Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sidewalk Cafe's Live @ The Loft event serves as platform for Pasadena Music Scene's "Bringing It Together" movement

Aside from all of the wonderful acts that come to Sidewalk Cafe's popular Live @ The Loft event on every third Friday of the month, there's a subtle movement taking place right before people's eyes. Live @ The Loft has indirectly given the Pasadena Music Scene's "Bringing It Together" movement a platform. ThaWilsonBlock has been encouraging artists to make an appearance at the event even if they aren't performing. 
With the Pasadena Music Scene constantly expanding, Mistah Wilson said earlier this year that he will be utilizing local music hubs as a platform to bring independent artists together. With the movement making steady progress throughout several music hubs in the Pasadena/Altadena area, Live @ The Loft 

has proven to bring an eclectic, diverse crowd that appeals to what the purpose of the movement is about.
Pasadena artists Phil Phree & DOMINANCE appeared at Live @ The

Loft presents: Holidays for the Homeless
event on December 20th and was gracious enough to let us get a photo of them for the "Bringing It Together" movement. Otstracized Genius, a very talented designer & illustrator, was at L@TL Holidays for the Homeless event as a vendor. We recognized him as an honest artist who doesn't make art just for the money. His work definitely left us in awe!

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