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Pasadena Artist DOMINANCE moving around the city

Pasadena Artist DOMINANCE is actively moving between music scenes throughout the southland promoting his new project Thanks 4 Tha Support EP. Look out for his performance at tha first I'm A Local Artist Showcase event on January 10th in Pasadena.

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ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Catches up with Pasadena artist Gangsta Ric as he tells us about his Life Struggles and Passion for Music

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Catches up with Pasadena artist Gangsta Ric as he tells us about his Life Struggles and Passion for Music

Mistah Wilson: Yo, Gangsta Ric thanks for coming through for this exclusive
interview with ThaWilsonBlock Magazine! What’s goin’ on, man!

Gangsta Ric: What up thanks for having me, been a fan ever since I first seen your magazine since I am in the music scene and a born and raised Pasadena native. Business as usual working hard and pushing my music projects.


Mistah Wilson: It’s an honor having you here with us today! Before we go any further, can you give us a quick background of yourself?

Gangsta Ric: A quick background on myself, Born and raised in Pasadena, grew up in Altadena on corner of Woodbury and Lincoln. Raised by a single mom with 4 kids on public assistance. My father was in and out of jail my whole life and an illegal immigrant from Mexico so also always getting deported (Music was the only father I ever had; it let me know what was going on out front). Grew up with family all living nearby my uncles across the street, who where in original Pasadena Gangs and one was murdered in a drive by on Fair Oaks Ave, another serving life in prison, another passed away recently from over dosing on drugs, and my lil cuzin in and out of prison for the past 10 years. So these are all big influences in my life that I grew up around and learned a lot of my street game from. I remember my uncle cooking up rocks on my kitchen stove. But my momz regardless taught us how to respect and have courtesy and be positive people. My momz had me playing baseball in the little league at Victory Park. I played for 6 years even made all stars teams; I was one of the best 1st baseman and hitters. Just before Junior High my momz remarried and my new step father moved us out the hood to the suburbs of La Verne (right next to Pomona) for 6 years. It was a big change in my life I told my momz were moving to “TV Land” because I didn’t know such nice places really existed I just thought places like that were on TV only. Finally got a taste of the finer things in life new clothes new shoes that were name brand not second hand or off brand. I remember telling my momz “ooo the kids gonna get in trouble they left their bikes on the front grass”, my mom said “no son they don’t steal bikes around here you can leave yours outside too”. So a lot of changes that most people that ain't grew up in a hood wouldn't even think twice about and it tripped me out. Unfortunately the good material life style came with a big price of a new step dad, who was a Vietnam War Veteran with a grenade shell still stuck in his head, a coke addict and hard alcoholic. So needless to say I took a lot of beatings in junior high, got so bad I remember my 6th grade summer I wasn’t allowed to go outside and play because my momz was worried someone would see and report the bruises and lumps on my face and head from the beatings. He also made me quit playing baseball, made me walk everyday from school that was 3 miles away. When I finally hit high school 9th grade I hit the streets hard, ran with everyone from the hood, cuz simply that's where I got love from and treated right. Which then lead to me selling drugs, gang fights, getting shot at multiple times, using drugs, partying, failing school etc. To sum that up, I was 15 years old with a countless misdemeanors such as drunk in public, school fights, documented as a gang member, and a Felony and 1st Strike facing 15 months in Juvenile Hall and formal probation, hospitalized from crooked cops jumping me badly and saying I was jumped by rival gangs, Expelled from multiple schools and forced to go to continuation high school which worked out better for me. After 9th grad my abusive step dad went to jail for 6 months and my mom saw that as her chance to escape and get us away from him, so we packed up lost the nice house and moved back home to Pasadena. She didn’t want us kids in Pasadena public schools because they were so bad and cuz of my lifestyle and knew it would be bad news for me, so my last 3 years of high school my mom drove us out to La Verne everyday for school. By the time I hit 12th grade I had gone through a lot of counseling required by my probation and court orders, so I got serious about school and made sure I graduated that last year, it was a lot of work but I did it, I was proud even though I was not allowed to walk in the graduation ceremony because “I was a threat and a deadly target” that the school did not allow me to be present during the graduation ceremony for the safety of all the other students. Anyway after high school I worked regular jobs and still did my thing with the homiest kind of slipping back to old ways, then I got into a bad car accident that messed up my back up which left me paralyzed for 2-3 weeks. Since I couldn’t work unloading trucks anymore as I was before, I got different duties at work and decided to enroll myself to a Vocational College (Bryman College in Alhambra) for a 9 month program in Business Administration. So I worked full time and went to school full time, this left me no time to be on the streets and started changing my ways and goals, I’m not going to lie, I would be on break with the security guard at college I was smoking weed, getting drunk with the teacher and classmates, I cheated through a lot of the testing but I learned all the assignments and educated myself.  Once I graduated my life changed, I got a better job in downtown Los Angeles doing office work which was so easy and boring but making way more money, I bought myself a brand new ride and was geared up.  Still partying but not so much gang
banging anymore maybe some tussles here and there at clubs knocking people out who disrespected me by getting at what ever girl I was with at the time, but nothing like before, times were looking positive for me. Later down the line I met my future wife at a lowrider car show, cuz the homies had lowriders and we would hit the shows regularly. Anyway when I was 24 we got married had our first daughter, I moved us out to our own apartment in Fontana IE, and I was making even more money advancing in my career as a business man. It took me a while to get used to it because it was so different, I even got shot at for our “LA” plaque on the lowrider at a car show there, but after that I never got shot at again in the IE even though I have my LA tatted on my leg, so it was all good. I lived in Fontana for 6 years, after 2 kids and 5 years of marriage it went sour, and we separated, but after I almost got murdered, we tried to work it out again. I was almost murdered at a backyard party event that took place in Pomona with people I went to high school with, (the odd thing was I almost got murdered a couple years after I had stop gang banging) but things happen. Unexpectedly because of someone else I had just signed to my label, 6-10 guys came at me from behind blindsiding me knocking me out unconscious with hard alcohol bottles, turned me face up, beat me with yard tools shovels etc, to my head.. for a good 10 minutes, then drug my body out to the middle of the street to run me over but swerved last second. Anyway a friend drove my unconscious 6’1” 265lb body to the hospital in Loma Linda to the Trauma Center, I was in ICU for 4 long days, in a coma, the docs told my wife I either won’t make it, or ill be a vegetable, and she would have to later decide to pull the plug or keep me alive but unconscious. Unexpectedly I awoke fully responsive, all the docs said they never seen anyone survive the injuries I had and I better thank god because I am one lucky s.o.b.. I replied with “I drink alotta milk that’s why my skull hard and protects me”. When I looked in the mirror my head was 3 times its normal size, my face was all messed up with cuts black eyes swollen jaw and mouth. I did not recognize myself, all I could think about was my 2 daughters and how I never want to leave them and thank god everyday that they didn’t lose their dad that day. It took 5 months on bed rest and lot of medication just for me to recover enough to get my memory back (I had lost a lot of my memory temporarily) and to be back on my feet, and another year after that to learn to talk normal respond normally to any conversation instead of slow responses,  and to walk again without help, I have now made a full recovery 4 years later (all though I only have some permanent memory loss, can’t go on rollercoaster rides or do anything that involves a lot of movement/shaking to my head etc. or else I can slip back into a coma again and not wake). I would never put my loved ones through that again. So I dropped everyone around me, and now if I ever get killed again, it will only be for myself or my family, never for “homies” cuz there ain’t no such thing in the world as a true homie. I trust no one and never will. I have been in and out of jail myself several times for assault on officer etc.., even prison just because of overcrowding at county jails, but I handled mine and of course rolled with my southsiders, but I was determined not to be like my father, I was determined to be there for my kids and give my kids a home and everything they need, and more than anything the love they need from both their mom and dad. So still to this day I practice that hard with my 4 kids. I’ll do anything to keep my kids out the lifestyle I lived and make them happy at home and want to be home and not out in these twisted
streets, they got everything they need here and also I’m very big on taking them out to explore new places, amusement parks, and showing them all the fun there is to have and how much is out there in this world, as a family. All the things my father wasn’t around to do for me, I do for them.  So that’s my life now, and I always been into Music since 3rd grade so blessed to be able bring you my own music.


