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Gallery: Pasadena rapper Aron Fletcher reveals New Music, Upcoming Projects, and Life in Pasadena

Pasadena rapperAron Fletcher reveals New Music, Upcoming Projects, and Life in Pasadena...

Gallery: Visual artist & Muralist Michael Jones Exclusive Interview on Paints, His Passion for the Arts, and working with Youth Groups on WilsonBlock100 Radio


Why is rapper The Game left out of conversation for "All-Time Hip Hop Diss Tracks"?

Admit it, you don't have anything to say unless it's negative or combative. Day in day out, it's been very well proven how people are much quicker to respond to negativity before they do "positivity". So much so, that negative prompts to reaction come with emphasis, passion, and of course, anger. Whether it be disagreements, racism, or genuine dislike for the opposite party, people operate on negative vibes. And in Hip Hop, this has shown to be a very effective marketing strategy.

In Hip Hop, there is no shortage of diss tracks. Whether it be in tha mainstream media or your local music scene, rappers have found it useful to feed off negative waves. And many have capitalized off of it. For example, "Ether" by Nas is definitely considered one of the hardest diss records of all time, right? Not only was it a great diss, but it made the official tracklisting for Nas' album at that time, Stillmatic.

We could go on a tangent and name countless rappers ou…

David Rockefeller: Two Tales of One Man

How will "Billionaire Philanthropist" David Rockefeller be remembered? Well, that's definitely a question for the "ages" as two different tales emerge about the late great person that many "common people" hate.

If you pull up this LA Times obituary article, you'll see a favorable article about David Rockefeller. However, many facebookers have shared that same article with a very different caption.

Let's not forget that David Rockefeller, whether direct or indirect, is in cahoots with other families that control our mainstream media. With that said, can you really discount the "alternative" news who charge this man with having done so much evil to this Earth? Of course the TIMES and various mainstream outlets are going to portray Rockefeller as a man that "impacted lives" and such but on the flip side of that coin, the question remains: at who's expense?

Was David Rockefeller a necessary evil? What will he be remembered…

WilsonBlock Wednesdays Episode 4 (March 15th, 2017) Hosted by Mistah Wilson

Mistah Wilson brings you WilsonBlock Wednesdays Episode 4 on tha week of March 15th, 2017 with music by Yancy Deron, Scribes, Nas, and more. Exclusive interviews with visual artist and muralist Michael Jones and Pasadena rapper Aron Fletcher...

"Almost Famous" EP by Pasadena rapper KStone (Hosted by DJ Highlight)