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Mistah Wilson interviews Zarkhi The Vision on Delphic Concepts, musical influences, and life growing up in the foster care system

Mistah Wilson interviews Zarkhi The Vision on Delphic Concepts, musical influences, and life growing up in the foster care system

Mistah Wilson interviews Zarkhi The Vision on Delphic Concepts, musical influences, and life growing up in the foster care system...
Mistah Wilson: Yo, Zarkhi thanx for taking tha time to come through for this exclusive interview with ThaWilsonBlock. What’s new on tha scene?
Zarkhi: Well, first off, I just would like to say thank you so much for interviewing me. There has been a lot going on lately actually. Since my last release "What You Don't See :: The 20/20 Vision" in January, I have been working on a number of projects. For one, I am working on an album with one producer who I will announce when it is all done. I finally am polishing my sound and approach and have something that will show for it. It will be 10 songs and that is all I will say about that for now. Other than that, I am doing an electronic EP, and releasing a music video in the Fall along with a few other videos to introduce the album.

Mistah Wilson: Considering our relative backgrounds, how was life growing up for you?
Zarkhi: For me, life has had it's ups and downs, but growing up I would not ave done it any other way. Seeing the highs and lows of the foster care system opens your eyes and your mind and shows you there is always something or someone you do not understand, and you have to keep growing to really get the bigger picture.
Mistah Wilson: We’ve been watching you for a few years now. What has led you to become such an aspiring artist?
Zarkhi: I have a few key influences that have helped me get to where I am now. For one, Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers used to give me trumpet lessons as a kid and showed me a lot of what you should and should not do when trying to develop and make music. Another few key influences just from listening would have to be Lupe Fiasco, Tupac, Kendrick Lamar, Sly & The Family Stone, Sade, Dr. Dre, Outcast, and of course the Red Hot Chili Peppers among other MCs and bands. I have a very eclectic scope of music more than just hip hop.

Mistah Wilson: When we first heard of you, you were working with Rapper/Producer/Dancer Lematiq. Very talented dude. How did you guys come to collaborate?
Zarkhi: Funny you ask. ME and Lematiq go Way back to when I released one of my first songs "Originality" that he produced. We met at the celebrity Centre in Hollywood back in 2010 and was a huge help in getting me started in the industry

Mistah Wilson: Word on tha street is that you’ve put a halt on tha Delphic Concepts movement. For tha sake of our audience’s understanding, who are all tha members of Delphic Concepts?
Zarkhi: Ok. Delphic Concepts exists and the guys are all doing their own things independently. Just to clarify, there was no drama, no problems. We just wanted to brand ourselves as individuals and we might potential reform down the line.
The members are/were
Myself (Zarkhi The Vision) (Singing, Rapping, Trumpet)
Tee Ran (Rapping)
Keat The Giant (Production, Rapping)
Joe Flow (DJ/Turntabling)

Mistah Wilson: Is there ever a chance you guys will come back as a group?
Zarkhi: Yes. That is a possibility but for now we are still on our solo grinds

Mistah Wilson: You’ve recently released What You Don’t See LP. What made you choose that title for your latest project?
Zarkhi: Well, the title is actually "What You Don't See :: The 20/20 Vision" and here's the story: It started out about a year and a half before it was released. I asked my fb fans what title they thought was good for the project and "What You Don't See" was unanimously chosen. Then, about a few months before I released it, I wanted to put 20 songs on it for my 20th birthday since I had a bunch of tracks. I went with "The 20/20 Vision as the 2nd part of the name because of my name and the concept.
8. We haven’t been to one of your shows yet, but we have seen video footage and pictures of moments in time where you was rockin it! You bring a lot of energy and you don’t seem to be nervous at all. For up-and-coming artists reading this, how do you manage to have a solid stage presence and how important is it when putting on a performance?
I have a long history/ background of theatre, musical performance and have spent a lot of time on the stage before I got serious with music. I also have a huge desire to be heard and understood, so I am not afraid to get out there and express my emotions. My rules of thumb are always move, never turn your back on the audience, never leave awkward silence, and most importantly, remember YOU are in control and if you're confident about that you will be fine.

