians

Women of Substance, and also later The Female Entrepreneur Musician, were both created out of a need to solve a problem: a deep personal desire to fill a gap in the market and provide support for an underrepresented group. So, we thought it would be helpful to create a list of 10 online resources specifically dedicated to helping female musicians out.
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Black Star vs. The Roots. Who Is Better and Why?

Since the 1990s, Black Star and The Roots have been running in the same circles. These groups of artists are collaborators, former label-mates, and allies in the Soulquarians movement. Whereas Yasiin Bey and Talib Kweli have one album and two handfuls of additional collaborations, The Roots crew has more than 11 group albums, and 181 songs by the official tracklist tally. One group has two full-time MCs, while another has one steadfast lyrical giant and some occasional relief on the m-i-c. Just as Black Star is currently making a rare and nostalgic run for its album’s 20th anniversary, The Roots play live on television sets five nights a week and have done so for years. Neither group is guaranteed a spot in the Elite 8, and this one will inevitably prompt debate. Make your voice heard by voting and discussing the reasoning for your choice.
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Watch "Bubblin" music video by Anderson .Paak

Bubblin out now!
Directed by Calmatic 
Follow Anderson here:  Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:

Watch "WIN" music video by Jay Rock & Kendrick Lamar

Directed by Dave Meyers & Dave Free (of The Little Homies) 
'REDEMPTION' out now:
Follow Jay Rock:
Music video by Jay Rock performing WIN. © 2018 Top Dawg Ent.

Alabama Rapper Mance Makall Graces Cover of ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue66 (August 2018)

Hayneville, Alabama rapper Mance Makall graces the cover of ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue66 (August 2018) as he shares quotable gems from every song off of his latest album "Diamond In The Mud"

How To Eat Off The Land Without A Job

Mistah Wilson talks about ways to eat off the land without having a formal job. 
Music by Blak Axx "Life of an Outlaw" Topspin, B​-​Self, Samson S, Poetry, Vitamin D, H​-​Bomb, Truth, Shahrazad, Blak, Infinite, & E​-​Wreck "Do The Math"

Listen & Buy "Do The Math" song by Topspin, B​-​Self, Samson S, Poetry, Vitamin D, H​-​Bomb, Truth, Shahrazad, Blak, Infinite, & E​-​Wreck (((AUDIO)))

Produced by Vitamin D, Co-Produced by Infinite & E-Wreck. Scratches by Topspin and Vitamin D
from Do The Math, released September 2, 1996
Do The Math by Topspin, B-Self, Samson S, Poetry, Vitamin D, H-Bomb, Truth, Shahrazad, Blak, Infinite, & E-Wreck

5Ve - PUSH ft. GaDJet & Jade Elise (Official Music Video)

5Ve - PUSH ft GaDJet & Jade Elise

Much love and big shot out to:
COry Clarke and Cody Kind Dub Marsden of Kind Dub for filming and editing this gem.
Joe Lessard for your amazing strings..
Lily Marston for being our beautiful model/actress.
Stefan Thakur for drone shots.
My beloved DJ, GaDJet ...friends forever.
And of course, the lovely Jade Elise for her sultry voice!
And you, the fans, for the love!!

Album coming SOON!

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue66 (August 2018) featuring Mance Makall

August 2018's edition of ThaWilsonBlock Magazine features Hayneville, Alabama rapper Mance Makall + #SaveTheShowBox + Seattle's Historic Central District + Seven Da Pantha + ReaLife + Supporting Local Artists + R.I.P. Shmeeze + Alissa Musto + OptiMystic + PR DEAN + Macklemore + Annie-O + The Chillionaires + Nems + ABSoarin + FreshFromDE + so much more…
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Singapore Kane Speaks on Counterfeit Lifestyles on "LIVE RAGGAMUFFIN" (((AUDIO)))

With the upcoming full-length "Steel Pulse, Metal Veins" just around the corner. Boston, MA lyricist Singapore Kane follows up "Karma (It's Your Turn)" with another thought provoking narrative. Reunited with Purpose [Tragic Allies] on production, "Live Raggamuffin" touches on the highly relevant topic of people who are projecting a fraudulent self-image/lifestyle to the world, those not willing to make any real progress but telling stories about their money, success etc in attempts to manipulate perception. Singapore Kane espouses taking an unyielding mentality when handling your business, without looking to gain from others using duplicitous methods. #singaporekane #liveraggamuffin #tragicallies

