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Mistah Wilson interviews LeMatiq about Local Artists, Dance, & pays special tribute to Michael Jackson

Mistah Wilson interviews LeMatiq about Local Artists, Dance, & pays special tribute to Michael Jackson

Mistah Wilson: Yo, Lematiq! Nice to have you on tha block with us! How ya doin?
LeMatiq: I’m always good! As long as I’m breathing...
Mistah Wilson: So the people can get a clear understanding, please tell us a little about where you’re from?
LeMatiq: I was born in Chicago, Illinois, and raised Pasadena, CA. At four months old my parents moved from Chi-town, so I’ve been in Cali all my life. I’ve lived in a few cities other than Pasadena, but Pasadena has been my hometown for years.

Mistah Wilson: I know your alias is kinda like a spin-off of your first name. How did you come up with it?
LeMatiq: Yes, it’s actually a mixture of my real name & my old stage-name. My name is Lamont and my old alias was Synamatiq (pronounced like Cinematic); because my beats were always reminding people of movie scenes or theme shows or something visual & I love sound effects. So one day I was trying to come up with a brand name so I fused Lamont with Synamatiq & came with Lematiq!

Mistah Wilson: When we first met you, you were working with Tact Boogie on Pasadena, Ca rapper Blak Axx’s debut projects. How do you know Tact and what type of influence has he had on you?
LeMatiq: I met Tact through his dad, who used to be my supervisor on one of my old jobs. He basically helped me hone my media production skills & became my first mentor. He has been like a big brother to me since 2005.

Mistah Wilson: For those who don’t know, can you bring us up to speed on the whole Blak Axx scenario? How come he didn’t drop?
LeMatiq: Long story short, he let the pressures of his life overcome him and didn't apply himself to go to the next level. You can have all the talent & gifts in the world, BUT if you don’t use them, they just...exist.

Mistah Wilson: A few years ago, you were working with young up-and-coming rapper Young Indoe! What’s tha word on that?
LeMatiq: Since then he has come closer to Jesus and has been completely transformed for the better. He now does Gospel rap with a new stage-name: Young Inspiration. He spits with the same raw, underground, rugged, lyrical flavor. Our careers & plans kind of took different paths for now, so we don't collaborate as much, but I still help slide him beats when he asks me. I actually like producing beats for good positive & spiritual rap anyway; it’s more purposeful to me.

Mistah Wilson: You are a hot producer and very talented dancer. Do you choreograph your own moves?
LeMatiq: I sure do. I don’t really choreograph a lot though; I’m strong in freestyling and picking up choreography from others, which I actually enjoy doing more. I like to learn choreography, and teach it when I know a routine. Speaking of that, my main choreographer is a close friend of mine. Her name is Danquin “DQ” May.

Mistah Wilson: You are a REAL fan of Michael Jackson! How did he come to influence you?
LeMatiq: My family has always been fans. Most of my musical influences came from the folks my parents used to play. I just always enjoyed his art, his spirit, and the impact he had on people & culture. I used to (and still do sometimes lol) imitate him, and copy the choreo in the videos. And just like MJ, I also wanna take what I do to the next level, and be better than who inspired you in some way. Michael himself said, “Study the greats & become greater”.

Mistah Wilson: June 25th, 2009 must have been a sad day for you as well as millions of fans across the globe. How did you react to his passing?
LeMatiq: It was almost like somebody was playing joke. His art is so timeless that it somewhat seemed like he himself was; well at least I thought he would be around way longer, you know? He actually is the only person that I didn't know personally, that passed, that I shed a few tears for. He was like part of the family from afar.

Mistah Wilson: Right now you’re currently working on a THRILLER video as a tribute to Michael Jackson. Tell us a little more about that…
LeMatiq: Um..there’s actually 2 parts to that. What I’ve been putting together all year is a short-film titled “Last Days (Thriller 2012)”, and it’s a hip-hop/supernatural version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. It’s like a movie remix; it’s got different, dancing, characters, story/theme, etc., but with some elements of the original. There’s even gonna be a different type of “monster” instead of zombies! It will be released in December 2012. You can check out the website @ With being said, since we are on the brink of Halloween season, I am also working a ‘Thriller’ tribute which is doubling as a promo for ‘Thriller 2012’. It’s gonna be a 5-minute theatrical skit that is putting a hip-hop twist to the original thriller - keeping the zombie element & similar storyline. But it will transition into a sneakpeak of MY 2012 version, so-to-speak. THIS video, or tribute/promo will come out in October!

