Friday, August 26, 2016

Bing Bing addresses tha Pasadena Music Scene with new Hip Hop track about his Beautiful Struggle

How many artists out there are frustrated? I mean, let's admit it. Doing the work. Performing the art. Recording the music. Whatever it is as far as production goes IS NO PROBLEM for the artist who has a genuine desire for these type of things. What we are frustrated about the most is the lack of opportunity. When we sincerely give our best out of sheer passion yet lack the means and resources to successfully get our point across.

If you take a look around everything that is happening in and around Pasadena, California right now, it's chaos. A circus. Especially in the local politics portal. Aside from how the City of Pasadena poses a constant threat to it's own local culture & heritage in the name of money and taxation, majority of native, local rap artists simply don't embrace what the 'Pasadena Music Scene' has set out to do. 

Pasadena artist extraordinaire Bing Bing, whose played a major role on Pasadena's local music scene over the past 8 years, has been overlooked by nearly everybody. Through his sincere efforts to create a unified local music scene through the Bringing It Together movement, local artists have instead created their own 'unity movements'. But, Bing Bing claims that the Pasadena Music Scene has interest in every local, native, independent artist. No favortism and unbiased. I guess the question is why would local artists create a new 'unity' movement if they're too good to work with the one that has already laid much of the foundation. 

What gives Bing Bing and the Pasadena Music Scene credit and certification for being the official platform for local music in DENA is that they arguably boasts the largest archive of local, native artists and content. Through ThaWilsonBlock and Pasadena Music Scene, there have been over 20,000 files (mixtapes, singles, albums, covers, etc...) served, over 100+ exclusive interviews with NATIVE artists, countless magazine & newsletter covers, and all types of other promotional content. With all due respect to other local platforms that cater to local artists in the Pasadena / Altadena region, it seems as though people see ThaWilsonBlock for what it is but simply choose not to embrace it...for whatever reason. Another thing that certified the Pasadena Music Scene through Bing Bing's efforts was his consistency and actually living in the City of Pasadena. In fact, most people know that Bing Bing wasn't born in Pasadena. But, the local music scene he's created was no fly-by-night. It's been a walk. A journey. And he is and has been proactive on the streets of Pasadena, California everyday. 

After the creation of DENA artists' new 'unity' movement, Bing Bing saw it as an opportunity to evolve. First taken as an insult, he quickly realized that majority of the same artists who claimed unity on the local music scene would/could never happen were the same ones who 'chose' not to participate in the #BringingItTogether movement. For the longest, Bing never let it get to him enough to put the music scene project down. But, after the message was sent loud & clear, Bing Bing dropped the 'Pasadena' Music Scene for the 'United' Music Scene and has connected with producer Lyndrum to curate content for local artists across all music scenes.

Through Bing Bing's frustration, he still manages to somehow come out on top of things. On Saturday August 20th, 2016, Bing Bing released the Beautiful Struggle mixtape, after taking 3 years off to interview artists on the local music scene. He claims that the project isn't exactly what he envisioned it to be, but it encompasses everything that the 'beautiful struggle' is. Unfinished mixes. Pitched vocals. Unbalanced panning. Unmastered. And that is how Bing Bing finds victory even in his failures. 

The first track off of the Beautiful Struggle mixtape is "Welcome to tha Beautiful Struggle" where Bing Bing double-time raps about how local artists don't see his vision for a unified music scene. The intro track also targets the attention of kids, children, & teenagers who are all ready to be influenced by something/someone. The message to them is that it's never too early to make a plan for your life. Find your passion and pursue it at all costs. You've got to work hard to live up to your potential. Otherwise, welcome to the beautiful struggle. 

If you like this track, please share it with a friend and leave a comment. You can show support for Bing Bing by purchasing ThaWilsonBlock Magazine SPECIAL EDITION presents "Welcome to tha Beautiful Struggle" by Bing Bing digital download that contains exclusive free download links and lyrics to all the songs. There is also a link to download the whole mixtape as well. All for free. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine SPECIAL EDITION presents "Welcome to tha Beautiful Struggle" by Bing Bing

Bing Bing to take a break from music to focus on Authorship

Pasadena artist Bing Bing has quietly been tha loudest artist coming from tha Rose City. On tha rap circuit at least, he dominates with consistency. I mean, tha kid damn near does it all. After working on his latest music project and ThaWilsonBlock Magazine, he combined both of tha efforts to help create a demand around his digital products. But, since it took him 3 years to release a new mixtape, he's decided to give music a break to focus more on writing books.

