Sunday, April 27, 2014

Obvious Giant clothing is now the official gear of the Pasadena Music Scene

With a lot of independent music-based movements going on in and around Pasadena's vast music scene, the Pasadena Music Scene community organization has been earnestly coming up with ideas and ways to engage with the artists & businesses. The Bringing It Together movement is progressing. And now, reps from the music scene are collaborating with a local, exclusive clothing line: Obvious Giant. 

Obvious Giant is the creator of the DenaBoy/DenaGirl clothing line. With Obvious Giant's stronghold on the city along with the Pasadena Music Scene's Bringing It Together movement, the two entities are working to unite the local music scene by demonstrating positive, non-violent ways to make a difference in society. "We're doing it for the next generation," says an excited Otto Evans, who appeared on an episode of WilsonBlock100 Radio with Mistah Wilson. "They will doubt what we say, but believe what we do." 

Pasadena artist Bing Bing is currently raising funds for Avon's 39mile walk for Breast Cancer research & awareness in Santa Barbara, Ca this Fall (2014). "Look out for my exclusive Bing Bing edition
DENABOY/DENAGIRL t-shirts promoting my upcoming 39mile walk with Avon," says Bing Bing. "Working with Obvious Giant is my way of getting the community involved in what we're doing." In the mean time, Bing Bing is working his magic in the streets to get as many people wearing Obvious Giant products as possible. 

While this collaboration steadily grows, Mistah Wilson has approved of Obvious Giant being the official gear of the Pasadena Music Scene. This means that if you're a Pasadena/Altadena artist, you are entitled to 1 free DENABOY/DENAGIRL T-Shirt. The clothing line has already started taking life of it's own with artists like Phil Phree wearing it in his latest freestyle video. Brandin Bruce, a local producer, has also endorsed the Obvious Giant brand by taking these exclusive photos.

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