Mistah Wilson: I’m sure you do more than just rap. If I’m correct, you also make some of your own beats and design some of your own banners and flyers?

Gangsta Ric: Correction, I do not make my own beats, that’s probably about the only thing I don’t do (yet). I do all my own artwork designs, (Flyers, banners, album covers, ads, mobile phone app design) and more…  I do everything myself because I hold everything I do to a high standard and I’m very picky and a perfectionist. I can easily pay someone else to do it for me, but I won’t like it and their heart ain’t into my work as mine is.  My new album that’s out, I created the covers front to back, CD print, and everything in it. I also record, and engineer all my own music in my home studio (pro tools 8 – Mac). After I finish engineering a song I do send it off to professional mastering, because quality is huge to me, I only want to hear the best possible and give you the best quality possible.


Mistah WilsonFirst off, I want to talk about your debut album “Keep It G”. I’ve been following the video shoots and everything and it’s finally here! Tell me a little about what went into this project because I remember you saying that it was completely designed by you…

Gangsta Ric: “Keep it G” (the street album) Double Disc CD+DVD, I released Sept 13th 2014 hard copies only and it will be up on iTunes shortly. What went into this project? Well to start off, this is my very first album ever, and has been 3 years in the making. I wrote and recorded over 150 songs, and only 13 made the cut onto this album. As I stated earlier I write record and engineer my own songs, then get them professionally mastered. Also it comes with a self created DVD which I'll get into later. As for the music, I have great features of artist I grew up on, and lots of new talent. You are guaranteed to like at least one song on the album no matter which walk of life you come from, as I kept it well rounded: Was this completely designed by you? Yes, I designed all the artwork from the covers, to the CD prints; this took a lot of self teaching, a lot of trial and error,
until I got it just right. Again everything self made self created because I’m not satisfied with any work that anyone else would do for me. This album is the Best of G-RIC music.


 Mistah Wilson: This is really more than just a debut album. It actually comes with a DVD! What inspired you to create a double-disc product?

Gangsta Ric: Yes, this debut album is double disc which includes a DVD called “G-RIC TV” based on my YouTube channel. The DVD includes, 2 music videos both shot by producer LA Hitman, Live performances at cancer benefit car shows, club performances etc, my Home Studio Session Footage, and of shout outs to G-RIC music from supporters and fans (so you can see whose bumping my music already) I love to give back to my fans and share them with you. This DVD may not be the most professional quality, but is self created with my own camera men, allowing you to see me live. What inspired me to bring a double disc product?  Considering the fact that I am a “new” artist, I want you to get to know me and feel me; I am a real person and am out here doing real things. So I brought a product that allowed you to not only hear my music and stories, but also to See who Gangsta Ric is, and see what I’m out here doing, so you can be part of it one day. Basically my goal with this double disc album is, if you don’t know who Gangsta Ric is – which most people don’t yet, I guarantee you, you will know who Gangsta Ric is after bumping my CD and watching my DVD.


Mistah Wilson: Tell me about the some of the collaborations and features on the album.

