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Sidewalk Cafe's Live @ The Loft event serves as platform for Pasadena Music Scene's "Bringing It Together" movement

Aside from all of the wonderful acts that come to Sidewalk Cafe's popular Live @ The Loft event on every third Friday of the month, there's a subtle movement taking place right before people's eyes. Live @ The Loft has indirectly given the Pasadena Music Scene's "Bringing It Together" movement a platform. ThaWilsonBlock has been encouraging artists to make an appearance at the event even if they aren't performing. 
With the Pasadena Music Scene constantly expanding, Mistah Wilson said earlier this year that he will be utilizing local music hubs as a platform to bring independent artists together. With the movement making steady progress throughout several music hubs in the Pasadena/Altadena area, Live @ The Loft 

has proven to bring an eclectic, diverse crowd that appeals to what the purpose of the movement is about.
Pasadena artists Phil Phree & DOMINANCE appeared at Live @ The

Loft presents: Holidays for the Homeless
event on December 20th and was gracious enough to let us get a photo of them for the "Bringing It Together" movement. Otstracized Genius, a very talented designer & illustrator, was at L@TL Holidays for the Homeless event as a vendor. We recognized him as an honest artist who doesn't make art just for the money. His work definitely left us in awe!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Pasadena's MOST ADMIRABLE ARTIST Noy releases "So In Love" music video from upcoming 2nd album "Livin is Good" Presents NOY "So In Love" From His Upcoming Sophmore Album "Livin Is Good". STAY TUNED!!!

Pasadena rapper TEE RAN collabs with Keyz & Banx to bring you "We Run DENA" official music video off of Solidification mixtape

Tee Ran just released a new mixtape called The Solidifcation with 17 cuts. Here is a track off of the mixtape called WE RUN DENA. Peep...

Bing Bing & ET The Space Cadet chillin' in Hastings Ranch discussing upcoming albums & projects

Pasadena, Ca rappers Eternal (also known as ET The Space Cadet) and Bing Bing were chillin' in Hastings Ranch discussing upcoming albums and potential projects. After going through legal stipulations regarding a recent charge, ET had this to say, "I've been M.I.A handling legal issues but I'll be back in full effect by Spring (2012). ET, who has his eyes set on the release of his new album Mr. McStrange has been eager to make new music and get back in the vibe of things. Mistah Wilson, whom you may also know as Bing Bing, has been tight with ET and have yet to collaborate on a track. "It's something that should've happened already. Nonetheless, timing is everything," says Bing Bing.

ET's new album Mr. McStrange doesn't have a release date set but we do know that he was talking about running with that title for his next project. Right now he's still got the Sky4Word compilation out and will wait until he gets through his current circumstances to get back in the music full fledged. We heard Lyndrum will be producing some joints off the upcoming album, too. Stay tuned...

Pasadena, Ca rappers Bing Bing, Blak Axx, Young Tone, & ET the Space Cadet discuss Hip Hop while shooting hoops at McDonald Park

Pasadena, Ca rappers Bing Bing, Blak Axx, Young Tone, & ET the Space Cadet were at McDonald Park in Pasadena shooting hoops and discussing Hip Hop topics. With everything going on right now, these four MC's have important moves to make. Bing Bing, who grew up in & around McDonald Park on Wilson Avenue, was slapping dominoes with Young Tone when they ran into Blak Axx at the basketball courts of McDonald Park.
Blak Axx, one of Bing Bing's influences as a Pasadena artist, is currently taking a break from the music scene due to significant health issues. "We'll [ThaWilsonBlock] be here for you when you're ready," says Bing Bing to Blak Axx. "I'm still going through recovery at this time but I'll be back on the scene in due time," says Blak Axx.
Young Tone has also been M.I.A from Pasadena's indie music scene and has reached out to Bing Bing about getting back into the vibe of things. "Young Tone be eatin niggaz heads off. The guy is a lyrical monster," proclaims Bing Bing.  Tone is also working on a new original project due out some time in 2013 so stay tuned for that...
ET the Space Cadet is also going through legal stipulations and will spend the next 3 months in rehab as a condition of his court order. Though the reasons for the charges brought upon him are a bit unclear, Eternal has shown how serious he is with pursuing his music. He's currently working with Lyndrum Productions on his upcoming album Mr. McStrange. "This album is going to sound more catchy & edgy than my previous projects and will have new collaborations from 2-Hye to Bing Bing and more," says ET. "I mainly plan on doing shows off of these tracks."

