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ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue58 (December 2017)

Submit Your Music/Art for Feature in ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue49 on March 10th

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine is a digital publication released on the 10th of every month. Because we are a digital magazine, we can feature your music/art and make it accessible to our readers at their fingertips. Your Music/Art will contain active links to your website and social channels!

Showcase your music and/or art in ThaWilsonBlock Magazine to put it in the hands of thousands of readers and potential fans!

For Music (All Genres Considered)
One Song per month is absolutely FREE!!!
Original Price is $1 per track / $10 per month. 
Click Here to view pricing and order!

For Artwork (SFW Images only please)
One Image/Graphic per month is absolutely FREE!!!
Original Price is $1 per image / $10 per month
Send us an Email today or call (626)586-4440

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