Gangsta Ric: Collaborations on the “Keep it G” album: I have lots of great collaborations on this album. First let me start off with the pretty girl on the front cover, my singer Mz. Jova, She sings on almost half of the songs, even has her own song on my album featuring myself “These Guyz”. She is my wife’s sister, and is very loyal only working on my projects and no one else’s per her choice. 
She is a great natural singer and constantly improving and our chemistry is perfect in the studio. Also I feature Jasper Loco of Charlie Row Campo, I actually use to do street business with his neighborhood in Montebello years back, a homie told me they have a guy that raps too I should link up with him. But I never did until later on when I started seeing him at shows I was performing at and chopped it up with him bout tha homies, and one day months later I had this song “suspect” I thought would be perfect to get him on, so I shot it to him and he didn’t hesitate to come through my studio and lace it up. I also feature the very talented Chicano singer Kozme Lyrics on “Feelin You” and “Silver & Black”(Raider song). I grew up listening to him sing hooks on songs, put it this way – I refer to Kozme Lyrics as the Chicano Nate Dogg, singing gangster hooks and very smooth and soul-like. I ran into Kozme at a studio session along with King LiL G, Yogie YBE, Rikee West, and other great artist, but I was talking to Kozme not knowing exactly who he was until he started mentioning the songs he was on and I was like whhaaaat thas you?? And boom hit it off ever since, and that day he dropped the hook to my Raider Song which he hesitated to do only because he’s not a Raiders fan lol. But music is music and it’s what we love so he dropped that. Also I feature Jay Brown from Steel Banging Musick, also on the Raider song, he is an established artist who is very successful and has a huge following. I actually featured him because of another artist I featured which was Danny Boy­ of Straight Royalty who said Jay Brown would be perfect for the song because he was a Raiders Fan as well. As for Danny Boy I got connected with him because he is a show promoter, and I booked a hand full of shows I performed at through him, he heard my talent saw my dedication and hit me up one day saying we should drop a Raider Song, I thought it was a good idea so we went halves on it and put together this dope Raider track. I also feature other artists that were all once on my label, such as Uno Loc­ of South Central, ­One Fat Mexican (OFM) of Pomona, Young J.R. of Uptown La Verne, Young Marciano of San Bernardino, Diamond Kid & Dubb of South Central.


Mistah Wilson: Have you collaborated with any artists from Pasadena?

Gangsta Ric: I have collaborated with “J-Real” of Pasadena, young singer/dancer who was in the hip hop game as well. I used to run into him at Kings clothing shop on Washington all the time where we would sometimes record, also my ex brother in-law JC Aquil was his best homie for a while so he’d be at my pad sometimes. We linked up on a track which did not make the album, but he’s really good at what he does with his light unique voice. I would like to work with more Pasadena artist, I just never go looking for people to feature just if it happens it happens is how I do it.


Mistah Wilson:  Now, that I finally got you here I want to ask you about the Cali So Dope video shoot. If I’m not mistaken, it took quite a few months to get all the prospective scenes. I also remember seeing one of the Lowriders with you getting pulled over by the police lol what was that about?

Gangsta Ric: Cali So Dope music video shoot. Yes, it was shot by LA Hitman who needed to test out new video equipment, cameras etc… So I brought him here to our lovely city of roses. I brought out the car club “Pasadena Hightimes” & “LA’s Finest”. I also brought out my camera guys, and my “G-RIC Girls” (one being my Wife Yadira G.) So it did take several different days of shooting, which including shooting at the Pasadena Rose bowl, Suicide Bridge, Old Town, Altadena on Woodbury. Yes in my music video you will see one of the Lowriders getting pulled over, this was because we rolled through Old Town, anyone from Pasadena knows they like to keep us “locals” away from old town to not scare off the tourist. So on the last block of old town we were about to dip out and boom they lit up one of the low lows, right before that they pulled up to the rag top glass house I was rollin in, and told me to put on my seat belt, lol. Because the other lowrider’s tags were out of date (which the president of the car club said he shouldn’t of brought out the low low in the first place due to that), the cops actually impounded his lowrider on site on Los Robles and Colorado, and also took him into the Pasadena Jail right then and there for intoxication. Lucky for
me that was the last shot we had to do I already knew to save Old Town for last just in case something like that would happen, I already know how they don’t want us passing through. Other days of shooting included a full day in Fontana shooting the “Lady Joker” story line which did not make the video, but you do see the Lady Joker on parts of the music video, let me point out that that Lady Joker you see in my music video is played by: my singer Mz. Jova. My wife did her makeup, and I provided the joker costume by piecing together items I found fit on eBay even had the wig and corset shipped from China, the costume was original and self created and came out better than I expected. Also we shot in Lake Perris (2 hours from LA) which was in a deserted water plantation building that was completed covered in graffiti, looked nice and made out nice in some parts of the video. Once the video was all shot after several months, I then shipped a hard drive with the footage on it to a producer in Texas to produce the music video. And that is how Cali So Dope music video came along. –Another interesting point I want to make is that I did not plan to shoot a video to that song, I actually planned to shoot a video to myself titled song “Gangsta Ric” ft. Mz. Jova, I felt I needed a video saying who the fuck Gangsta Ric is. But day of the shoot with the lowriders waiting on set, my singer Mz. Jova called and canceled and could not make it, so I had to think last minute which song would fit best with the lowriders and unexpectedly shot it to “Cali So Dope”.


Mistah Wilson: The thing I respect the most about the video is that you were really out there shootin it. I mean, like, really swangin’ tha lac’ on tha Suicide Bridge. No green screen necessary. Would you say “Cali So Dope” is the official single off the album?

Gangsta Ric: Thank you I’m glad that you respect the fact I was really out in these Pasadena streets shooting my video, I take pride in my beautiful city and love to
share it with the world, and give a taste of “our side” of Pasadena in the North West region that no one outside of Pasadena knows about. So I took you all on a ride with me thru Dena lowriding. So no green-screen for me, nothing in my music video is green screen, and nothing is taken from YouTube or anywhere else, everything is original footage on locations.  -Is Cali So Dope the official single off the album? No, it is one of the singles; I must say I have 3 official singles off the album, 1. Suspect 2.Nuthin but the West 3. Cali So Dope. And these are singles by popular demand.

Mistah Wilson: What was the most challenging thing you had to do in order to make this project come together?

Gangsta Ric: The hardest thing I had to do to make this album come together? Was I had to believe in myself, and pull all these resources together, from car clubs, to beats, to studio equipment, and so much more. It took some time due to the fact I work full time and have 4 kids, so I made it happen on the side because it’s my passion, and in a way, it seemed like the more music I produced and put out, the more things “fell into my lap”.  It was a lot of hard work, hours of blood and sweat, sleepless nights, learning, failing, and pushing to succeed. And this album came from my heart, so there was no stopping me.


 Mistah Wilson: The thing that strikes me is that you’ve done quite a bit of work even before releasing this album. What was the vision for “Keep It G”?