Pasadena, Ca & Seattle, WA artists perform live at Old Town Pub (artists include Bing Bing, WildCard, Ripynt, Young Tone, ET the Space Cadet, Glo, Iwil, Rough City, & more...)

It was a great night for collaborating on the performing arts. The Pasadena, Ca Hip Hop music scene was met with reps from the Seattle, WA Hip Hop music scene as artists from both sides performed at the Old Town Pub in Pasadena on Dec. 8th, 2012. Pasadena artists in attendance were Bing Bing, Young Tone, ET the Space Cadet, Rough City, Iwil, and other locals. Artists from the Seattle Hip Hop scene were WildCard, Ripynt, Grynch, and more...

"I was performing my set on stage when I saw Grynch from Seattle near the entrance watching the show. He looked familiar but I didn't know it was him until ET came and told me," says an ecstatic Bing Bing whose been very much impressed by the whole Seattle Hip Hop music scene.

When Rough City's time came to perform, they completely rocked it!!! Performing new tracks and their new song "Mic Check" which they released an official music video to, they had tha crowd raising their hands like this was 90's Hip Hop. They're a great trio.

Pasadena artists FatherMayEye & Philthy Phactor release "Pasadena" music video

Pasadena artists FatherMayEye & Philthy Phactor release "Pasadena" music video
Pasadena: Written and Performed by FatherMaeEye and Philthy Phactor.

The song is produced by TrackNoxx.

The video is directed by Ted D. Bear for Rehab Muzik.

The video is co-directed by Ottobots.

Rehab Muzik 2012.

Watch Video

Pasadena rapper Lil' S drops "DENA 4 LIFE" music video

Pasadena, Ca rapper Lil' S releases "DENA 4 LIFE" music video featuring DENA 4 LIFE club members!

Pasadena, California artist rESidue riggins brings you the official street video for "Suffer"

Pasadena , California artist rESidue riggins brings you the official street video for "Suffer", a dark tale about street life , video directed by Symptom @210West

Pasadena, Ca rapper Tee Ran releases new project "The Solidification" with 17 cuts

Pasadena, Ca rapper Tee Ran just released his most highly anticipated project yet "The Solidification". With this project, Tee Ran is aiming to prove that he is a force to be reckoned with. The mixtape comes with exclusive collaborations by Dr. Mob, Young Irv, Zarkhi, & more. This 17-cut project is definitely worth taking a listen to and perhaps downloading. Official review by ThaWilsonBlock coming soon...

Listen & Download This Mixtape
Just Download This Mixtape

Pasadena, Ca rapper/producer Emani explains reasons for name change exclusively on ThaWilsonBlock Network

Pasadena, Ca rapper/producer formerly known as Tha Real Kapone now confirms himself as Emani. One of Pasadena's most underrated and very talented artists talked to us about the reasons why he decided to go with a name change.
"Had an opportunity to work with some of J Dilla's people but there camp new a gang of 'Capone'/'Kapone's' so I changed my stage name so that there would be no confusion.
Imani is my middle name and I wanted to roll with that as my stage name but I didn't want there to be any confusion between me and the Imani from Pharcyde.
Its jus 'Emani', 'Tha Real' is a remnant from my ex name 'Kapone'. When I went by 'Kapone' I HAD to put 'Tha Real' in front of it to differentiate myself from the sea of other 'Kapone'/'Capone's', so when I changed my name I kept 'Tha Real' infront of my online names so it would be easier for cats to catch on to the new name and search it."
-Emani (formerly known as Tha Real Kapone)

Tho Emani chose to switch his alias, it hasn't altered his craft in the slightest. He recently just released an official beat catalog available to listen to online via soundcloud. You can connect with him on there if you'd like to inquire about his product.


Mistah Wilson slams exclusive interview with Kapone as he discusses his alias, music, and what Pasadena needs to bring a unified music scene into fruition

Altadena singer Major James releases new music video "Salute" featuring Tha Kid Lil' S

Major James Featuring Tha Kid Lil S- Salute
Major James:
Tha Kid Lil S:
Directed & Edited By: Henry Rush of "So Sick Productions"

Kutlass Supreme links up with Pasadena, Ca's Symptom 210West for "Problematik" music video

Phoenix , Arizona artist Kutlass Supreme links up with Pasadena , California's Symptom @210West for a street classic produced by Cashflow out of Harlem new York. The song can be found for free download via bandcamp.

