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ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue66 (August 2018)

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue14 "Man's Other Best Friend"

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue13 "Bing Bing Completes LA Marathon."

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue12 "We Are Anonymous"

We Are Anonymous + Martin Luther King March "Unity & Peace" walk + Gaslight Street Interview + Otto Evans + Zachary Sampier + Tammy Minnitt + much more...

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue11 "Ending Gang Violence...And What It Really Means"

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue10 "King Of My Own Country"

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue9 "The Beauty In Depression"

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue8 "Erinn's Meals In Heels"

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue7 "Mistah Wilson Puts Stronghold on Pasadena's Music Scene"

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine SPECIAL EDITION "Trayvon Martin, Kendrec McDade, Davontae Sanford, Social Awareness"

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue5 "PokeyLo: Pasadena's Hottest New Rapper"

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue4 "Washington Blvd. ThaWilsonBlock Network Celebrates 5 Years"

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue3 "Mother's Day / No Unity In Tha Community"

Our 1st ever Mother's Day edition featuring a special Hello to all mothers out there. Also: Why There is No Unity in tha Community + Wildcard Exclusive Interview w/ ThaWilsonBlock +  Anastasia Belvidere + Zook + Macklemore & Ryan Lewis + Rhyme Disciples + much more...

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue2 "In Remembrance of a King King: A Local Legend"

In Remembrance of King King, a local legend. Also: Tha Hater's Favorite + Cali Allstarr + Altadena's Coffee Gallery + Christy Phillips + The Color of Success + Pasadena Music Scene +  Pronto Catering & Delivery services + Faith Rose album review + Sidewalk Cafe + much more...

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Debut Issue "McDonald Park"

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine brings you the debut issue of it's first official publication. Includes: PokeyLo + Erinn's Meals In Heals +Hathaway-Sycamores + Pasadena Music Scene + Davontae Sanford, + Chief Gang + Bigg Bump + Phil Phree + Marcus Cash + John Eklof + Rough City + Have Hope In Your Hood + Latoya Rhodes + Tobi Hero Signature Guitars +  much more...

"Apartment D" mixtape by Cali Allstarr

Cali Allstarr brings his best Mixtape yet! "Apartment D" Inspired by a true story straight outta Oxnard, CA. Cali is bringing life to this music. He has been plaqued as an Up and Coming artist from Southern California and he continues to bring only the best! This CD has a combination of HipHop, Jazz, RnB, Oldschool and Funk. Keep an eye out for this MC and DOWNLOAD this FREE mixtape, Bump it in your Area. for booking follow on TWITTER/IG @CALIALLSTARR YOUTUBE - Cali Allstarr PROD. DICKIES SANTORO & SWISHA T

Relly 2euce releases 2009 throwback "The Round Table" mixtape by Ave Troops. Assures fans that his debut solo project is on the way

Relly 2euce releases 2009 throwback "The Round Table" mixtape by Ave Troops. Assures fans that his debut solo project is on the way

The man who claims to have the most collabos amongst his circle is about to prove why. Pasadena, Ca rap artist Relly 2euce is releasing a 2009 throwback mixtape "The Round Table" exclusively on ThaWilsonBlock Network.

On behalf of the Ave Troops, Relly 2euce is releasing a collection of music that hit the streets but didn't quite get the online promotion that it needed. The Ave Troops, who consist of Black Santa aka Phat Rat, Relly 2euce, Jon2, &Belvidere, scored collaborations with other local 'icons' who are well known on the indie underground circuit in pasadena such as FatherMayEye, who recently appeared in "Beyond Banging - Outgrowing Gang Life" article in The DENA Magazine's debut issueFatherMayEye also has an extensive resume when it comes to making music and being involved. Nicky BeacHouses, a leg…

Mistah Wilson interviews Jason Hardin of The DENA Magazine on Business, Community, & Media

Mistah Wilson: When we first met you, The DENA Magazine wasn’t in existence yet. What led you to create your own publication?
Jason Hardin: When I first created The DENA Magazine, I wanted to produce a product that utilized my skills in graphic design and that promoted the local talent and businesses that I support.

Mistah Wilson: What made you decide to focus on the local level?
Jason Hardin: I believe that when you’re trying to accomplish something, you have to start close and work your way out. Besides that, Pasadena has been at the center of almost every major moment in my life, and I wanted to give back to it.

Mistah Wilson: So what’s up with HardTV?
Jason Hardin: Hard TV was the first public access show I produced and directed. It was also my introduction to media and the reason I fell in love with what I do now. Due to The DENA Magazine’s demand for my time, the show is currently on hiatus. However when the time is right, I plan to relaunch it bigger and better than ever before.


Ryan Aderréy's exclusive interview with ThaWilsonBlock on his new single, music production, and his journey to becoming a well-rounded artist.

Ryan Aderréy's exclusive interview with ThaWilsonBlock on his new single, music production, and his journey to becoming a well-rounded artist. Mistah Wilson:Greetings, Ryan Aderrey thanks for taking the time for this exclusive interview with ThaWilsonBlock! How ya' been? Ryan Aderréy:I'm good. Things are busy right now. Lots of performances and traveling. So I'm tired but I feel good. Things are starting to take off.
Mistah Wilson:Real quick, can we get a brief summary of who you are and where you're coming from? Ryan Aderréy:My name is Ryan Aderréy, a singer/songwriter based out of Boston, MA who grew up in Miami, FL and I've been part of the music scene for about 12 years. Mistah Wilson:First off, lets talk about how you became a singer and songwriter. What events in your life led you to artistry? Ryan Aderréy:I started my career as a producer. I did that for about 10 years. Until one day, I was in the presence of one of the best vocal coaches in the indus…