• Written & Performed by Singapore Kane
• Produced by Purpose [of Tragic Allies]

Listen to "Negrita" by Melissa J (((AUDIO))) Produced by AYDEN

Fresh off featuring on Mobb Deep unreleased track "That's The Thing" & PR Dean Single Remix "Blacktop Spitters" It's Here!!!! Melissa J 1st single "Negrita" off Melissa J upcoming EP "Natural". Please play, post, share, repost, retweet, like etc... Pass it around my peoples. We banking on this single and we can't do it without your support. It's Free for Download also Free to share & play. Hardtimes Records! #LatinPop #ReggaetonPop #HipHop #RNB Theres NOTHING Melissa J can't do, watch and see. Also "Negrita" be out on all digital platforms 8/11 or 8/13. BANDCAMP LINK

Stream "Fruition" album by Boneface on Spotify

Rick Ross Music Group’s Boneface, is a recording artist well-known for being an award-winning tattoo artist but it’s his latest album “Fruition” getting all the attention. He is clearly aiming to lead the summer of 2018 off strong by releasing two unfiltered, surreal projects, “Fruition” the album and “Fruition” the mixtape simultaneously. The projects were released June 29th, 2018 and contain hard-hitting dynamic singles such as "Spend It", “Come Up” featuring Ye Ali, “Solid AF” featuring Joe Green, and “Countin’ Money” featuring Block 125. The production on the album comes from heavy-hitting powerhouses including Grammy-nominated “Evil -G” whose production credits include Ludacris, Gucci Mane and Dej Loaf, award-winning producer “Faided” who has produced for Snoop Dogg, Berner and The Game as well as Boosie’s label producer “Jit the Beast”.

OptiMystic presents "Dreams Alive" music video featuring Sickflo, Mic Handz & Tenette Smith (Salty Waterz)

‘Salty Waterz’ is nuthin but grit & grime, but then spit polished to expose the raw gem inside. An album orchestrated by OptiMystic for those real underground Hip Hop heads.
‘Salty Waterz’ will be released thru Fredro Starr of Onyx label Mad Money. 
First video release of the project is ‘Dreams Alive’ feat. Sickflo, Mic Handz & Tenette Smith, shot in Atlanta, Brooklyn, and Perth City.

Watch "Pack It Up" music video by AB Soarin & FreshfromDE

On the heels of "All There" two weeks ago, AB Soarin [Boston] and FreshfromDE [Delaware] release the visual for their melodious, piano driven trap anthem "Pack It Up" produced by Missing Link [Rhode Island], where they encourage anyone not willing to give everything to achieving their goals to just pack it up and go home. This is just an horderve of what to expect from "The Leftovers II" EP due for release this Fall, 2018. Both artists are ready to show their diversity as a duo on this future EP, and prove their ability to craft potential radio / party hits to trap bangers with limitless consistency. "The Leftovers" is available now.

EVENT: 9/7/18 - 9/9/18 Music Industry Legends Gather in Atlanta for 4th Annual Music Business Empowerment Conference

Coming Attractions Promotions announces the fourth annual Music Business Empowerment Conference (MBEC) to be held in Atlanta, GA, September 7 - 9 at the Renaissance Concourse Atlanta Airport Hotel. The theme for the 2018 conference is “the reality of the digital impact in today's music industry”.

The MBEC 2018 will feature panel presentations, educational workshops, artist showcases, and inspiring seminars moderated by top radio and record label executives, entertainment attorneys, music industry luminaries, creators, and tastemakers. The mission of the MBEC is to provide a platform and opportunities that encourage dialogue between music creators, radio, and record label communities. MBEC is further committed to preparing and educating the next generation of emerging artists, producers, and songwriters for successful careers.

Participating conference panelists include: Colby Tyner, VP of Programming, Urban One; “Hurricane Dave” Smith, Radio One’s VP of Programming and Operations-At…

Listen to "Stay Hungry" (Freestyle) by Chris Rivers

Chris Rivers is kicking off this weeks freestyle over “Holding It Down” by At Wendy’s, off of their “We Beefin?” EP with his version called “Stay Hungry”. We can clearly see that Rivers never lost his hunger with these insane flows and braggadocios bars hitting us with humor , punch lines and that good old fashion Chris energy. Like share and support !

