ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue59 (Berry Edition / January 2018)


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Meet Jazz / Pop Music Producer "Leigh Dickey" from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

A veteran of more than 20 years as a performer, who also has a decade plus worth of experience in radio, television, and media, there is no audience Leigh won’t perform for and nothing that he can’t handle! Leigh was bitten by the entertainment bug at a young age and he no plans to stop or slow down! He has several albums and singles commercially, all available worldwide wherever digital music is sold and can be streamed. Leigh is a man who lives for and loves to entertain! It’s in his blood, it’s in his veins, Leigh Dickey, that’s his name!

Meet Jazz Fusion Musician & Producer "Bambo Kino" from Youngstown, Ohio

Bassist/Composer.....released 3 CDs since 11/1/2012....all tracks are composed around the bass line.....influences Weather Report/Jaco Return To Forever/Stanley....began playing music at 6....played accordion, guitar, piano, organ before choosing the electric bass at age 17......gave up all sports/ school activities in 10th grade to concentrate on music.....I practice everyday for at least 1/2 hours...I try to compose everyday.....I may find a phrase/pattern that works and hang on to it for years before I fit it into a motto is that playing and creating is most important....if something happens with my music that's great if nothing happens that's fine the most important aspect of my efforts is to just do it....

Meet Hip Hop Musician "SiWel" from Lynchburg, Virginia

SiWel is an inspiring rapper out of Lynchburg, VA. He gained attention from many hip hop fans by freestyling throughout the city and winning numerous freestyle competitions locally. In 2018, he plans on building steam for his highly anticipated mixtape entitled "Turnt At Times" set to be released early this summer, sources report.