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ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue66 (August 2018)

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Stream & Purchase "West Till My Death" album by Gangsta Ric feat. Midget Loco + J. Rell + Ese Saint + Kozme + Jasper Loco + & more...

***New Album Alert*** Steel Banging artist Gangsta Ric Ricardo Renfroe just dropped his album "WEST TILL MY DEATH"

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Mistah Wilson's Q&A w/ recording artist Annie-O on Childhood, Music, & Growth

"Always go with what makes you happy, don’t fall victim to someone else’s idea of beauty." @Annie-O
Mistah Wilson: Hey, Annie-O! Thank you for coming through for this exclusive interview with ThaWilsonBlock Magazine! For your audience reading this, could you give us a quick background on yourself?
Annie-O: I'm a recording artist , and engineer .. originally from Detroit Michigan but I got a lot of my game from Clayton County GA.
Mistah Wilson: How was life growing up in Detroit, Michigan for you?
Annie-O: I had a pretty good childhood , my mother hustled for everything and by dad got high on his own supply, typical Detroit stuff I guess.

Mistah Wilson: First off, we have to mention your music video for "By Myself". Tia Culver sent it to us and we truly enjoyed the song from start to finish! What inspired the song and how was the experience shooting the video?
Annie-O: I used to be apart of a group, never could meet eye to eye with the members , always have felt like…

Two Japanese-American nonprofits are partnering on Affordable Housing project in Little Tokyo/Arts District (Los Angeles)

The partnership between Go For Broke and LTSC emerges as Metro is preparing to search for a partner to develop a property above the new Little Tokyo/Arts District subway station at 1st Street and Central Avenue - one block south of the 200 Central site.
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Watch "Yeah Yeah" music video by Don Q & A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie feat. 50 Cent & Murda Beatz

Don Q & A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie - Yeah Yeah (feat. 50 Cent & Murda Beatz) 

Stephen A. Smith encourages Athletes to March on Washington instead of Protesting in the Arena/Stadium

Stephen A. Smith says that he thinks NFL players should stop protesting on the field and instead march on Washington, D.C. to protest racial injustice and more. The NFL owners are trying have it both ways with regards to this issue for so long and are still uncertain about what to do.

Watch "On That P Shit" music video by GANGSTA RIC feat. Midget Loco & MerC

"On That P Shit" (official music video) 1080HD

Artist: Gangsta Ric featuring Midget Loco & Mer-C
Album: West Till My Death
Label: Steel Banging Musick
Beat produced by: Lyrik Cruz of Steel Banging Musick
Video produced by: EG Photography
Car clubs: Pasadena Hightimes & Casuals (Pasadena)
Polocker: Poplockin Kreeper

download music by Gangsta Ric at:

Order this album when it releases at:

Black Woman Walks Into Asian Nail Salon Promoting Her Black Owned Nail Salon!

"Support black nail technicians."

Georgia Teacher Grabs Student By The Throat And Slams Him and Now Faces Felony Charges

ATLANTA, Ga. (CNN) - Prosecutors say the video shows the shocking moment a former Lumpkin County teacher crossed the line. Grabbing a student by his throat while dragging him down a table in the school cafeteria. The 2017 incident, caught on surveillance video inside Lumpkin Mountain Education Charger High School, which is an alternative school for students who have gotten in trouble at other schools in the district, resulted in felony charges against the teacher, Tim Garner....

Snoop Dogg on Contemporary Rap "All Them N***** Sound The Same"

Snoop Dogg's impression of "new rappers" is truly hilarious! Those sound effects... 😂😂😂

Man Gets Rid of Pesky Moles in his Yard using Celine Dion's Greatest Hits

I tried every suggestion on the internet to get the better of my little mole friends but nothing worked. Until now.