SONG: "BlackTop Spitters" (Ayden Remix) by PR Dean feat. 38 Spesh, Melissa J, Profit, Rome Streetz

"Blacktop Spitters" Remix is produced by Ayden & features Melissa J on the hook, Off PR Dean upcoming street album #StreetGenius which consist of records from 2008 to 2018 dropping Aug. 23rd. "B.A.S.E." Album still in the works! Thanks to all the PR Dean & Hardtimes Records Supporters! #HardtimesRecords


Ezzy Money is a southern rap recording artist and songwriter who recently relocated to Atlanta from his hometown of Huntsville, AL. He purchased a recording studio in Fulton county and set up shop as Masta Mind Empire. Ezzy Money’s music has an upbeat sound and party vibe which his fans and DJs appreciate.

Since moving to ATL he has spent endless hours in the studio collaborating with some of the music industry’s top artists and producers including Joe Gifted, Buddha Bless, Lil Boosie, Cee O The Producer, Lil Baby, Beat Drummers, Tone the Goat, and Young Dolph just to name a few.

His latest project “Alabama Raised Atlanta Paid” is sure to gain him popularity amongst industry professionals and music lovers alike. The EP features production from Buddha Bless and Bugatti On Da Beat as well as popular rap artists Lil Baby and Boosie.

The visual for “Run A Check Up” was directed and shot by Karlton Banks and is expected to be released in September 2018. You can see and he…

"No One Is Safe" A Profile on Chris Kemp and Dirtay

It was an unusually balmy August night heading to the No One is Safe record release party in Columbia City. It was the kind of night where there was something unexplainable accompanying the energy the city was holding. With all the projects being released in the local scene, if 2018 is “The Surgical Summer” then the Pacific Northwest is surely sharpening their scalpels.

Pulling up to the theatre, I walked for a few minutes on a rather vibrant block as I saw the surrounding bars, restaurants and cafe’s that lined the street. After glancing at my phone I was greeted by one of the headliners, Seattle rapper, Chris Kemp. Now, before we go any further, I have personally known this person for around 16 years, I know to a degree where he started and how far he’s come. My biggest challenge with this was to remain as unbiased as possible. We caught up a bit as live jazz music could be heard from the 2 artists playing in the venue, giving acknowledgements and introductions to the other perform…

PODCAST REVIEW: Dick's Burgers (Seattle, WA) by Mistah Wilson on WilsonBlock100 Radio

Mistah Wilson gives his official review of Seattle's highly-esteemed and very popular Dick's Burgers! 
Music by  Gabriel Teodros "Greeny Jungle" Mance Makall "Po Boy Sack"

PODCAST: Why Streaming Music Sucks by Mistah Wilson on WilsonBlock100 Radio

Mistah Wilson talks about Why Streaming Music Sucks. Ever notice how phone plans went from unlimited everything to charging users for how much data they use? What was so wrong with Nextel Walkie Talkies? Don't be fooled by major corporations, the digital download has been tha best, most efficient way of accessing media. With the rise of internet toll lanes, internet access alone has now become a utility and they are successfully selling digital data that doesn't cost them anything! At the end of the day, with the evolution of the music industry, music streaming KEEPS the control in the interests of the major corporations. And I'm not to excited about contributing to an industry that has never recognized me anyhow.

PODCAST: I Feel An Identity Crisis Coming On 👀 👀 👀 by Mistah Wilson on WilsonBlock100 Radio

Mistah Wilson is an open book. In this episode of WilsonBlock100 LIVE, MW speaks on foster care, his issues with black women, and how he's planning to handle a forthcoming identity crisis!!! His testimony is one to be considered. 
Music by  Ockley "Main One" Sobukwe Toure "Limitless" Bing Bing "Regardless"

Top 10 Convicts Who Freaked Out After Given A Life Sentence

There are a lot of criminals who commit horrible and evil crimes. So, when it is time to face their verdicts, a lot of these criminals have different intense reactions to their sentencing. So here are the top 10 convicts who freak out after given a life sentence.

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