Gangsta Ric: Yes, I’ve recorded easily over 150 songs to create this 13 song album. My vision for “Keep it G”, was to bring you not only the best music of mine from beginning to end, but also a well rounded album. Meaning that you can skip to a song if you wanna hear sum gangster as G shit banging music, or you can skip to a song to bump when you rolling with a lady that your hella feeling and feeling good with. So my vision was to bring you an album that you can hear all sides of me as a human, from gang banging, to lovin’ a female, to bettering myself while
keeping it G. I wanted to show the world that just because I’m a Gangster who lived that crazy life, don’t mean I can’t be successfully legit, and to show these youngsters just because I went to college don’t mean I have to change who I am, I’m in the office standing out, the only gangster bald with locs on helping students enroll into college and guiding them. I may still be on probation, still scrap here and there, but I’m also successful as a man and father. Just because my style is different don’t mean I have to change it to fit in with anyone, I let my actions and successes speak for its self. So you can be whatever is you want in life, and keep it you, because in the end your unique so keep it that way.


Mistah Wilson: What would you say your favorite track is off the album?

Gangsta Ric: I would say right now, my favorite track is #1 “Suspect” featuring Jasper Loco, simply because it takes me back to the fun days when I used to gang bang, hoping fences running from the cops, going to the hide out, and I as you listen to that song you feel like you’re there doing it with me, I take you on that trip lyrically painting a picture for you so you can be part of the action. One of my realist tracks I’ve done so far.


Mistah Wilson: So, give me some info on your performances and stuff. What venues have you performed at and how was the experience?

Gangsta Ric: I have performed at many shows over the last 2 years. Including cities such as my own Pasadena (club Terrace), Whittier (green turtle), Downey (stardust), Riverside (the vibe), Moreno Valley (el rodeo), Pomona (house
parties), and Santa Ana (clothing store big opening event).  I’ve had great experiences every show I have done. I get lots of love from the crowd after I perform. I put on a show, I do my thing on stage, alongside my beautiful eye candy for the guyz my “G-RIC Girls” dancing on stage with me, my G-RIC TV Camera guy in the crowd and on stage filming for DVD and YouTube use. I like to book shows that have the biggest crowds and for artist I like to meet, I have opened up live for artists such as, Baby Bash, Too Short, Mack 10, MC 8, Midget Loco, and well so many more along those lines.  After all my performances, I always hand out free Demo CDs and women’s tops to the crowd and take pictures with those who ask, my shows are fun I love it and always gain new loyal fans. When I’m on stage spittin’ my soul, I’m home.

Mistah Wilson: Are you currently rocking with any management or label or are you still moving independently?

Gangsta Ric: I am 100% independent. I am currently under my own homegrown unofficial label called “On Lock Ent”.  I choose to push my own music because I can finance it myself, I can do it myself, and why let anyone dig in my pockets when I can do a better job than them? Also I am not a mainstream rapper my shit will never be on the radio (all though 99.1fm KGGI in IE wanted to play “My Drop” on the radio and asked me to radio edit it which I never did (which I regret till this day), my music is strictly for those who share the same mentality as me.

Mistah Wilson: So, you have you own official mobile app! A lot of independent artists don’t think on this level. What made you get one?

Gangsta Ric: Yes, I have my own Mobile Phone App for smart phones (Androids & iPhones) called “Gangsta Ric” and it’s free for everyone. I actually got my Phone App made about 2 years ago, I seen it as a service that “Reverb Nation” offered. I said wow, everything is on mobile phones now as appose to desktop computers, everyone on their face book and social sites through their phones. And everything else is heading that way, so I’m going to take advantage of this before anyone else does. So I paid for the yearly service, and till this day it’s my best investment I ever made, today right now 31,283 people have my Mobile App installed on their phones across the world. It allows you to play any of my songs, watch my music videos, view my photos, and see my show schedule and buy tickets directly from your phone. So this was easily the best investment I ever made. Most artists I hear say “that cost too much”, well truth is you’ll only invest in yourself as much as you think your worth. After every show I hand out flyers of my mobile app, at shows, car shows, music stands, events, anywhere I possibly can. And the reaction I get is “wow you have your own mobile app”, yup sure do even your favorite commercial artist don’t have one, but Gangsta Ric does.


Mistah Wilson: Who are some musical influences that have inspired you to pursue a career in music?

Gangsta Ric: Musical Influences? I can name the day artist and song that made me fall in love with music and open eyes and make since of what I was seeing outside. Ever since I heard Eazy-E’s “Real Muthaphuckin Gs”, it was a wrap. I had an
older brother and uncles who would bump tapes of Eazy-E and others. Put it this way, I was in elementary school 3rd grade, and could be anywhere and rap the whole song and not miss a lyric to Real Muthaphuckin Gs. After that music became my father explaining to me basically my life outside my home. So I knew one day I would like to be the father that some of these youngsters need. And now I’m doing just that. So my influences that I always related to and bumped was, Eazy-E, Snoop, Dre, Ice Cube, Brownside, Kid Frost, SPM and similar artist to those.


Mistah Wilson: So, tell me about some of the things you got coming up. What can we expect to see from you in the near future?

Gangsta Ric: Near Future? I am still finalizing Keep it G and will do a final release soon onto iTunes and other internet mainstream shops. My next big project is a music video I’m going to shoot to “Feelin You”, It will be different then my last 2 music videos and on a much higher level, I am flying a producer out from Texas to shoot and produce it, because his quality is over the top and fits my vision. Once I set the date booking his flight, I will then schedule my models, cars, Kozme and everything else I need to provide for a great video. I am also working on writing a commercial to promote “Keep it G” and my Mobile App, to help spread my music a lot further on cable TV channels to start with, and also on a chain shoe store in the malls will be playing the commercial thousands of times a day across the country. I will also be booking shows soon across all the states along the west coast, a mini tour to perform in as many cities as possible handing out free merchandise. Also I am designing new “Gangsta Ric Women’s Tops” for the females to rock and look sexy in while repping this new music. I also am looking into getting a promo car with a car wrap to promote my new album. So I have a lot on my plate that I am working with to accomplish what I set out to do, and with no assistance all self created self written self designed. Whatever you see is 100% Gangsta Ric.

Mistah Wilson: Do you have any positive, encouraging words for any up-and-coming artists who are interested in becoming a musician?

