Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Pasadena, Ca rapper/producer Emani explains reasons for name change exclusively on ThaWilsonBlock Network

Pasadena, Ca rapper/producer formerly known as Tha Real Kapone now confirms himself as Emani. One of Pasadena's most underrated and very talented artists talked to us about the reasons why he decided to go with a name change.
"Had an opportunity to work with some of J Dilla's people but there camp new a gang of 'Capone'/'Kapone's' so I changed my stage name so that there would be no confusion.
Imani is my middle name and I wanted to roll with that as my stage name but I didn't want there to be any confusion between me and the Imani from Pharcyde.
Its jus 'Emani', 'Tha Real' is a remnant from my ex name 'Kapone'. When I went by 'Kapone' I HAD to put 'Tha Real' in front of it to differentiate myself from the sea of other 'Kapone'/'Capone's', so when I changed my name I kept 'Tha Real' infront of my online names so it would be easier for cats to catch on to the new name and search it."
-Emani (formerly known as Tha Real Kapone)

Tho Emani chose to switch his alias, it hasn't altered his craft in the slightest. He recently just released an official beat catalog available to listen to online via soundcloud. You can connect with him on there if you'd like to inquire about his product.


Mistah Wilson slams exclusive interview with Kapone as he discusses his alias, music, and what Pasadena needs to bring a unified music scene into fruition

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