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ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue58 (December 2017)

Pasadena Rapper Mr. Frantastic talks Becoming Blind, Life in Prison, & Extreme Homelessness

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Mr. Frantastic, commonly known as Pudge in tha streets of Pasadena, CA opens up on how he became blind in 2005. He also goes on to talk about how he had to experience prison with and without his sight. Pudge explains what it was like being homeless for so many years and how he has managed to persevere through the years. Frantastic was not hesitant to also give us a few bars from one of his latest raps.

Mr. Frantastic has collaborated with Bing Bing on the song "Wake Up" which was remixed and engineered by Lyndrum Productions. The song appeared on Bing Bing's Tha West Kept Secret V3 Official in 2011. Since then, Mr. Frantastic has been producing beats and writing lyrics.

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