Gangsta Ric: I’m going to say it like this, don’t try to be like your favorite rapper, or anybody else. Do you, because simply no one can do you better than you. And the rest will follow. Also, don’t get in this game for the wrong reasons, you think your gonna rap and make money and pull females? Not even, the music game has changed a lot, everybody and their baby mamas rap. People can go and get their
favor main stream rappers music for free off the internet. So another words, keep a job, finance yourself realistically, you can’t live off this rap game what it is today, do it if it’s your passion otherwise you aint gonna be doing it right. Also my own opinion, don’t go selling a blank written on CD in front of stores, nobody wants to buy a CD of a rapper they never heard of (and if they do its out of pity). Finance yourself and push your stuff out free, if music is your passion and what you about then you’ll have no problem doing that, otherwise get out tha game before you get pushed out by people like me who would die and kill over my music. You can do it, the mansions aren’t filled with families because their impossible to get, their filled with families because they worked their asses off to pay for that mansion, remember that!

Mistah Wilson: Where can people find your music online?

Gangsta Ric: Everything of mine can be found in one location. (

Mistah Wilson: Yo, Gangsta Ric it’s been a pleasure having you here for this exclusive interview with ThaWilsonBlock Magazine! We’ll be following ya’. If you got any shout outs, now’s tha time to drop em’!

Gangsta Ric: First off shout out to WilsonBlock Magazine for having me today and recognizing real work. Honored to be here. Big s/o to my wife who helped me make my dreams come true with this music. S/o to all my true supporters and fans who bump my music loudly and submit fan pics and video shout outs. S/o to everyone that ever took the time out they day to collaborate with me. S/o to the
car clubs “Pasadena Hightimes” “La’s Finest” and “Ontario Classics”. S/o to “LA Hitman”, “LiL Fonzie Beatz”. S/o to every “G-RIC GIRL” that ever promoted or did shows with me, and my “G-RIC TV” Camera guys. S/o to my kids my daughters are my biggest fans and always want to be part of selling my CDs and promoting.  Most of all, s/o and special thanks to the man upstairs for giving me this 2nd chance of life and sending me back to this earth with the ability to make all things possible, without him or any of you, I wouldn’t be here today. Much Luv God Bless, yours truly –Gangsta Ric

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ShowOutKiids (SOKG) from Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Rap / Hip Hop / R&B))

S.O.K! SOKG is a group resigned in Milwaukee WI. spread all out through the bay area! Music plays a very important role in our lives. It's important that we make it!
Our dream is to shoot for the stars, watching out for all roadblocks and speed bumps on our road to success.

SOKG Entertainment and Production Company Milwaukee,Bay Area music group with dreams of pursuing dreams. Our goal is to impress the people and accumulate funds for our group and any sponsor or investor who believes. SOKG is broken down into many subgroups representing the acronym SOKG
Later in success we plan to introduce the world to more talents like comedy, which will bring us ShowOutKomedians
The ShowOutMovement
SOKG plans to be beneficial all over the world. As far as our community we plan to show lots of corporate social responsibility.
When we formed SOKG oursenior year in high school, attending Antioch high School in Antioch Ca. we basically just fed off of MacDre's Hyphy movement
But back to the entertainment of SOKG ENT.
SOKG seeks the help that would help us distribute our product, we need a lending hand that understands the struggle, not only the struggle but the drive on our road to success.

G-Ric drops debut album "Keep It G"

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Bing Bing drops new single "Holdin' On" feat. Phil Phree along w/ slideshow of The Historic 33mile Walk for Empowerment

The Famine No One Is Talking About (HHSP) #Feed50k


The Famine No One Is Talking About

    On July 9, 2011, South Sudan officially gained its independence from Sudan. The young nation’s brief history has been a tumultuous one. Since December of 2013, South Sudan has been embroiled in a bitter civil war between the Dinka and Nuer ethnic groups. Thousands have already perished, and the violence persists despite an official cease-fire.
    In addition to loss of life, approximately 1.1 million South Sudanese have been forced to flee from their homes to refugee camps, such as those in the Gambella region of western Ethiopia. These refugees have also been cut off from food and other vital resources. Livestock has been lost, and farmers have been unable to plant and harvest crops due to the ongoing fighting. In fact, The United Nations considers South Sudan’s current situation the “worst in the world” when it comes to food. By the end of the year, it is estimated that 235,000 child refugees could be facing malnourishment, and 50,000 of them could die from starvation.

    With other world events occupying the vast majority of the media’s attention, the plight of the South Sudanese refugees has not received the attention that it warrants, and therefore they are not getting all of the help they need. That is where organizations like the Humanity Helping Sudan Project come in.
    The Humanity Helping Sudan Project (HHSP) works to “help refugees help themselves” by providing equipment and supplies that they can use to sustain themselves in the refugee camps, such as fishing nets, chicken farms and wells for drinking water. Manyang Reath Kher, a Gambella refugee and University of Richmond alumnus, founded HHSP in 2008. Over the past six years, the organization has garnered support from several sponsors, most notably VH1, Whole Foods Market, Allegro Coffee, and the American Red Cross. HHSP is also a certified non-government organization, or NGO.
    To aid the 50,000 at-risk child refugees and bring attention to the ongoing famine in South Sudan, Humanity Helping Sudan Project is launching the FEED50K campaign. The goal of the campaign is to raise at least $50,000 — one dollar per fishing net — to go towards promoting sustainability and growth within the camps instead of simply solving immediate hunger. The campaign will take place primarily through social media websites such as Facebook,
Twitter, and Instagram using the simple statement #FEED50k.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Mistah Wilson catches up with Brooke Jean for exclusive interview on Poetry, Inspiration, and the meaning behind TheConquerEra.

Mistah Wilson: Thanks for coming through for this exclusive interview with ThaWilsonBlock. We are truly honored to have you.
How have you been, Brooke?
Brooke Jean: Thank you for having me I love the support you provide and inspiration you provide to the community. I am well blessed and excited for this continuous journey of self expression and connection with humanity.

Mistah Wilson: Before we go any further, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Brooke Jean: I am an individual who tells stories in poetic form. A writer, poet and spoken word artist. I was born and raised in Los Angeles County and writing has always been my self therapy and meditation. I did not foresee me choosing this career path back in high school but God works in mysterious ways. Positive vibes and good energy are the basis of my performances and my stories are meant to inspire from my learned life lessons. 