Fathamaeye releases "Get Yired" official music video featuring XO, Dre Harvey, & Juice

Check out this dope music video directed and shot by christiaan adams in pasadena on a 104 degree weather, edited by millard walton

Pasadena, Ca rapper BONES from Western Conference All-Stars releases new single "Graveyard Shift" for upcoming tape

All verses written and performed by DL, Marat Milano, and Bones. Mixed/Edited by Bones. Beat produced by Evolve-One.

GrinCH AnD L3 Pasadena HIphop FReeStYLE

Grinch and L3 freestylin fuckin around....getting bars off the mind. real freestylin no writtens

Pasadena, Ca rapper Tee-Ran gets exclusive footage at 2012 Yardnic

Pasadena rapper V8's Page

Find more music like this on ThaWilsonBlock® Network

Altadena artist K-Rahn's Page

Find more music like this on ThaWilsonBlock® Network

New Pasadena Hip Hop group 'ROUGH CITY' releases their debut music video "Mic Check" (Download Song)

Brand new FIRST music video by Pasadena, CA local Hip Hop group ROUGH CITY. Shot and edited by independent production company Twenty Five Crows.

Single produced by J.Sprague
Download track for free:
Rough City is Blax One Ill, Tyler EwSpeak Mcdowell, and Justin SP Ouellette.
Directed by Cortez/Latham of Twenty Five Crows

ZONEIAK McGEE holds down Summer (2012) in Pasadena with New Album & New Movie

Pasadena, Ca native ZONEIAK McGEE holds it down for Pasadena this Summer (2012) with the release of his group's debut album Fuelhead feat. K.O.T and his appearance in the new movie "End of Watch." Not only does that make him one of the most standout artists from Pasadena this year, he's also been featured in a number of commercials for businesses like Subway and Jack In The Box.

ZONEIAK dominated the Pasadena independent music scene this Summer also by releasing a new single "END OF THE 110 MUZIK" which we definitely recommend you to listen and download. The song has peaked #3 on WilsonBlock100 Charts it's 1st week. We don't know exactly what's next for the young entertainer. But we're watching! Buy the album today!
Locations of Site Visitors

Zarkhi "The Vision" talks to NBC about growing up and aging out of the foster care system

Pasadena, Ca artist Zarkhi "The Vision" Palmer speaks to NBC about growing up in the foster care system since the early age of four. Homeless at 18, Zarkhi still had 'The Vision' to succeed in today's world. With countless budget cuts aimed at the foster care system, Zarkhi manages to make a way. He's been blessed with assistance that helped him get admitted into University of Southern California and is now able to pursue his education and work on his craft. Zarkhi even gives us a little freestyle in the video and he explains how a lady named Simone Friedman changed his life.

Relly 2euce releases 2009 throwback "The Round Table" mixtape by Ave Troops. Assures fans that his debut solo project is on the way

Relly 2euce releases 2009 throwback "The Round Table" mixtape by Ave Troops. Assures fans that his debut solo project is on the way
The man who claims to have the most collabos amongst his circle is about to prove why. Pasadena, Ca rap artist Relly 2euce is releasing a 2009 throwback mixtape "The Round Table" exclusively on ThaWilsonBlock Network.

On behalf of the Ave Troops, Relly 2euce is releasing a collection of music that hit the streets but didn't quite get the online promotion that it needed. The Ave Troops, who consist of Black Santa aka Phat Rat, Relly 2euce, Jon2, & Belvidere, scored collaborations with other local 'icons' who are well known on the indie underground circuit in pasadena such as FatherMayEye, who recently appeared in "Beyond Banging - Outgrowing Gang Life" article in The DENA Magazine's debut issue. FatherMayEye also has an extensive resume when it comes to making music and being involved. Nicky BeacHouses, a legend in the making, also appeared on an exclusive track with Relly 2euce called "Life is Too Short" which is definitely worth checking out. J Rell also came through and jumped on a track with Relly 2euce & Black Santa called "Candyman." You gotta get a bar of that!

With The Round Table mixtape, Relly 2euce sought puttin together a mixtape with the hottest artists on the indie underground circuit in the city. Even if you were a new artist, if you were on your grind, Relly was open to working with you. "Icons" is what he was looking for.

