Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Bing Bing & ET The Space Cadet chillin' in Hastings Ranch discussing upcoming albums & projects

Pasadena, Ca rappers Eternal (also known as ET The Space Cadet) and Bing Bing were chillin' in Hastings Ranch discussing upcoming albums and potential projects. After going through legal stipulations regarding a recent charge, ET had this to say, "I've been M.I.A handling legal issues but I'll be back in full effect by Spring (2012). ET, who has his eyes set on the release of his new album Mr. McStrange has been eager to make new music and get back in the vibe of things. Mistah Wilson, whom you may also know as Bing Bing, has been tight with ET and have yet to collaborate on a track. "It's something that should've happened already. Nonetheless, timing is everything," says Bing Bing.

ET's new album Mr. McStrange doesn't have a release date set but we do know that he was talking about running with that title for his next project. Right now he's still got the Sky4Word compilation out and will wait until he gets through his current circumstances to get back in the music full fledged. We heard Lyndrum will be producing some joints off the upcoming album, too. Stay tuned...

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