Mistah Wilson: We first recognized you as the winner for the MyRisingTide competition and the luncheon you had with Russell Simmons. How did that come together and what kind of experience was it for you?
Brooke Jean: The MyRisingTide competition was something I came across on social media from a great motivational speaker Billionaire PA of Wealthy Minds. I entered the contest 2 weeks before submissions closed and out of 60 other contestants I won the grand prize due to my supporters voting. It was an once in a
lifetime feeling being mentored by a business mogul and free spirited entrepreneur who also shared the same passion of art as I do. I learned a lot and still utilize his tips in my business decisions. You can find the 10 minute video on YouTube.
Mistah Wilson: For those who may not already know, what type of artist are you?
Brooke Jean: I am a spoken word artist who performs over music in various forms. I may have a full band and singers performing full songs with my poetry in song format. I also may perform my poetry with just one musician backing my words for emotional effect. 
Mistah Wilson: We were fortunate to catch your performance at Sidewalk Cafe's Live @ The Loft event and you completely owned the stage! How was your experience performing there and was it your first time performing in Pasadena?
Brooke Jean: Thank you! It was such a welcoming intimate experience and the men and women were very appreciative of my artistry. I felt like I was in a room with family and nothing but good energy was passed around. It was my first performance in
Pasadena and I'm excited to return in the future.
Mistah Wilson: You have such great stage presence. What all venues have you performed at?
Brooke Jean: Thank you! I performed at The Nuyurican Poet Cafe in New York, Busboys and Poets cafe in Washington D.C., Key Club and House of Blues in Hollywood CA and various open mic venues in Los Angeles County.

Mistah Wilson: We are aware that you recited poetry over the radio. Can you tell us a little about that?
Brooke Jean: I worked with the OneMic OneVoice radio station reciting weekly poetry for about a year. That was an amazing opportunity that my management at the time, Robust Entertainment, provided for me to reach viewers on a weekly basis. 

Mistah Wilson: What is the meaning behind TheConquerEra?
Brooke Jean: The Conquer Era represents anyone overcoming
obstacles or road blocks in their life and their ability to never give up on themselves. It's more of a mantra of a movement formulated to inspire and motivate others to motivate themselves.

Mistah Wilson: Your music is inspirational and your lyrics are powerful. Who or what inspires the content in your music?
Brooke Jean: People inspire me with their experiences and I go through life's lessons simultaneously. I'm really strong on energy and good vibes because it makes life so much clearer. Everyday we experience a variety of emotions and situations that define who we are. Inspiring!

Mistah Wilson: Tell me one thing you love the most about being an artist...
Brooke Jean: I love this question! I really love the freedom of self expression. I get to release everything within me without limitations. It's my therapy and a gift God has given me to connect with the world.

Mistah Wilson: What would you say has been the most challenging thing for you as an artist?
Brooke Jean: Going through my growing stages I really had a
hard time focusing on who I was and where I was headed. Once I figured that out the continuous challenge has been perfecting everything I touch. I get caught up in over perfecting things and have to remember as long as my best effort was given everything is perfect.

Mistah Wilson: What are your views on the state of the music industry and where it's headed?
Brooke Jean: I believe the industry is filled with a lot of trends and the fear of individuality. There are many genuine artist in the music industry who are slowly breaking the barriers to mainstream music and we need more of that. Everyone doesn't have to make party music 100% of the time, I love to hear stories.

Mistah Wilson: What do you plan on accomplishing through your music?
Brooke Jean: I plan on giving people the confidence to embrace their past trials and tribulations so they can fuel their future with
strength. My music is deeply rooted in neo-soul and mellow hip hop vibes. I like to bring the motivation and the calm breeze to people's soul.

Mistah Wilson: Who are some artists you've worked with and who would you like to work with?
Brooke Jean: I've worked with a lot of local artist in Los Angeles. I've worked with Kendrick Lamar on Section 80 and Terrace Martin on 3 Chord Fold. Though my poetry wasn't used for either final album submission it was definitely an honor and growth experience. I also worked with artist within the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom. I would LOVE to work with Eryakh Badu Lauryn Hill and Jill Scott. Those queens are the inspiration behind my vibe of music.

Mistah Wilson: So, tell me a little about A Poet's Intuition EP. Will you eventually release the sequel album?
Brooke Jean: A Poets Intuition EP was released in 2011. It was my introduction to the world of music and my baby steps as a growing artist. I summarized my experiences from 2009/2010 and outlined
my future life goals. I've come so much further as an individual since then and my next release "Reform" will showcase that. Coming soon :D

Mistah Wilson: What went into making this project and where were you mentally as an artist? What were you trying to say?
Brooke Jean: A lot of sacrifice went into making A Poets Intuition. Working a full time job, studio sessions, decision making with my manager at the time and just being comfortable with letting the world inside my most intimate thoughts. Mentally I was a baby bird, anxious to take the next steps and willing to overcome anything to get there. Everything I was trying to say has been said in the EP.

Mistah Wilson: How important is giving back to the community to you?
Brooke Jean: Giving back is very important. I get all my good energy and vibes from the people I am blessed to meet throughout my lifetime. My form of giving is the God given gift of words. I not only get to inspire by example but receive that same inspiration
back from the community.

Mistah Wilson: Do you have any positive, encouraging words for any up and coming artists?
Brooke Jean: You will go through heaven and hell as you progress to make a name for yourself. You will realize a lot of people do not support you but on the other hand tons of other beautiful beings are there the entire journey. Your faith will be tested and your strength will be teased. Never give up if you're truly passionate about being an artist. You can NOT be in it for the money because your character will fall victim to the dollar.