During the time this mixtape was in production, Ave Troop member Belvidere was incarcerated and so he did not make an appearance on The Round Table mixtape. But make no mistake, he is very well a part of Ave Troops. There may be a volume 2 to The Round Table mixtape series that will very much have songs with Belvidere on them. So don't even trip.

Relly 2euce has really been on his grind lately. Releasing his 1st single "Mr. Dixon" on his debut solo project "Verbal Abuse" which is due out real soon. 2euce also appeared on a recent collaboration with Bing Bing called "Tha Ghetto," a mixtape track over "Ghetto" byFeddie Gibbs that will be going on Bing Bing's new mixtape MUSIC & ME as well as Verbal Abuse. Aside from what's happening online, Relly 2euce is a one-man street team. His main grind is promoting Pasadena Music and being a positive example for Urban Youth & Artists in communities not just in his city, but wherever he goes. You can tell he has Pasadena Music in his best interest. And he even assures us here at ThaWilsonBlock that his debut solo project IS COMING!!!

- See more at:

Sound Fusion Radio Show #1 by DJ Big Spec & Dee Lynn - ThaWilsonBlock® Network

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ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue5 "Pasadena's Hottest New Rapper" cover

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue5 "Pasadena's Hottest New Rapper" cover

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue4 "ThaWilsonBlock Network celebrates 5 Years" cover

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue4 "ThaWilsonBlock Network celebrates 5 Years" cover

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue2 "In Remembrance of King King: a Local Legend" cover

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue2 "In Remembrance of King King: a Local Legend" cover

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue3 "In Recognition of Mother's Day" cover

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue3 "In Recognition of Mother's Day" cover

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine (DEBUT ISSUE) cover

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine (DEBUT ISSUE) cover

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue9 "The Beauty In Depression"

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue9 "The Beauty In Depression"

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue8 "Erinn's Meals in Heels"

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue8 "Erinn's Meals in Heels"

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Pasadena Music: Residue Riggins on Soundcloud

Pasadena Music: Rico Kinidee on Soundcloud

Pasadena Music: Relly 2euce on Soundcloud

Pasadena Music: Money Mike Da King (Red Rose ENT) on Soundcloud

Pasadena Music: Thomas Butler (Real Money ENT) on Soundcloud

Pasadena Music: M.I.C. (Randumb Enterprises) on Soundcloud

Pasadena Music: Priceless Kitty on Soundcloud

Pasadena Music: Philthy Phactor on Soundcloud

Pasadena Music: ZONEIAK McGEE on Soundcloud

Pasadena Music: OttoTunes on Soundcloud

Pasadena Music: Tee Ran on Soundcloud

Pasadena Music: Mz. Kizzy on Soundcloud

Pasadena Music: MurderRoc on Soundcloud

Pasadena Music: MrCashHue on Soundcloud

Pasadena Music: Moniquea on Soundcloud

Pasadena Music: Lyndrum Entertainment (Instrumentals) on Soundcloud

Pasadena Music: Latoya Rhodes on Soundcloud

Pasadena Music: Justin SP Ouellette of Rough City on Soundcloud

Pasadena Music: Kawshus DDF on Soundcloud

Pasadena Music: Killa Kali (Quan) on ThaWilsonBlock Network

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Pasadena Artist: Warrior Richardson's Portfolio Pictures on ThaWilsonBlock

Find more photos like this on ThaWilsonBlock® Network

Pasadena Music: CONS the Villain on ThaWilsonBlock Network

Find more music like this on ThaWilsonBlock® Network

Pasadena Music: Poets Lounge (CONS the Villain & Nicky BeacHouses) on ThaWilsonBlock Network

Find more music like this on ThaWilsonBlock® Network

Pasadena Music: PokeyLo on ThaWilsonBlock Network

Find more music like this on ThaWilsonBlock® Network

Pasadena Music: Justin Miller on Soundcloud

Pasadena Music: Joey Tripp on Soundcloud

Pasadena Music: J. Rell on Soundcloud

Pasadena Music: iMu on Soundcloud

Latest Music by Imani Akil (Hip Hop/Rap)

Pasadena Music: Gold En on Soundcloud

Pasadena Music: ZOOK on Soundcloud

Pasadena Music: Glocane on Soundcloud

Glocane , formerly introduced as Glo is an independent songwriter, femcee, recording artist, & live performer. She is currently featured on Mr.Mcstrange's NEW album entitled : "Life as EYE see it" . You can purchase the the full length E.P .

