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ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue58 (December 2017)

Pasadena artist & designer E DuB releases cover of his 1996 sampler "EYEZ ON THA PRIZE"

If you're from Pasadena, California or any surrounding area, then you have at least a general idea of how strong the pride & culture is around DENA. One of the things we find amazing about Pasadena is that it has it's own hip hop scene that goes back significantly longer than many of us have been alive. In a recent conversation about Pasadena artist & designer E DuB's latest apparel line "We Are Born & Raised" & "Just A Kid From...", his old sampler cover for Eyez on tha Prize resurfaces from 1996. A local hip hop connoisseur's dream. Throwback. The sampler comes with an instrumental from local hip hop artist & producer Lasky B, who's still relevant on today's scene. 
For those who are a fan of local, old school hip hop, this is a good to have in tha collection to preserve local music scene heritage. After 20 years, tha value of these projects must not been overlooked. For more information on this compilation, visit We Are Born & Raised

Check out E DuB's latest Apparel & Merchandise

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