Mistah Wilson: You’ve opened up for names like…
Zarkhi: Kurtis Blow
Daz and Kurupt
Kendrick Lamar
Warren G
and some others

Mistah Wilson: Who are some artists you’ve performed and collaborated with and who would you like to work with in tha future?
Zarkhi: Well as far as artists on the rise are concerned, my list for past/future collabs, performances and work is:
Apollo Slim
Cameron Ryan (Michel Ruari)
J. Hurt
Tee Ran
Keat The Giant
2 Face
Jordan Pharoah
Ryan Anthony
Mozenraff / Supa Nova / Cisum Tomorrow
(and of course) BING BING
there are so many I could name . . .

Mistah Wilson: Do you feel like a collective independent music scene is necessary for a city like Pasadena? What are your views on what it’s been over tha years?
Zarkhi: I think it is definitely growing ever since Odd Future blew up everyones been trying to do that. It shows me people can be inspired. However, I think a lot of cats (from dena in particular) lack professionalism and are too in a rush to put stuff out. They don't spend time meditating on what they will do …They just do it. I was kind of like that when I was younger but I learned. Thats what they gotta do to really make something like that happen. Also, a lot of teamwork will help. It's not about competition because in the Indie scene you have to work together, or the model does not work. The whole point is to overcome the majors market share (which is currently happen collectively as of 2013).
Mistah Wilson: Growing up a foster kid, attending John Muir High School in Pasadena, and going on to attend USC while pursuing music & entertainment, can you give us a little summary on how you became to be tha person you are today?
Zarkhi: Judgement, doubt, and hatred all has fueled me to be the best I can be. I have a strong passion in proving people wrong, and that shows a lot in my music. Whoever doubts me usually gets the "I told you so" at some point from me. 

Mistah Wilson: What inspires you to make music?
Zarkhi: The stuff I just mentioned ^ as well as my life experiences. Growing up in foster care, love stories, hard times, bad encounters, good encounters, vertain vibes memories etc. I always try to keep what I'm saying true to what has really happened though.
Mistah Wilson: Name some of your top influences.
Zarkhi: Well I named them in Q#3 but in addition to that I would say myself. I am my biggest critic and I know that I can ALWAYS get better. At the end of the day you only have yourself to do what you got to do.

Mistah Wilson: Since your start as an artist, what are some things you’ve learned along tha way? Perhaps some Do’s and Don’ts?
Zarkhi: Ok….Other than what I mentioned already in Q#11, I would say:
*Make one song at a time. Make sure it is exactly what you would listen to in your spare time before moving to the next
*Practice every day.
*Stay confident. Do not let peoples doubt stop you…you may suck now or before, but that ALWAYS can change
*Find something that makes you original and different.
*Do not try and copy the style of someone else. an image belongs to someone for a reason. Copying that makes you a replica not an original.
*Do not put your head down…always stay focused and resilient
*Do not rush Art
*Do not think music is something that will make you rich because it will not unless you're putting in more work than anyone else. The best artists in the world do not care about the money. It just comes to them.

Mistah Wilson: What’s tha meaning behind ‘The Vision’ that you’ve added as tha last part of your alias?
Zarkhi: Actually the word Zarkhi (my real name) means "sight" or "see far into the light" or "vision" in Russian ( from what I have been told) so it actually is just consistent with my name

Mistah Wilson: What motivates you to work as hard as you do?
Zarkhi: Everything I have mentioned. My past. The future and the fear that I will not be as good as I can possibly be. also the fear of being homeless. However, when you're hustling, you also gotta be fearless.
Mistah Wilson: What do you plan on achieving through your music?
Zarkhi: Dropping some albums obviously. I want people to understand me. Thats huge and that has always made things super difficult for me because people do not. I would sign with a major label one day MAYBE if they have enough to offer. Luckily I study Music Industry at USC so I know what can be put into contracts that can help an artist and what can harm an artist. However, in todays day and age going indie could also be a route!
Mistah Wilson: To all tha young, aspiring artists getting into music, what positive words of advice would you give them?
Zarkhi: Stay humble, focused, hungry, determined, and listen listen listen. You can never know enough about music!
Mistah Wilson: Yo Zarkhi thanx for coming thru for this exclusive interview with thawilsonblock. We truly appreciate you. Go on and drop ya shout outs!
Zarkhi: Okay well big shout out to ThaWilsonBlock for the interview. Shout out to all of Delphic Concepts; Tee Ran, Keat The Giant, Dj Joe Flow. Shout out to Bamsee my engineer. Shout out to my producer on the next album. Shout out to Pasadena, USC, all the collars from "What You Don't See :: The 20/20 Vision." Shout out to the bay area, shout out to Phi Sigma Kappa my brotherhood and fraternity! Shout out to the human race!!

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