Pasadena Music: FatherMaeEye on Soundcloud

Pasadena Music: EV. B (Evan Bynum) on Soundcloud

Pasadena Music: Evri on Soundcloud

Pasadena Music: DJ Krumz on Soundcloud

Pasadena Music: DJ Ben Vera on Soundcloud

Pasadena Music: Deezy626 (Rondell Collins) on Soundcloud

Pasadena Music: Daniel Haile (D. Haile) on Soundcloud

Pasadena Music: Marlo Henderson

Find more music like this on ThaWilsonBlock® Network

Pasadena Music: Dena Boy Juce on Soundcloud

Pasadena Music: Bones on Soundcloud

Pasadena Music: Black Santa aka Phat Ratt on Soundcloud

Pasadena Music: Bigg Bump on Soundcloud

Pasadena Music: Bad Nuze on Soundcloud

Pasadena Music: 210West on Soundcloud

Pasadena Music: 2-Hye on Soundcloud

Pasadena Music: Also Known As on Soundcloud

Pasadena Music: A.V. Kinidee Tha Hitman (The Black Kinideez) on Soundcloud

Pasadena Music: "Dolla After Dolla" by The Black Kinideez (LimeLights mixtape)

Pasadena Music: "Strange" by The Black Kinideez (A.V) produced by Gran Thef (LimeLights mixtape)

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The DENA Magazine drops long-awaited 3rd Issue

The DENA Magazine drops long-awaited 3rd Issue

It's been a long time coming for The DENA Magazine, whose created a  buzz since it's launch in 2010. With Hardway Enterprises working on a slew of projects like "Hip Hop 4 Kids" activity book, an independent film, Pasadena Idol, & much more, their long-awaited 3rd issue finally makes it's debut this Holiday season.
The DENA Magazine is big on DENA culture. The 3rd issue covers the 67th Annual Turkey Tussle and talks about Pasadena High School's "Gift & Curse", the first-ever elected Mayor of Pasadena Bill Bogaard, Featured Artist Allisonne, DENA ROSE Gillian Waters, and more. Hardway Enterprises really stepped their game up with this issue. The only question everybody is asking is will The DENA Magazine ever be released on a regular basis whether monthly, seasonally, or annually. 
- See more at:

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Dr. Mob (Onochie Chukwurah) on Soundcloud

Dr. Master of Brilliance is one of the most amazing and talented musical artists to ever grace the Earth. From percussion to lyrical prowess to composition, this man does it all. And he puts his heart and soul into it. Only so much can be said about the magnitude of his talent, the music will have to speak for itself. Dr. MOB is also business savvy, starting his own clothing line (True MOB) at the age of 17. He is in tune with and proud of his rich Nigerian and Jamaican culture. his music and his message are universal. 
Hip Hop is in a dark place right now and Dr. Master of Brilliance is a beacon of light in the game. His message is powerful and true. Open your ears and your mind, and let the music move you!

WilsonBlock100 Radio Station: Phil Phree, Alhambra, Ca United States on Soundcloud

WilsonBlock100 Radio Station: Phil Phree, Alhambra, Ca United States on Soundcloud

Listen/Download/Comment/Share "Music (Feel So Good)" by Bigg Bump (Weighs of tha World)

Listen/Download/Comment/Share "Music (Feel So Good)" by Bigg Bump (Weighs of tha World)

Listen/Download/Comment/Share "I Digress" by Bigg Bump (Weighs of tha World)

Listen/Download/Comment/Share "I Digress" by Bigg Bump (Weighs of tha World)

Listen/Download/Comment/Share "Know My Name" by Bing Bing & PokeyLo (Tha Hater's Favorite) ***NEW TRACK***

Listen/Download/Comment/Share "Know My Name" by Bing Bing & PokeyLo (Tha Hater's Favorite) ***NEW TRACK***

"Little Miss Sunshine" by Bigg Bump (Weighs of tha World)

"Little Miss Sunshine" by Bigg Bump (Weighs of tha World)

Mistah Wilson interviews Zarkhi The Vision on Delphic Concepts, musical influences, and life growing up in the foster care system

Mistah Wilson interviews Zarkhi The Vision on Delphic Concepts, musical influences, and life growing up in the foster care system

