Thursday, February 6, 2014

Noy "Broke Today, Rich Tomorrow" vol.2 (Album Review) - ThaWilsonBlock® Network

It just came to our attention. Most of our album reviews are going to feature hot projects simply because we tend to fall along those lines. We can't deliver anything meaningless & firmly stand behind it. It is something of an obligation to do right by the content we co-sign & such.
(click picture to download mixtape)
(click picture to download mixtape)

Noy, not only an illified MC, but a true child of God. His latest mixtape Broke Today, Rich Tomorrow vol.2 (click to download) has been floating around the streets of Pasadena and it's making


How do we know? Well, we bought one personally from Noy as he was hustling his mixtape by hand in the streets. At this current day & age, we proclaim Broke Today, Rich Tomorrow vol.2 the most Admirable Album out in the streets of Pasadena, Ca. Not downing any other dena mc's as we know you are out there.

We give this album 5/5 mics.

We had to get Noy on ThaWilsonBlock Network. The album comes with 13 classic cuts that you MUST get your ears on. It has features by Lil S, Big Araz, & D Haile. We've been inspired by it. And we plan to pursue his prior projects though he claims he's came a long way. The two songs we recommend are:

  1. Outer Limit
  2. Gotta Respect It

You can check him out by going to his page:

 Noy on ThaWilsonBlock Network

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