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Mistah Wilson caught up with Marcu$ Ca$h for exclusive interview about Life, Struggles, and his Debut project

Mistah Wilson caught up with Marcu$ Ca$h for exclusive interview about Life, Struggles, and his Debut project

Mistah Wilson: Marcu$ Ca$h! What's good, my boy?
Marcu$ Ca$h: Eveythang is lovely under the sun right now fam. God has truly been good to me in spite of myself.

Mistah Wilson: Thanx for taking tha time to do this exclusive interview with ThaWilsonBlock. What's new?
Marcu$ Ca$h: Man. Whats not new? Lol I been workin relentlessly like a Hebrew Slave before the exodus on this music. Doin my best to come with a totally new sound much different from the norm yet still in line with main stream music so that it can be appreciated by a wide audience.

Mistah Wilson: For those out there who may not be aware, tell the people a little bit about who you are and where you're from...
Marcu$ Ca$h: I’ve always hated this question lol. The best way to describe myself is well rounded. I grew up here in the Alta/Pasadena area, yet I’ve been back and forth to the east coast my whole life because that’s where my fam is from. I’ve seen a lot, and traveled a lot. Experienced more ups and downs in life than most. I’ve been a productive member of society and I’m a convicted felon. I’ve been thru relationship ups and downs, fatherhood, brotherhood, the hood… I take these experiences with me everyplace I go, including the booth. I’m a very heart spoken individual and don’t tend to hold back much. Nor do I portray myself as something Im not. Aint got to a million bucks in my safe yet so u won’t hear me talkin about it in my music. And honestly my music is one of the best ways to get to know me. Though there is a lot of entertainment in the music, there is a lot of truth in my music. A lot of my truth. So I’ll say the best wat to really get to know me is to follow through every song as I let my personality and my story unfold.

Mistah Wilson: Is Marcu$ Ca$h your government name as well as your official alias?
Marcu$ Ca$h: Marcus Allan Ruth is the name my Mother gave me when I was born. Never went by anything other than my name with the exception of a few homies that know me from my active days when I went by “NutCase”. But I’ve always been about my “dodo”. Never could do broke so I adopted “Ca$h” as a stage name (Official). I thought it better represented me as an individual and simply flowed a lot better than my “hood name” would have.

Mistah Wilson: ThaWilsonBlock keeps a close eye on the independent underground music scene in Pasadena. We saw your 5-track compilation "Gotta Get My Dodo" in tha streets. Is this your debut project and when did it officially come out?
Marcu$ Ca$h: Yes. “I Gotta Get My Dodo” was my debut project and it came from a 5 word phrase I told myself in January of this year, “I’m bout to start rappin!.” I got tired of hearing the same cookie cutter songs on the radio and really enjoyed the music of some of our local talent including A.V. Kinidee from the Black Kinidees, Major James, Zook, Yancy Deron and a few others. I wanted to produce a quality sound ppl could relate too and began compiling songs. These 5 were the first 5 that I completed to my satisfaction at the time and wanted to get the word out. So I released the 5 track project as a taste test to get a buz going. And so far Im well pleased with the feedback I’ve gotten.
Mistah Wilson: We heard "Smoking Grain & Drankin Thangz" featuring AV Kinidee. How did you guys come together for that collaboration?
Marcu$ Ca$h: Man… I’ve know A.V. Kinidee since we were in the 3rd grade. Wasn’t until about a year and some change ago I knew he was spittin. Heard the Black Kinideez LimeLights Mixtape and was stuck on it for a while. His flow was ridiculous. Lol He had the lyricism down to a T and his delivery was dope. At that moment I already know I wanted to do a track with him. Then I came across the perfect beat. Dropped my 2 verses and the hook in and presented it with an open 10 bars for him. Hi thought the track was dope and laced it within a couple days. Was that simple. I was impressed by his professionalism and ability to complement my sound yet still stay true to his own style. Big S/O to A.V for that track too!

