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ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue58 (December 2017)

Rapper Tone Grizzard Proves Why He's One of Pasadena's Hardest Hitters

Don't let tha face fool you, Pasadena rapper Tone Grizzard is no lyrical push-over. Actually, he's an apex predator out here. Don't think you could just beat him in a rap battle. He's not a stranger to the local music scene. Having released several mixtapes over the years, Grizzard stands out as one of the most creative lyricists currently doing it from Pasadena.

Tone attended the BringingItTogether Gold Carpet Open Mic Photo Shoot & Drum Circle on 12/20/16 and spit an exclusive (and explicit) freestyle that will leave you astonished! Tone Grizzard, who directs his own music videos, has worked with local producer and public figure Paco Swartz on numerous projects.

In this freestyle, Tone Grizzard proves why he's one of Pasadena's hardest hitters...

Not for tha faint of heart. 

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