Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Pasadena, Ca rappers Bing Bing, Blak Axx, Young Tone, & ET the Space Cadet discuss Hip Hop while shooting hoops at McDonald Park

Pasadena, Ca rappers Bing Bing, Blak Axx, Young Tone, & ET the Space Cadet were at McDonald Park in Pasadena shooting hoops and discussing Hip Hop topics. With everything going on right now, these four MC's have important moves to make. Bing Bing, who grew up in & around McDonald Park on Wilson Avenue, was slapping dominoes with Young Tone when they ran into Blak Axx at the basketball courts of McDonald Park.
Blak Axx, one of Bing Bing's influences as a Pasadena artist, is currently taking a break from the music scene due to significant health issues. "We'll [ThaWilsonBlock] be here for you when you're ready," says Bing Bing to Blak Axx. "I'm still going through recovery at this time but I'll be back on the scene in due time," says Blak Axx.
Young Tone has also been M.I.A from Pasadena's indie music scene and has reached out to Bing Bing about getting back into the vibe of things. "Young Tone be eatin niggaz heads off. The guy is a lyrical monster," proclaims Bing Bing.  Tone is also working on a new original project due out some time in 2013 so stay tuned for that...
ET the Space Cadet is also going through legal stipulations and will spend the next 3 months in rehab as a condition of his court order. Though the reasons for the charges brought upon him are a bit unclear, Eternal has shown how serious he is with pursuing his music. He's currently working with Lyndrum Productions on his upcoming album Mr. McStrange. "This album is going to sound more catchy & edgy than my previous projects and will have new collaborations from 2-Hye to Bing Bing and more," says ET. "I mainly plan on doing shows off of these tracks."

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