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2-Hye catches up with Mistah Wilson as they discuss Business, his top 5 DENA rappers, and the release of his highly anticipated 3rd album Love, Death, & Revolution produced by Lyndrum Productions

"Being signed is nice. Having money you actually keep is nice. Music is business but a label should be like family. My team is my family." @ 2-Hye

Mistah Wilson: Yo Greezy G what’s good, fam! Thanx for taking the time for this exclusive interview with ThaWilsonBlock & Urban Youth & Artists! What’s new?
2-Hye: Well... I've been working on "Back 2-Hye School" the 4th album. Got about half-way through, then stopped, after Lyndrum and I took a deeper look at the 3rd Album. We both decided that we are going to redo, revamp, and re-release the "Love, Death, & Revolution" album. We feel it's a must and personally feel unhappy unless we do it, knowing it'll give the impact it actually deserves if do it bigger and badder.

Mistah Wilson: Being the independent artist that you are, what would you say your greatest challenge is with getting your music made & heard?
2-Hye: Two words.... Public Relations. Being Independent means using all the free ways to gain exposure until you make enough and buy major label-sized advertisement.

Mistah Wilson: In 2007, you released your debut LP “A Little Past High” produced by Lyndrum &
MDL. You had features with Def Flow, Troof, Melody, & others. What message were you trying to send with this album?
2-Hye: Just the simple fact I can do this, I love doing this, and it sounds better then a majority of new comers i heard on the radio at the time. So I made my first album, featured my people on it, and released it.

Mistah Wilson: Our favorite tracks off ALPH were “Just Another One” feat. Triggz, “West Coast Psycho” feat. Troof, & “Every City I Go Every City I See” but you had others on there that helped boost your buzz like “Shake, Drop, & Snap It.” What was your favorite cut off tha first album?
2-Hye: My favorite is the grand finale on that album, "It's 2-Hye". It means the most to me so I saved it for last.

Mistah Wilson: Speaking of MDL, what’s tha word on that cat?
2-Hye: He's a good kid, and a great producer, and no matter how big his head got, he's still the lil homie.

Mistah Wilson: I personally know Lyndrum (thanx to you) and he’s proven to be a real blessing even in my life. How did you guys meet?
2-Hye: At a club. Used to be called "Atlantis" in Pasadena. This was when I was about 14. A friend over heard him telling the DJ he's a producer and introduced him to me. I kicked a little flow for him and the rest is history.

Mistah Wilson: In 2009, you released The Hye Way album that featured collabs with Cash Phlow, Souljah 100, & The Rose Family. What does this album mean to you?
2-Hye: "The Hye Way" is representing the direction my life was going after I made my first album and basically why I ended up getting in trouble. It symbolizes my youth, a phase in my life, and that's what it means to me.

Mistah Wilson: One of your biggest hit singles “Welcome to Pasadena” was featured on the Hye Way LP as well as “Fire It Up” featuring Lyndrum that reminds me of a throwback Bone Thugs song. How well is this album doing?
2-Hye: It sold good the year I dropped it and it still occasionally sells singles here and there but as i said before, the P.R. improvement I need will boost up the results.

Mistah Wilson: Our favorite cuts on the Hye Way are “Feel Me” (which I did a minor cameo in), & “Fire It Up”. How come “Welcome to Pasadena” (which came out around the same time as the 2nd
album) didn’t make The Hye Way?
2-Hye: It was a lyrical change issue which resulted in it being sold as a single. Since the album was already released, it couldn't be added to it. Now it's a free download so everyone can cop it.

Mistah Wilson: If you ask us, you are the hottest upcoming Armenian artist from Pasadena followed by Bones. How did you guys meet and come to make the “My Way” record?
2-Hye: We go back since high school. So of course it was a must for us to get down on something together. We made more cuts afterwards and still do. I'm actually managing his debut album as we speak so stay tuned for that.

Mistah Wilson: You recently just released your 3rd album Love, Death, & Revolution this year. What was the inspiration behind the title?
2-Hye: A lot of emotions, experiences, and growth inspired me with that album. There was a lot to talk about so I made it an 18 track album.

Mistah Wilson: On LDR, you did a song with BiJon called “Money Over Morals.” It’s a hot track, too! How did you guys come together for that collaboration?
2-Hye: I wrote it, but after listening to it several times I needed Bijon's doubles on it to give it that sexy coating it has when you hear it now. So i made the call and that's that.

Mistah Wilson: Who are some of your musical influences?
2-Hye: That's a very general topic for me because if you combine all the different genres there are so many greats that influenced me. As far as hip-hop goes, all the west coast legends from LA to the bay made me want to be apart of it. Specifically though, besides Pac, Scarface was my biggest influence.

Mistah Wilson: Music isn’t the only thing you’re limited to. What all do you do?
2-Hye: I enjoy working on film besides music. I'm learning every aspect of it and I'm really into cinematography, making my long-term goal directing and producing. I also get a kick out of editing, especially music videos. If it has to do with entertainment, I'm in it.

Mistah Wilson: What are your views on Mainstream music today?
2-Hye: I can't hate on the modern day commercial mainstream candy shit even though I've always despised it. Those simple dumbed-down tunes are making money so I give them that credit. Let's face it, when your out drinking, your not thinking so simple works. On the other hand, when your stuck in LA traffic and you want something a little more deep and inspiring for your mind, 95% of the time, Power 106 doesn't cut it for me like it used to.

Mistah Wilson: Do you think being an independent artists is better than being signed to a label?
2-Hye: Being signed is nice. Having money you actually keep is nice. Music is business but a label should be like family. My team is my family. If the Independent Artist works hard enough, has enough influence, and makes the extended connections within the industry, it's more glorifying. Both are good. It's what makes you happy. Being signed to myself makes me happy.

Mistah Wilson: Back in the day you did a track with Paco Swartz, another influential artist from Pasadena. How did that come together and where is the song?
2-Hye: Bumped into each other at Pasadena City College a few years back. Only natural that two
artists serious enough from the same city would end up doing something together.

Mistah Wilson: What are a few attributes you must possess to endure in the music business?
2-Hye: Courage, charisma, humility, and hunger. Most importantly, faith.

Mistah Wilson: What do you plan on accomplishing through your music?
2-Hye: Personal peace and pleasure. Also an endless trail of work for the world to enjoy now and in the future.

Mistah Wilson: How important is giving back to the community to you?
2-Hye: Important enough to give back what I got from it and even more.

Mistah Wilson: Who are your top 5 DENA artists?
2-Hye: Bing Bing, Bones, Paco, Father May Eye, and K-Rahn

Mistah Wilson: Thanx for taking the time for this exclusive interview with ThaWilsonBlock & Urban Youth & Artists, 2-Hye! We are gracious. If you got any shout outs, let’s hear em…
2-Hye:  Lyndrum, Tobi Hero, Kut Creators, Souljah 100, and everyone in Dena who wants to put it on the map. Peace out and stay up.

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