Mistah Wilson: I know fundraising is always a topic of discussion. Do you have any sponsors for this video? Who all do you have involved?
LeMatiq: For the “Last Days (Thriller 2012)” short film, we actually are going to be launching an online crowd-funding campaign soon, so actually the sponsors will be the people..the fans..they can be fans of Michael Jackson, fans of Lematiq, or BOTH! They will be the ones who want to help make this thing happen in the best ways and quality possible! Whether people give $1, $100 or $10,000. EVERYthing and ANYthing is necessary and appreciated. And I would like to say thanks to everyone in advance who will help donate to this huge production! Join the campaign today!

Mistah Wilson: I’ve seen you dance, man. I must say that you look like you take it very seriously. How did you find your love for dance?
LeMatiq: I take it very serious, and I’m a very purposeful artist. I love to use dance as more than just an expression of me, or to just only have fun, but to inspire people, to tell them something deep without even saying a word at all..I love it! ^_^kiki. As far as finding my love for it, It was just always there. I mean, I’ve been dancing since I was able to stand up! It started off as a hobby and something fun. I always saw it just an entertainment thing, but as I got older and more spiritual, I learned that dance, just like any other form of art, can: tell a story, express feelings, penetrate the soul, and relay a message.

Mistah Wilson: What would you say your main title is?
LeMatiq: I have a new title for multi-talented dancers which I don’t wish to tell yet lol. But I would have to say my main title is a entertainment producer or performing-arts producer. I just love to put creative things together; mixture of arts to complete a bigger picture. I like to create with preconceived concepts & a purpose or a story to tell. Sometimes I don't even really like doing works of art solo or creating something totally from scratch..I love collaboration & diverse ideas coming together...just the whole process of production in general.

Mistah Wilson: Dancer, Music Producer, Choreographer, and Poet. How do you find time for it all?
LeMatiq: I make time. Besides, I don’t do everything full-blown..Like for example, I don't write all the time & do spoken-word performances, & memorize pages worth of lines, etc. but I can write. I do production so everything merges. And some things I only spend time on when I’m inspired.

Mistah Wilson: What are your favorite genres of music & dance?
LeMatiq: My favorite music is Hip-Hop, Jazz, R&B and Neo-Soul which fuses all of those. I love all music though. My favorite dance genre is Hip-Hop, but I’m also fond of jazz and lyrical.

Mistah Wilson:Who are your top 5 musicians of ALL TIME?
LeMatiq: I can’t really answer that. I’m not a picky person when it comes to music; I like what I like & dislike what I dislike, no matter who it is.

Mistah Wilson: What is your perception on success?
LeMatiq: Success to me is personal. Everyone has their own view of what’s successful. Simply stated, success is achieving that which you have planned to do.
Mistah Wilson: Do you have any positive words for aspiring youth who wish to dance and/or make music?
LeMatiq: Always treat yourself like an instrument because you are; take care of your body and your mind. This is cliche but NEVER give up! If you feel in your heart that this is what you want, then DO IT. I’m one of the strongest people mentally & spiritually but even I have my doubtful and frustrated times; but I know that if I quit, it’s for SURE not gonna happen, so I don't wanna give myself the loss. Another thing, always look and listen to different artists, to keep your creativity & inspiration fueled (& I don't mean just the ones on TV & radio). Continue seeking knowledge that pertains to, or is related to what you aspire to do. And least but never least, know that you can’t do anything without God! It may look like some people do wonderful without God, but eventually it will all amount to nothing. Keep God first in your life; if you don’t have Him..put Him there ;-)wink

Mistah Wilson: Aside from financials woes, what is the most challenging thing you face on behalf of being an entertainer?
LeMatiq: Um...right now, it’s dealing with different people, and trying to be patient when they do what people do lol.
Mistah Wilson: Thanx for taking time for this exclusive interview with ThaWilsonBlock, Lematiq! It’s been great! If you have any shout outs, go on and drop em!
LeMatiq: I appreciate ya having me! & Yeah shout out to all my cast & crew that are working on Thriller 2012 with me! My best friend & choreographer DQ! My family! my mentor, Tact Boogie! my pastor, Bishop Donnie Williams! all the creative arts fans & great artists out there...& of course Tha Wilson Block Network! God bless you.
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