As a kid, Michael Taylor, now more commonly known as Bing Bing, was an enthusiastic creative writer. He would win writing competitions for clothes and stuffed animals. In fact, a big part of tha reason he ended up moving to Pasadena had almost everything to do with his ambitious writing. In 2002, Michael was in a group home off of Van Ness & Florence in South Central Los Angeles. The group home he lived at was called "73rd" and housed younger boys between 10-13. The group home even housed some kids with autism. In tha cool of tha day, while tha rest of tha kids were outside playing, Michael was in front of tha computer writing short stories off tha top of his head. From one-pagers to captivating stories stretching several pages, Michael had a gift for expression through language arts.

Michael's writing was so good that the therapist who would come out to tha house once a week invited him to her book club. Her club turned out to be a bit mature for Michael's age. Soon enough, Michael's writing skills would reach Eric Shepherd, a staff who worked at tha same group home agency but in Gardena with the older boys. Eric was the nephew of the woman who owned tha group home agency Michael lived in. Once Eric became aware of Michael and his abilities, he took a special interest in him and opened his home on Wilson Avenue in Pasadena in an attempt to give Michael a better life. Eric's interest in Michael grew so much that he went and got married thinking it was a requirement. He took Michael to Home Depot to pick tha paint for his own room. In September 2002, Michael officially moved into Eric's home in Pasadena.

There was a time when Michael became too much to handle living at Eric's house. He was placed back in a group home in Northridge, California. While living in Northridge at tha age of 15, Michael began writing short stories again. He got so deep into it that tha entire wall in his room was covered in short stories written by himself. Staff would come in and stand there for awhile reading these stories. It would really win people. Of course, there's always room for improvement, but Michael did it out of passion. He chose to write. It was therapy for him long before he even knew it.

As Michael's writing skills developed over tha years, he's transitioned into songwriting. Since 2001, Michael has been experimenting with writing lyrics. He was writing lyrics long before he decided to become tha artist that he is today. He was living in a foster home in North Long Beach and everyday after school Michael would go home and write lyrics in his composition book. In his young imagination, he created two rap groups: tha eastsiders and westsiders. He attributed most of his best lyrics to tha imaginary westsiders rap group. Fast forward to 2006, Michael took writing lyrics a little more seriously when he heard tha superb flow of some of his peers. When Compton rapper The Game dropped his YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS Volume3 mixtape containing tha 300 bars is what ultimately pushed Michael to take on songwriting. Michael soon found out that he had songwriting capabilities along with a developing stage presence and live spit.

As long as Michael Bing Bing Taylor has been pursuing a career as an artist, it's always been about tha music. When he publishes magazines, photography, and even when he ran tha 2014 LA Marathon, it was all fueled by tha music. But, as Michael grew up and matured, music became more than just entertainment. It was therapy. If you look at many rappers these days, they have ghost writers. Because in tha industry it's about having product. So, artists need to be making songs all tha time. But, if you are a true artist, you will understand that you can't rush art. Sure, you may drop a hit song that probably took an hour to write, but how many times can you do that? Tha same way to defeat writers block, you have to step back, live a little, and find some inspiration. That's how you produce/write your best work. That's why it took Michael so long to release his Beautiful Struggle mixtape, because he didn't rush it. If you hear tha project, it sure has some imperfections, but there are no song fillers. Every song is heavy and substantial.

Furthermore, another reason Michael is considering taking a break from music is because he claims to lack tha means necessary to release a quality sound product, let alone give it tha promotional campaign it deserves. On top of that, Michael's frustration working to unite tha local music scene in Pasadena has attributed to him choosing to take a break from music. He claims that tha same artists who didn't believe in a unified local music scene were tha very artists who didn't participate in tha BringingItTogether movement. Because of this, Michael has linked with Lyndrum to curate tha all-new United Music Scene. Michael is definitely behind tha scenes, but he's not going to put any of his own musical projects on tha priority list any time soon.

For tha duration of 2016 and into 2017, Michael plans to publish his first ever book series about fulfilling his million foot commitment for causes and charity. He's a kid on a mission to make a difference. And for a foster kid whose been through it all, we should support him. Especially since he accepts responsibility for how he influences his peers. Michael is also helping fellow artist Dominic Poole write and publish his first book about him fulfilling his commitment as well. Stay tuned for more details..

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue42

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue42 features Arcadia, California Conceptual Street Sign Photography + Dominic Poole successfully fulfills his 'One Million Foot' commitment for Causes & Charity + Big changes coming to Pasadena Music Scene + Exclusive Article Interview w/ Graffiti Street Artist Rafa Wizroks One + so much more...

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue65 (July 2018)