Mistah Wilson: You also did a song with Altadena's very own Major James. Will we see any more features with you and him in the future?
Marcu$ Ca$h: I’m workin on a second mixtape right now and I’m considering havin him lace something on that too. I’m actually a Major James fan myself so you can def look forward to me workin with him in the future on some dope projects. He will be on the Album tho.
Mistah Wilson: Being that we do keep an eye on the music scene in the city, we must say that you're gaining much traction. How long have you been an artist?
Marcu$ Ca$h: Well I mentioned that I’ve been writing poetry and rappin since high school. I used to have a makeshift studio at my home boys house back in 2004 with simple programs like cool edit 2.0, a mic with no pop filter and some instrumentals we downloaded off napster. That’s how I got started, but I went thru some life struggles and left music and writing behind for a good 7 years before I picked up the pen again. My bro hooked me up with my engineer and I been recording in the studio ever since.

Mistah Wilson: We also tuned into DenaDons radio (Shout out to Brook) the other day and they aired one of your songs. How deep do your connections run in Pasadena?
Marcu$ Ca$h: I grew up here. Dena is home base for me and it’s not a big place. Everyone knows everyone if they’ve been here long enough. I think I’m pretty well connected. If I don’t know em directly I know someone who does. I’m always networking as well so I’m always running into people around town and online and meeting new connections every day.

Mistah Wilson: What inspires you to make music?
Marcu$ Ca$h: Wow. Deep question. I can say everyone who has ever done right by me or done me wrong, every up and every down, every failure and every dream inspire me to make music. Writing is my passion, but creating a musical art piece from what I write has become a hobby I’ve fallen for. Feel like its my woman, so I been givin it my love. But life is definitely the fuel that runs this machine. I do my best to stay true with my music so it has to come from a real place. And nothing is more real to me than this life I’m livin and the dream I have of a better one.
Mistah Wilson: Name some of your music influences and whoever else who may have influenced you to be the artist you are today...
Marcu$ Ca$h: My musical influences are widely ranged. I’m deep into the old school tho. From the rap game I listen to Too Short, Bone Thugz, Twista, Snoop (Old Snoop lol), Kokane, Suga Free, DPG, Ice Cube, Dre, 2 Pac (Of course), Cassidy, Scarface and more, but I’dd fill this whole interview out if I continued lol. I also love RnB, I just cant sing. But everyone from R Kelly, SWV, and Aaliyah to Sade, Music Soulchild, Estelle and Tamia. Plenty in between. And all oldies! Earth Wind and Fire, Isleys, Rose Royce, and the list goes on…

Mistah Wilson: How do you feel about mainstream music today?
Marcu$ Ca$h: Honestly most mainstream music isn’t of my taste. I’m gon try hard not to knock anyone who has had some or any degree of success because they had some part of the formula right to gain their recognition. I just cant relate to bling bling, big rims on all 10 of my cars and makin it rain in the strip club when I have rent to pay, bills pilin up, and the hood aint the safest place to be wearin 100K in diamonds. I stick to what I know and can relate too. I listen to what I know is real and comes from the heart. There isn’t enough of that kinda music. I think that’s what made artists like 2 pac great.

Mistah Wilson: I definitely feel like the golden era of Hip Hop was in the 90's. Do you think the industry is in a better direction?
Marcu$ Ca$h: I have to agree with you one hundred percent. I feel like people are getting tired of the façade again. Im happy real ish is starting to come back in style and the recognition of fake personas is becoming much easier. People are begning to hear artist from the underground scene and wating that depth of reality and truth of perception of everyday urban life to come back into the music we hear. Even tho party and club songs will always be in style, Albums are no longer selling as they used to because the content outside the club wasn’t there. Now Artists are bringing their lives and experiences into the music they produce again. I can say we are a long cry from where I’d like to see HipHop, but we are def getting BACK on the right path.

