Saturday, December 21, 2013

The DENA Magazine drops long-awaited 3rd Issue

The DENA Magazine drops long-awaited 3rd Issue

It's been a long time coming for The DENA Magazine, whose created a  buzz since it's launch in 2010. With Hardway Enterprises working on a slew of projects like "Hip Hop 4 Kids" activity book, an independent film, Pasadena Idol, & much more, their long-awaited 3rd issue finally makes it's debut this Holiday season.
The DENA Magazine is big on DENA culture. The 3rd issue covers the 67th Annual Turkey Tussle and talks about Pasadena High School's "Gift & Curse", the first-ever elected Mayor of Pasadena Bill Bogaard, Featured Artist Allisonne, DENA ROSE Gillian Waters, and more. Hardway Enterprises really stepped their game up with this issue. The only question everybody is asking is will The DENA Magazine ever be released on a regular basis whether monthly, seasonally, or annually. 
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