ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue56

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WilsonBlock100 Radio Show #1 hosted by Mistah Wilson - ThaWilsonBlock® Network

Lovey ELise

Mistah Wilson interviews Singer/Songwriter Lovey Elise on Singing, Rapping, and Performances. - ThaWilsonBlock® Network

Bigg Bump - Get It (Official Music Video) - ThaWilsonBlock® Network

Listen & Download "Pressure"by Bigg Bump feat. Pokeylo & Crystal Nahidi (Weighs of the World) - ThaWilsonBlock® Network

Billy Coats plays the Flugelhorn for the Pasadena Music Scene on Los Rob...

Otto Evans, L3, SB, Jon2, freestyle #2

Otto Evans, L3, SB, Jon2, freestyle #1

Otto Evans, L3, SB, Jon2, freestyle #3

L3, SB, Jon2, freestyle #1

Obvious Giant gear (Dena Boy / Dena Girl) - ThaWilsonBlock® Network

Pasadena artist Justin Miller checks in with ThaWilsonBlock as they talk about Showcases, Independent music, & what inspired him to become a rapper. - ThaWilsonBlock® Network

Tone Grizzy

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue12 "We Are Anonymous" - ThaWilsonBlock® Network

L-Boy- Hustler By Nature (NEW MUSIC VIDEO 2013)

Noy "Broke Today, Rich Tomorrow" vol.2 (Album Review) - ThaWilsonBlock® Network

Pasadena Media new studio Grand Opening set for March 4th, 2014 - ThaWilsonBlock® Network

C Carter & Rough City at House of Blues sunset strip - ThaWilsonBlock® Network

Bing Bing performs "Do It For God" at House of Blues Sunset Strip 12/26/12 - ThaWilsonBlock® Network

Bing Bing & Black Santa pose for a picture @ House of Blues 12.26.12 - ThaWilsonBlock® Network

Local Artists perform at Rough City's #NoSleepTilKrushGroove showcase at The Terrace - ThaWilsonBlock® Network

Sky Is The Limit Remake

Just Strange (Justin Miller + Mr. McStrange) - The Kickback

Crazy, Amazing [Beat by Clean Cuts]

Justin Miller - So Cold

SP of Rough City & Zarkhi The Vision perform collaboration track at #NoS...

Pasadena artist Zarkhi The Vision's 21st Birthday performance1 @ Rough C...

Pasadena artist Justin Miller performance2 @ Rough City's #NoSleepTilKru...

Pasadena Artists Rose Crown performance1 at Rough City's #NoSleepTilKrus...

Martin Luther King March "Unity & Peace" walk (Official Video & Slideshow) ***Inspirational*** - ThaWilsonBlock® Network

Pasadena Music: Listen & Download "Don't Be a Bitch" by Bing Bing (Beautiful Struggle) mixtape - ThaWilsonBlock® Network


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