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ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue58 (December 2017)

Pasadena, Ca & Seattle, WA artists perform live at Old Town Pub (artists include Bing Bing, WildCard, Ripynt, Young Tone, ET the Space Cadet, Glo, Iwil, Rough City, & more...)

It was a great night for collaborating on the performing arts. The Pasadena, Ca Hip Hop music scene was met with reps from the Seattle, WA Hip Hop music scene as artists from both sides performed at the Old Town Pub in Pasadena on Dec. 8th, 2012. Pasadena artists in attendance were Bing Bing, Young Tone, ET the Space Cadet, Rough City, Iwil, and other locals. Artists from the Seattle Hip Hop scene were WildCard, Ripynt, Grynch, and more...

"I was performing my set on stage when I saw Grynch from Seattle near the entrance watching the show. He looked familiar but I didn't know it was him until ET came and told me," says an ecstatic Bing Bing whose been very much impressed by the whole Seattle Hip Hop music scene.

When Rough City's time came to perform, they completely rocked it!!! Performing new tracks and their new song "Mic Check" which they released an official music video to, they had tha crowd raising their hands like this was 90's Hip Hop. They're a great trio.

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