Mistah Wilson: One last thing. Where do you find your motivation when pursuing your dreams?
Brooke Jean: I see elders 60-90 years old and hear stories of how unhappy they are in their  J O B and with life in general. When I realized material items and money do not hold the key to my heart,
I promised myself I will never grow old unhappy doing what I don't want to do. Even if pursuing my dream leads me to homelessness, my motivation will always find a way back on my feet.
Mistah Wilson: Brooke Jean, I'd like to thank you for coming by ThaWilsonBlock for this exclusive interview. It's been great and insightful. Before we check out, drop your links and some shout outs!
Brooke Jean: Thank you for having me and continuously inspiring the city of Pasadena! We need more great leaders like yourself around. Shout out to my mother for being my #1 Fan and never giving up on me. Shout out to family friends and supporters for forever riding this journey with me.

Instagram: @Brooke_Jean
Twitter: @Brooke_Jean


Monday, August 4, 2014

Manyang Reath Kher makes lasting impression in Pasadena

The last week of June 2014, Sudanese refugee Manyang Reath Kher visited Pasadena to spread awareness of his cause. He did interviews, spoke, and even donated a few gifts for some of the youth at Hathaway-Sycamores Transitional Living Program. Manyang was embraced at Pasadena City Hall and and has made a lasting impression on foster youth and local artists in the community.

It's when people hear his story. The part where all odds are against him. He gets bitten by a King Cobra snake. No hospitals nearby. Gets electrocuted. Survives. And makes it. What he has to say has become highly valued to ears young & old.

For those who may not know, Manyang Reath Kher was brought to Pasadena by local artist Bing Bing in attempt to spread awareness of the cause of the Sudanese people. The two individuals were connected by way of J. Allison, a PR and marketing agent in the Southeastern United States. Initially, the plan was for Mistah Wilson to produce an article interview for Manyang and publish it on ThaWilsonBlock Network. After delays in the production of the interview, Bing Bing offered to host Manyang Reath Kher in Pasadena to share his message and promote the cause of his organization Humanity Helping Sudan Project. It turned out to be a successful run as Manyang had the opportunity in meeting the Mayor of Pasadena Bill Bogaard and his field representative Rhonda Stone, appearing as a guest on The Color of Success Talk Show, and even meeting with local, native artists in the community.

Word going around is that Bing Bing's ambitious 33mile walk will be in light of refugees in war-town countries who have had to travel countless miles for food & water. "Sometimes here in America we tend to forget how good we have it compared to those around the world who don't have access to the bare necessities," says a passionate Bing Bing, who is expected to collaborate with the Humanity Helping Sudan project. "The cause of refugees and what they have to go through is what I will walk for." This is how Manyang has left a lasting impression in Pasadena, Ca. He ignited something in the community that will soon offset the game. This has become bigger than music for these local artists who are to join Bing Bing for this walk from the mountains to the beach. The 33mile walk is taking place on August 20th, 2014.

Stay tuned...

Pasadena Music Scene

Monday, July 28, 2014

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Friday, July 25, 2014

...the BEST of the CHAMPIONS!!! mixtape by The Supreme General (Album Review)

The Best of the Champions mixtape hosted by DJ Supreme by the Supreme General is just
that! One of the first tracks "Steve Jobs" really brings back the East Coast rap style. Not only is he hosting this project but he is also rapping on it. The Best of the Champions mixtape was an interesting listen for me. Here is my review...

There is a track called "Simply the Best" where Supreme General goes in on a trap-rap style beat. He's making elites around him want to step their game up. I was really feeling "Vice Versa". It has a 2pac-style beat and the General's flow sticks to it like molasses on a tree. In this song, he's talking about what could have been if certain things in the industry and the world didn't happen the way they did. Then there is "Rolling Through My City" with my window down. This is a track with a low pitch, chopped & screwed sounding ambience. This is one of those tracks you listen to when you moving slow and zoning out.

"1-900 HUSTLER" is that old school classical Hip Hop track on the mixtape. Only a minute and 10 seconds long, the song reminds you of something Jadakiss would drop. "Crash" is one of those songs that every rapper should have on their mixtape or album. It's fast and conceptual. The Supreme General had to get a few things off his chest with "Shook Ones
pt.3", a track he did over Mobb Deep's cover. I felt like "Riot", which was track 10, should have been placed more so at the end or beginning considering the length of the song compared to the rest. "Penicillin" made me feel like what I was listening to was a mixtape, however, the beat was good enough for me.

"The Supreme 3 Peat" is a track where The Supreme General talks about how supreme he is. "I'm doing what they said can't be done". "Roast of Fire Flame" was probably one of my least favorites but a good track nonetheless. "She Did" is a slow track over "She Will" instrumental by Lil' Wayne & Drake. Not one of my favorites, but it's a complete song. Sure enough, The Supreme General had ta' hit you with "The Cannon" instrumental as well. The track comes with monster bars that'll leave up-and-coming artists reconsidering the pursuit of Hip Hop. My personal favorite cut on this mixtape is "Tag" because that beat is so fresh and The Supreme General's lyrics are fire! "The Eastside Anthem" is a track that reminds me of early 90's Hip Hop such as NWA and Public Enemy. His lyrics are old school with contemporary production.

The Supreme General is holding down Buffalo, NY with one of tha hottest projects we heard come out of there. One thing we would like to see on the next mixtape is features and collaborations from various artists. This project is definitely worth the download and sharing with your friends. Overall, we give this mixtape a 3/5 mics. Now, go download it!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

3 Cost-Effective Ways To Gain Exposure for Free

Artists, musicians, and everyone in between are constantly looking for loop holes and ways to get
ahead. Many of us spend countless hours on the internet searching for strategies and techniques that will get us the exposure we need to be successful. The internet is a big place and a resourceful tool but to organically gain exposure, you have to correlate your real-world events & happenings with your social media following. Some of the things you have to do may be extreme or odd, but they are necessary if you are serious about gaining quality exposure. And to be honest, it may take some money to make some money. So, to help you out a little bit, I took the initiative in creating a quick list of 5 cost-effective ways to gain exposure for free!

Social Media Marketing

It's not required that you create an account on every social network out there, but it's not a bad idea, either. And with the way social media has become an integrated part of our lives, you can sign up for other social media networks using your Facebook account. If you do not wish to create accounts on undesirable networks then you should at least make sure that you have an account on Facebook, Twitter, & Youtube.

