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ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue58 (December 2017)

Nas & Robin Thicke team up for song about Police Brutality

Here are some of the lyrics, with Nas speaking as directly as he seemingly ever has—as a Black man, a concerned father, and an affected human being:

White man with a gun apprehended, he still alive
Black man with a gun, he has no chance to survive
They gon’ shoot him dead soon as they see the brown of his eyes
And they ask me, “Why you ain’t smilin’ Nas?”
Cause I have a son and I die inside when I gotta tell him what was told to me
Can’t play with your water gun son ’cause the police see
A seven years old as a threat
They think it’s right to kill a seven years old on sight ’cause he ain’t white
So baby if I’m actin’ uptight
When our conversation is weak, it ain’t you
It’s just it ain’t that deep

After Robin’s evocative lyrics about a world amiss, Nas comes back around to reflect on the upcoming election, showing praise of powerful women in a litany of fields, and his own dreams as of late.
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