Mistah Wilson interviews Zarkhi The Vision on Delphic Concepts, musical influences, and life growing up in the foster care system...
Mistah Wilson: Yo, Zarkhi thanx for taking tha time to come through for this exclusive interview with ThaWilsonBlock. What’s new on tha scene?
Zarkhi: Well, first off, I just would like to say thank you so much for interviewing me. There has been a lot going on lately actually. Since my last release "What You Don't See :: The 20/20 Vision" in January, I have been working on a number of projects. For one, I am working on an album with one producer who I will announce when it is all done. I finally am polishing my sound and approach and have something that will show for it. It will be 10 songs and that is all I will say about that for now. Other than that, I am doing an electronic EP, and releasing a music video in the Fall along with a few other videos to introduce the album.

Mistah Wilson: Considering our relative backgrounds, how was life growing up for you?
Zarkhi: For me, life has had it's ups and downs, but growing up I would not ave done it any other way. Seeing the highs and lows of the foster care system opens your eyes and your mind and shows you there is always something or someone you do not understand, and you have to keep growing to really get the bigger picture.
Mistah Wilson: We’ve been watching you for a few years now. What has led you to become such an aspiring artist?
Zarkhi: I have a few key influences that have helped me get to where I am now. For one, Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers used to give me trumpet lessons as a kid and showed me a lot of what you should and should not do when trying to develop and make music. Another few key influences just from listening would have to be Lupe Fiasco, Tupac, Kendrick Lamar, Sly & The Family Stone, Sade, Dr. Dre, Outcast, and of course the Red Hot Chili Peppers among other MCs and bands. I have a very eclectic scope of music more than just hip hop.

Mistah Wilson: When we first heard of you, you were working with Rapper/Producer/Dancer Lematiq. Very talented dude. How did you guys come to collaborate?
Zarkhi: Funny you ask. ME and Lematiq go Way back to when I released one of my first songs "Originality" that he produced. We met at the celebrity Centre in Hollywood back in 2010 and was a huge help in getting me started in the industry

Mistah Wilson: Word on tha street is that you’ve put a halt on tha Delphic Concepts movement. For tha sake of our audience’s understanding, who are all tha members of Delphic Concepts?
Zarkhi: Ok. Delphic Concepts exists and the guys are all doing their own things independently. Just to clarify, there was no drama, no problems. We just wanted to brand ourselves as individuals and we might potential reform down the line.
The members are/were
Myself (Zarkhi The Vision) (Singing, Rapping, Trumpet)
Tee Ran (Rapping)
Keat The Giant (Production, Rapping)
Joe Flow (DJ/Turntabling)

Mistah Wilson: Is there ever a chance you guys will come back as a group?
Zarkhi: Yes. That is a possibility but for now we are still on our solo grinds

Mistah Wilson: You’ve recently released What You Don’t See LP. What made you choose that title for your latest project?
Zarkhi: Well, the title is actually "What You Don't See :: The 20/20 Vision" and here's the story: It started out about a year and a half before it was released. I asked my fb fans what title they thought was good for the project and "What You Don't See" was unanimously chosen. Then, about a few months before I released it, I wanted to put 20 songs on it for my 20th birthday since I had a bunch of tracks. I went with "The 20/20 Vision as the 2nd part of the name because of my name and the concept.
8. We haven’t been to one of your shows yet, but we have seen video footage and pictures of moments in time where you was rockin it! You bring a lot of energy and you don’t seem to be nervous at all. For up-and-coming artists reading this, how do you manage to have a solid stage presence and how important is it when putting on a performance?
I have a long history/ background of theatre, musical performance and have spent a lot of time on the stage before I got serious with music. I also have a huge desire to be heard and understood, so I am not afraid to get out there and express my emotions. My rules of thumb are always move, never turn your back on the audience, never leave awkward silence, and most importantly, remember YOU are in control and if you're confident about that you will be fine.

Mistah Wilson: You’ve opened up for names like…
Zarkhi: Kurtis Blow
Daz and Kurupt
Kendrick Lamar
Warren G
and some others

Mistah Wilson: Who are some artists you’ve performed and collaborated with and who would you like to work with in tha future?
Zarkhi: Well as far as artists on the rise are concerned, my list for past/future collabs, performances and work is:
Apollo Slim
Cameron Ryan (Michel Ruari)
J. Hurt
Tee Ran
Keat The Giant
2 Face
Jordan Pharoah
Ryan Anthony
Mozenraff / Supa Nova / Cisum Tomorrow
(and of course) BING BING
there are so many I could name . . .