Facebook is the premier social network for networking, promoting, & making connections. If you're seriously looking to gain exposure, being on Facebook is almost imperative. Once on facebook, connect with as many friends as you can. Join as many Facebook groups relating to your niche as possible. There are a few things to look for when joining groups on Facebook. Make sure the group you are about to join has at least 1,000+ members if it isn't already a group that you use or created. Before joining, visit the group and do a little scrolling down their newsfeed. Pay attention to how often people are posting. If it is a group that people often post in, it is worth joining. But when people post often, your content will inevitably be pushed down and buried. This is okay. Just make sure you stay on top of it. Post in Facebook groups at least 2-3 times a week. But please, do not spam. Because marketing is not just about how many people you can reach, but how it is received is just as important.
Let's say you want to post something on Facebook that you really want people to engage in. Whether using your Facebook profile or fan page, upload a picture with your post and tag people in it. Facebook typically allows you to tag a maximum of 50 people. This is because when you tag 50 people in a post on Facebook, you can reach up to 3,000+ people instantly. But be careful when tagging your friends. It can become an annoyance which results in backlash from friends and you can even be temporarily banned on Facebook. Because you can reach that many people with a simple post & tag, you have to have a nice budget if you are looking to explore Facebook Ads. If you use Facebook Ads, $100 will probably get you a reach of 3k people. But why pay that when you can get that on your own for free. The great thing about Facebook Ads is that it allows you to target your ad to reach your prospective audience. You should only consider using Facebook Ads when it's something important you want to promote, you have the appropriate budget, and you want to reach a specific demographic. Click here for quality Facebook marketing.

Instagram is a very effective picture-blogging tool. If you use Instagram, it is best to link your Facebook & Twitter account so your post will go there as well. Instagram is great because a big portion of consumers use it everyday. It is ideal for the user who promotes through visuals. Painters, Drawers, Illustrators, Crafts, Foodies, and any job you can think of that deals with multimedia. One of the essential ways of promoting on Instagram is using the ever popular #hashtag. But be careful, excessive use of the hashtag can and will turn people away. If you obtain enough followers, you posts can have a big influence and be effective. Using the video feature on Instagram is also an effective way to post & promote on the platform. Click here for quality Instagram marketing services.

Pinterest is also another very powerful picture-networking tool. Pinterest is a good way to send organic traffic to your website. And because Pinterest is about pictures, you don't have to worry about losing the attention of people with long excerpts. With Pinterest, you can create "boards" for whatever you like and categorize your topics & images that make it easy for like-minded individuals to find.

Youtube is probably considered one of the most successful sites on the internet. It boasts a worldwide archive of media and can be used to monetize content through relative ads. If you're serious about exposure, you will not neglect the Youtube platform. With appropriate permissions, you can upload as many videos as you like and easily share them on blogs, forums, websites, & more. It's the most-shared widget on the internet. If you are trying to get exposure to your Youtube video, actively post them in Facebook groups and Google+ Communities. Post your video on relative forums and submit to relative promotional websites. It is always best to grow your video views organically as Youtube cracks down on fraudulent views. Don't buy views and LIKES from questionable sources. Instead, if you are looking to pay for promotion, look for a service that will promote your video organically so you won't be subject to violating any of Youtube's Terms of Service. By organically I mean no bots, no spam, no junk. Click here for cost-effective and powerful Youtube Video Promotion.

Google+ is being slept on by a lot of people. Nonetheless, it is slowly coming together and becoming a very powerful tool for marketing & promotion. Google+ is the official social network by Google and is on the same level as Facebook & Twitter, if not bigger. Anyone with a Gmail account has Google+, you just have to activate it. Once activated, you want to make sure that your profile page is set up properly with all necessary photos & information. Once all that is out of the way, go to Google+ Communities and join as many relative ones as possible. Remember, join ones that have either a lot of members, a lot of posts, or both. You'll easily come across a Google+ Community that has more postings than it does members. Those are still worth joining because as long as people are actively posting, chances are they will see your content. When you post on Google+, your post also gets indexed in the Google search engine, making it easy for people who are looking for you to find you. This is the edge that Google+ has over Facebook because Facebook is a private network that requires users to sign in to access anything.

Tangible Promotional Material

People don't want to do much thinking these days. When looking to get exposure, you should seriously consider creating tangible promotional materials like banners, flyers, door hangers, post cards, business cards, etc. Find a cost-effective source for marketing materials and create a plan on distribution. Lets say you print up 1,000 flyers for your business. The next thing you want to do is find out the best way to distribute them. Think mailboxes in a prosperous, residential/commercial area. Car windows in the parking lot. Newspaper boxes. Light poles. Communal bulletin boards. If finding someone to do this work for you is an issue, consider finding one person who is willing to do this and pay them to do everything for you. Preferably a flat rate and
whatever you guys work out. However you do it, keep in mind that this is a highly effective marketing technique that can bring you excessive amounts of exposure. Imagine seeing your flyer posted on the street light pole on a very busy intersection. Imagine seeing your posters or flyers in strategic places in a popular area. Imagine seeing your poster at a freeway entrance. Imagine seeing your poster at the entrance of the grocery store. If you perform this action every Friday evening, you will get the best results. Friday is ideal because there is a less chance that city workers and such will snatch down your posters over the weekend.
Also consider branding yourself. Pens, cups, mouse pads, apparel, and other merchandise. It's the small things that make the biggest difference. For example, I can go out and get 100 T-Shirts and put my logo on it but the tag on the shirt might be another brand. If you print up T-Shirts, have a tagless tag with your logo. That alone will speak volumes to your consumers. If you are not looking to pay anything, do what I did. Print up your posters in black & white and distribute them yourself. If you are going to hand flyers out, it's best to do so at a main attraction with a lot of people as oppose to your local plaza and street corner. This technique is also known as guerilla marketing.

Networking is what everyone has to do if they want to get ahead. Attend events, throw parties, meetings, seminars. When networking, nothing works better than being present in the flesh. This is the best time to use your business cards and other tangible promotional material. Attending events is also a great way to gain exposure through word of mouth. Experts will tell you that word of mouth is the most effective promotion. When you attend events, talk to people. Get Email addresses and business cards and do follow up. Always remember, marketing is practical thinking.

Social Median is your cost-effective solution for all your social media marketing needs!

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