Mistah Wilson: What about underground Hip Hop? How do you feel about it?
Marcu$ Ca$h: I feel the underground has always been the best place to find music. Every new artist that has ever came out was on the underground grass roots scene first. That’s where the raw talent is. Most of the CD’s I play in my car are from local and underground artists. I just feel like the radio doesn’t have the best music anymore, and they play a lot of the same music over and over. The underground is a fresh breath of what I miss hearing on the radio. Its where I go to find most artists that I’d wanna function with on some music.

Mistah Wilson: Do you feel like mixtapes are an important element to an up-and-coming rapper's career?
Marcu$ Ca$h: Probably the most important. If no one has ever heard you before, they will not purchase any music of yours. You have to lure ur audience in with something free because free attracts 99% of people. Almost never had a person turn down a free mixtape. And u are guaranteed a listen. If they like it, they will tell someone about it. And eventually you’ll have the Wilson Block askin for an interview, DenaDons Radio playin your tracks, and other artists, promoters and fans wantin to help get the word out. No Mixtape = No recognition and no sales. Gain an ear with good free music and you will gain fans. Produce more good music and you will earn income from those fans.

Mistah Wilson: So, are you partnered up with any management team of any sort?
Marcu$ Ca$h: Honestly I stand on my own 2, but I collaborate with various promoters and entertainment companies. ABoy Entertainment is one group I work with now and then. BPEnt out in South Central is another promotions company I work with. But I’m just getting my own thing goin with High AltaTude Ent. And really lookin to push that brand in 2013. I’ve watched a lot of artist go broke payin out to others. Only person you have to pay when u own your own is you. So I’ll be looking to collab with other artists to through functions and events with local and main stream talent features. Hopefully that will draw some attention and get artists interested in workin with me for their management.

Mistah Wilson: We hear you're in the studio putting together your official album. Who all are you working with?
Marcu$ Ca$h: That’s def whats goin on right now. Im in the middle of putting together the 2nd Mixtape “Hungry Fa Mo” but at the same time (Even tho I told myself to wait) I found myself writing to tracks I had collected for the album. As always I’m workin with my favorite engineer, the mastermind Nico Coli White. I’ve been getting beats from Bigg Beats Music and I’ve been in talks with Intricate Sound about the upcoming project and getting Jacob Q to work with me. I’ve also worked with Laskey B to complete the first track on the album and will most likely be the first single. He’s an amazing vocalist and composer. I’ve also been workin with Major James in putting together another track for the album. I’m also budgeting to get features from west coast artists Sly Boogy and Kokane. God willing Ima connect wih Suga Free as well. Just prayin on the funding.

Mistah Wilson: When might that project be released?
Marcu$ Ca$h: I’m really trying to take my time and wisely invest my money and energy to produce a quality album with good features. With that said, this album won’t drop for another year.
Marcu$ Ca$h: I’m really trying to take my time and wisely invest my money and energy to produce a quality album with good features. With that said, this album won’t drop for another year.

Mistah Wilson: Do you have any encouraging words for younger artists who would like to become a rapper?
Marcu$ Ca$h: Don’t stop grinding, and don’t let any one person’s opinion stop you from perusing your dream. Not everyone is going to like your music. Every one’s taste is different. Persistence is the key. Eventually you will find your audience. Remain humble at all times. One thing I was taught as a kid that holds true in all aspects of life is that manners, respect, and humility will take you a long way, and talent and dedication will take you the rest of the way.

Mistah Wilson: Thanx for doing this interview with us, Ca$h! Got any shout outs? Let's hear it!
Marcu$ Ca$h: S/O to Tha Wilson Block Network!! S/O to everyone that bumps Marcu$ Ca$h, and to any and everyone who ever bought a ticket to a show! Love y’all. I also want to thank any and everyone involved in the writing, recording, production, management and promotion of my music. You are truly appreciated. I don’t wanna shoot no names cuz I don’t wanna miss anyone. But y’all know who you are. WE def have a hell of a team and OUR music will definitely find its way to the main stream. Success is not our goal; it is simply an aspect of making good music, and makin good music IS OUR goal.
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