Thursday, December 19, 2013

ThaWilsonBlock catches up with Bones and gives Exclusive Interview about Too Def, the Underground, and Collaborations

ThaWilsonBlock catches up with underground rapper Bones and gives us insight on his upcoming project TOO DEF, underground hip hop, and collaborations with west coast artists...

Mistah Wilson: So Bones, it's a blessing finally catching up with you. How have you been?
Bones: I've been good, real good. Just hopin' that my WilsonBlock fam is the same.

Mistah Wilson: First off we'd like to say you are indeed 'West 2 Def'. We hearin' collabs with you & artists up & down the West Coast. Who are all you're working with?
Bones: I'm working with a lot of cats. Just independent, underground artists like myself. Cats like my boys DL, Marat Milano, and the rest of the Seattle-based 'Emprise' crew. Also, my label-mates Bing Bing and 2-Hye, along with a few other artists from the Los Angeles area.

Mistah Wilson: We also hear you're doing a collaboration mixtape with Seattle rapper DL? Whats the word on that?
Bones: Yes, indeed, I am. DL is a real cool dude. I actually met up with him and Marat Milano not too long ago, as they made their trip down to Cali for the annual Rock The Bells festival. They came by the studio, we cracked open a bottle of Goose and immediately got down to work. We were able to record about 3 tracks for the mixtape. One of 'em which was written, recorded, mixed, and released within only a few hours. The other two are still incomplete in terms of mixing and finalization and will probably be kept for release on the official mixtape. We've got about 6 or 7 tracks overall so far, but we're still looking to add a few more.

Mistah Wilson: ...and the Bing & 2-Hye album collab?
Bones: The collabo album with Bing & 2-Hye is still a toss up. Due to some personal and technical issues, the production on the album has sort of came to a halt. I'm not to say that the album will not happen, because I believe it will, eventually.

Mistah Wilson: Too Def is sounding like a doozy! What kind of insight can you give us on the project? Preferably a release date!
Bones: Well, for one, I can say that this album will send better in overall sound quality as opposed to the previous 3 solo albums. Gonna have some new cats featured on this one, like my dude Eloquence, whose kept his rhyming ability a secret his whole life, up until a few months ago, when I discovered that this dude can spit. I had to have a track with this guy and we are definitely working on one, or two. This album itself is already about 6 or 7 tracks in and I'm looking to add a couple more. A specific release date on the album is still uncertain, but I'm gonna try and get it done by Spring of 2012.

Mistah Wilson: Just about all of your mixtapes have topped ThaWilsonBlock Charts across the board and even reached "All-Time Feature" status. Where do you see yourself as an indie underground artist?
Bones: Well, I do this because I love it. I do this as a hobby, I have fun doing it, and I don't mind keeping everything the way it is, now. My ultimate goal is still to succeed in school and excel with the proper education. Rapping will always be one of my loves, though.

Mistah Wilson: Your song "Next Time" didn't make the cut on West 2 Def's official tracklisting? Will we see it on Too Def?
Bones: You most certainly will.

Mistah Wilson: We dig the vibe in your song "High Life". Do you plan on leaking every song before it drops?
Bones: I like to keep it half and half. You can't leak every song before your album drops, because then nobody would wanna peep your album since they've already heard every song. You gotta keep the fans interested. Give them a little dose and then hold out on them so it builds anticipation for your album release.

Mistah Wilson: The way it sounds, Too Def will be yet another underground mixtape from you. Will we ever see the album or maybe even an official 'original' single?
Bones: The album is must. I can't turn back on it now, I'm already in too deep. As far as an original.

Mistah Wilson: What ever happened to that other rap cat that claimed to be the one & only BONES?
Bones: I don't know and quite honestly, I don't care. I'm old enough and have been doing this for way too long to let silly ass dudes try and hassle me over silly ass shit. Grow up, people.

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