Mistah Wilson: Do you feel like a collective independent music scene is necessary for a city like Pasadena? What are your views on what it’s been over tha years?
Zarkhi: I think it is definitely growing ever since Odd Future blew up everyones been trying to do that. It shows me people can be inspired. However, I think a lot of cats (from dena in particular) lack professionalism and are too in a rush to put stuff out. They don't spend time meditating on what they will do …They just do it. I was kind of like that when I was younger but I learned. Thats what they gotta do to really make something like that happen. Also, a lot of teamwork will help. It's not about competition because in the Indie scene you have to work together, or the model does not work. The whole point is to overcome the majors market share (which is currently happen collectively as of 2013).
Mistah Wilson: Growing up a foster kid, attending John Muir High School in Pasadena, and going on to attend USC while pursuing music & entertainment, can you give us a little summary on how you became to be tha person you are today?
Zarkhi: Judgement, doubt, and hatred all has fueled me to be the best I can be. I have a strong passion in proving people wrong, and that shows a lot in my music. Whoever doubts me usually gets the "I told you so" at some point from me. 

Mistah Wilson: What inspires you to make music?
Zarkhi: The stuff I just mentioned ^ as well as my life experiences. Growing up in foster care, love stories, hard times, bad encounters, good encounters, vertain vibes memories etc. I always try to keep what I'm saying true to what has really happened though.
Mistah Wilson: Name some of your top influences.
Zarkhi: Well I named them in Q#3 but in addition to that I would say myself. I am my biggest critic and I know that I can ALWAYS get better. At the end of the day you only have yourself to do what you got to do.

Mistah Wilson: Since your start as an artist, what are some things you’ve learned along tha way? Perhaps some Do’s and Don’ts?
Zarkhi: Ok….Other than what I mentioned already in Q#11, I would say:
*Make one song at a time. Make sure it is exactly what you would listen to in your spare time before moving to the next
*Practice every day.
*Stay confident. Do not let peoples doubt stop you…you may suck now or before, but that ALWAYS can change
*Find something that makes you original and different.
*Do not try and copy the style of someone else. an image belongs to someone for a reason. Copying that makes you a replica not an original.
*Do not put your head down…always stay focused and resilient
*Do not rush Art
*Do not think music is something that will make you rich because it will not unless you're putting in more work than anyone else. The best artists in the world do not care about the money. It just comes to them.

Mistah Wilson: What’s tha meaning behind ‘The Vision’ that you’ve added as tha last part of your alias?
Zarkhi: Actually the word Zarkhi (my real name) means "sight" or "see far into the light" or "vision" in Russian ( from what I have been told) so it actually is just consistent with my name

Mistah Wilson: What motivates you to work as hard as you do?
Zarkhi: Everything I have mentioned. My past. The future and the fear that I will not be as good as I can possibly be. also the fear of being homeless. However, when you're hustling, you also gotta be fearless.
Mistah Wilson: What do you plan on achieving through your music?
Zarkhi: Dropping some albums obviously. I want people to understand me. Thats huge and that has always made things super difficult for me because people do not. I would sign with a major label one day MAYBE if they have enough to offer. Luckily I study Music Industry at USC so I know what can be put into contracts that can help an artist and what can harm an artist. However, in todays day and age going indie could also be a route!
Mistah Wilson: To all tha young, aspiring artists getting into music, what positive words of advice would you give them?
Zarkhi: Stay humble, focused, hungry, determined, and listen listen listen. You can never know enough about music!
Mistah Wilson: Yo Zarkhi thanx for coming thru for this exclusive interview with thawilsonblock. We truly appreciate you. Go on and drop ya shout outs!
Zarkhi: Okay well big shout out to ThaWilsonBlock for the interview. Shout out to all of Delphic Concepts; Tee Ran, Keat The Giant, Dj Joe Flow. Shout out to Bamsee my engineer. Shout out to my producer on the next album. Shout out to Pasadena, USC, all the collars from "What You Don't See :: The 20/20 Vision." Shout out to the bay area, shout out to Phi Sigma Kappa my brotherhood and fraternity! Shout out to the human race!!

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