ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue56

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"She Know" by YG Chief ***New Music***

Sister act: Lauryn Hill Joyful Joyful Cover

Obvious Giant clothing is now the official gear of the Pasadena Music Scene

Pasadena artist Phil Phree (Obvious Giant) freestyle

Pasadena artist Phil Phree (Obvious Giant) freestyle

How Musicians Can Get Noticed Online (made with Spreaker)

Andrew (The Letters Home) Interview (made with Spreaker)

Reese B & Bing Bing #bringingittogether at Autism Speaks walk (Rose Bowl)

Reese B & Bing Bing #bringingittogether at Autism Speaks walk (Rose Bowl)


Mz Sassy ft. Monterfer | "Disrespectful" | Official Video

Brandin Bruce Interview (made with Spreaker)

Brandin Bruce Interview (made with Spreaker)

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue14 "Man's Other Best Friend"

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue13 "Bing Bing Completes LA Marathon."

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue12 "We Are Anonymous"

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue11 "Ending Gang Violence...And What It Really Means"

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue10 "King Of My Own Country"

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue9 "The Beauty In Depression"

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue8 "Erinn's Meals In Heels"

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue7 "Mistah Wilson Puts Stronghold on Pasadena's Music Scene"

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue6 "Society Blackmail"

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine SPECIAL EDITION "Trayvon Martin, Kendrec McDade, Davontae Sanford, Social Awareness"

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue5 "PokeyLo: Pasadena's Hottest New Rapper"

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue4 "Washington Blvd. ThaWilsonBlock Network Celebrates 5 Years"

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue3 "Mother's Day / No Unity In Tha Community"

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue2 "In Remembrance of a King King: A Local Legend"

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Debut Issue "McDonald Park"

Bigg Bump - Get It (Official Music Video)

Pasadena Music Scene TV Show (Season 2. Episode 2)

PokeyLo - Enough (Official Music Video)

PokeyLo - Enough (Official Music Video)

Armenian Emcee Cypher - 2-Hye's Submission

XL Middleton Interview (made with Spreaker)

Niggas Is A Lie ft. Lovey & Bing Bing

Niggas Is A Lie ft. Lovey & Bing Bing

Mystah GT - I Heard Enough

"Apartment D" mixtape by Cali Allstarr

M.I.C.- 90's Flow Produced By: Paco Swartz

M.I.C.- A Night @ The Beach Randumb Enterprises

Relly 2euce releases 2009 throwback "The Round Table" mixtape by Ave Troops. Assures fans that his debut solo project is on the way

Mistah Wilson interviews Jason Hardin of The DENA Magazine on Business, Community, & Media

Ryan Aderréy's exclusive interview with ThaWilsonBlock on his new single, music production, and his journey to becoming a well-rounded artist.

Pasadena Mayor Bill Bogaard cuts the ribbon at Pasadena Media's Re-Grand...

ThaWilsonBlock® Network: Bing Bing to walk 39 miles with Avon for Breast Ca...


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